Chapter 1






Dear reader,

            What you are about to read in this book happens to be the fruit, the pain, and the love of its author for the millions of victims of the organization called the “Biblical and Magazine Society Watchtower.” The author himself, having been its victim for 25 years and wasting an important part of his life in it, had the opportunity to live just about all of the emotions, the expectations, the fears, and the adventures experienced by everyone who searches for the truth in this organization and is greatly disappointed at some point.

            Simultaneously, the author had the opportunity to follow closely the journey of other people who made the same or different choices with him within this organization and outside of it as well.

            This book is a compound biography, and all references are real facts of actual people, primarily the real life experiences of the author.  The names have been changed for obvious reasons, along with the order of some events as well as their chronological placement in order to be in agreement with the altered ages of the characters. 

            All episodes have been combined in two parallel stories in order to enable the reader to experience an “immersion” into the emotions and the psychology of the members of the organization.  Thus, on the one hand, this book follows and describes the progressive enslavement of one man to the organization of the “Watchtower” and his life inside of it.  On the other hand, it describes the life, habits, and idiosyncrasies of someone else who was born and grew up in this organization.

            Every chapter of this book consists of a narrative of one of these two men.  The chapters in which the first man speaks have the subtitle “George’s story,” and the chapters in which the second man speaks have the subtitle “Nikos’ story.”  The book sees things from the perspective of these two people.  The book’s main goal, however, is to analyze the difficult journey of their exodus from the “Watchtower” and their relentless search for the Truth.

I pray to God to give to every reader that which he or she may need. To give understanding to the “enemy” of the “witnesses.”  To give the proper methodologies and techniques for all those who wish to reach them.  To give sobriety, understanding, and noetic clarity to the “candidate victim” of the “Watchtower.”  To give a motive for research to the fossilized “witness” who likes to believe that he found the “arc of salvation” inside the organization.  Finally, to give perseverance, courage, hope, and direction to anyone who left the organization and who may still be in a difficult phase of restructuring his faith and his life.  I pray to God to give strength to every man lost in the labyrinth of Protestant denominations and who is searching for that exit towards the light, searching for the only way towards God, through his son Jesus Christ.


The author,

Nicholas Mavromagoulos


Chapter 1