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“Sati”: contemporary Hindu human sacrifices

Wherever polytheism exists, along with it can be seen the barbarity of the demons that are worshipped as “gods”. 

And what is it that the demons want?  The death of people!

“Garuda Purana”: a sacred text of Hinduism that is usually recited during the cremation of the dead, states that all women, regardless of the caste they belong to, owe it to be burned alive after the death of their husband.

This custom is called “sati”. Exceptions include pregnant women and the mothers of young children. If they do not submit to the custom, they will be punished and continue to be reborn as women until they do submit. (Garuda Purana II 4:91-100).

Adorned with fine jewelry, without tears, free of sorrow, they (the widows) should jump into the funeral pyre where he (the deceased husband) lies.” (Righ Veda X 18:7)

It is the highest obligation for a wife to kill herself after her husband.“ (Brahma Purana LXXX, 75).

The sati is blessed by the Vedas(Brahma Purana LXXX,75)

«The sati is renowned in every world (Brahma Purana LXXX, 75)

The eight queens of Krishna (incarnations of the false god Vishnu), all of which have been named, along with Rukmini as leader, embraced the corpse of Hare (namely Krishna) and got into the funeral pyre. Revati, likewise embracing Rama (another incarnation of the same false god) got into the blazing pyre, which seemed dewy to her because she was happy to be with her master. Hearing of these events, Ugrasena and Anakadundubhi,  together with Devaki and Rohini, surrendered themselves to the flames.” (Vishnu Purana V38)

If the husband of a woman dies, let her live in celibacy, or else place herself in the funeral pyre (obviously contrary to her will).” (Vishnu Smirti XXV, 14)

The Arab Alberuni mentions that: “The widow has the obligation to choose between two things: either to remain a widow for the rest of her life, or be burnt alive. As for the wives of Kings, they are burnt, whether they want to or not.” (11,69).

The wife, when her husband dies, must give her consent to be burnt alive on her husband’s funeral pyre.” (Abbe J.A. Du Bois, Hindu Customs, Manners and Ceremonies, Oxford, 1906 p.345).


Unfortunately, faithful Hindus still observe this custom.  In 1990, more than 50 widows were burnt alive for the sake of this custom!!!

(Sonali Verma, Reuter, 12 August 1997, New Delhi)


So, is Hindu philosophy really that awesome after all?  And is its spirituality truly more advanced by comparison? Unfortunately, in our day and age, there are many naïve people who are under this impression…May God enlighten us… As for the social oppression that the social strata are subjected to by this inhuman Hindu teaching, you will find relative information in the following links:






Text: Raphael

Translation: M. D.

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Article published in English on: 20-8-2007.

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