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Reactions to the Ecumenist movement

            Nowadays, in the realm of Orthodoxy, reactions against Ecumenism and its representatives are increasing rapidly. Numerous books, articles and criticisms are seeing the light of publicity, which express the anguished and agonized view that we are heading somewhere on the basis of a “plan” and in the “direction” of a Babylonian captivity of Orthodoxy, inside a multi-faceted and multi-named heresy.

            There is a not-so-negligible number of prominent orthodox clergymen and theologians who have been urging the immediate withdrawal of Orthodoxy from the Ecumenist Movement and its conventions, because they believe that its participation therein is not only fruitless, but is actually detrimental in many ways.

            Certain Churches have already departed from the World Council of Churches, while others are having serious doubts about their own participation. These doubts were also voiced during the Inter-orthodox Meeting in Thessaloniki in 1988, where, among other things, it was established that «after an entire century of orthodox participation in the Ecumenist Movement and half a century of its presence in the W.C.C……the chasm between the Orthodox and the Protestants has become even wider».


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