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An Orthodox Handbook

by Fr. Anthony Alevizopoulos


Introductory Note


It is with special joy and satisfaction that we are delivering to the reading public the 6th edition of the present book.

The reception that it enjoyed from the Orthodox Christian people was admirable, and the critiques that were written and voiced on behalf of Orthodox theological personalities were extremely positive.  The reason for this is that the book constitutes an incontestable "Orthodox Handbook" which contains the basic dogmatic teaching of our Church, with a multitude of Scriptural, liturgical and Patristic references. In this perspective, it introduces the reader to the Orthodox faith and way of life; it allows for an Orthodox placement within the modern world, and most of all it offers him in print the unique, in-Christ Orthodox experience, the way that the author himself had lived it within the Church.

The ever-memorable father Anthony Alevizopoulos (1931 -2/5/1996) was a truly indefatigable Levite of our Church; one of the leading students of the phenomenon of newly-appeared heresies in the European world, who had served for many years in the neuralgic post of Secretary to the Conciliar Committee on Heresies.  Worthy of mention alone are the words written by the (OODE note: now reposed) Archbishop Christodoulos of Athens and All Greece: "We have come to know him well, and we can testify that he bore within him the genuine characteristics of an Apostolic man, an unashamed worker of the Gospel. He lived for Christ and the Church. A decent man, replete with the Holy Spirit, modest, a proper overseer of his house, untiring, unflagging, militant, uncompromising, ablaze with divine zeal, an excellent pastor and a most loving father; methodical, ever-toiling, a choice vessel of God and the sword of the Spirit against soul-destroying organizations and movements."

The Apostolic Ministry of the Church of Greece, aspiring to the best possible educating of the faithful people of the Orthodox Church, has embarked on the present, new edition, with impeccable typographical supervision and an alphabetical index, so that the perusal of the book can be more accessible and appealing. It is our hope that in the thorny times that we are going though, this book will continue to edify and support people's wavering souls, as a priceless "Handbook of Orthodoxy".

His Eminence Agathangelos of Fanarion
General Director of the Apostolic Ministry of the Church of Greece (APOSTOLIKI DIAKONIA)


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Article published in English on: 1-5-2011.

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