Orientierung durch Orthodoxe Dogmatische Erläuterung

Östliche Religionen


There are places on our planet that have not yet heard the pure word of the Gospel in full.  In those places are people who have not savoured Christís Revealed truth of God; they still believe in scores of demonic and mythological gods, in incongruous theories of reincarnations and in evil gods hand-in-hand with benevolent ones.

But there are also people in other lands that have not sufficiently appreciated their historical Christian heritage, who, before even acquainting themselves with the Christian Gospel, turned to ideological currents and fads from abroad such as the New Age, which by and large reproduce elements of those oriental religions.

This thematic group focuses on such issues, by bringing out the absurdity of the related theories that oppose the only Revealed Truth; the Truth as revealed by God Himself, through His Church.





Artikel erstellt am: 20-6-2009.