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Does Reincarnation exist?

Buddhist priest = man’s best friend?

By Vangelis Theodorou

Source: http://news.ert.gr/newsDetails.asp?id=167723

A sympathetic canine on the South Korean Island of Chindo has undertaken the duties of a……priest.   One-year-old Hama has learnt all the necessary requirements of Buddhist prayer, while he quite frequently “accompanies” the priests of the Buljang Temple during their assorted rituals by praying with them, for the …… salvation of their souls.

According to one of the temple officials, it first started about one month ago, when Hama (whose name means ‘hippopotamus’), followed the priests into the temple and started to bow its head respectfully, just like they did!

The news has already spread throughout the land, and many faithful hurry to the temple, to verify the truthfulness of the news, with their own eyes.

Hama’s “accomplishments” are attributed by many to reincarnation. In fact, conjectures are already running rampant as to who the sympathetic quadruped might have been, in its previous lifetime.

Hama is now living in the temple, along with 32 other stray dogs.


Translation by A.N.

Greek text

Article published in English on: 17-11-2005.

Last update: 17-11-2005.