by Fr. Thomas Hopko
Source:  Transcripts of the podcasts series by ANCIENT FAITH RADIO


      About the Author
  1. Prophetic, Priestly, and Pastoral 
  2. The New Testament and Early Church Model 
  3. The post-Apostolic model  
  4. In the Age of Constantine
  5. The Canons
  6. The Other Canons
  7. Martyrs, Monks, and Holy Bishops
  8.  5th Century Controversies 
  9.  The Canons of the 3rd Ecumenical Council
10.  The Canons of the 4th Ecumenical Council
11.  Three 6th Century Figures of Great Influence
12.  Dionysius the Areopagite
13.  St. Maximus and the 7th Century
14.  The Council in Trullo
15.  The Council in Trullo (continued)
16.  The Council in Trullo (continued)
17.  The Council in Trullo (continued)
18.  The Council in Trullo (continued)
19.  The Council in Trullo (continued)
20.  The Council in Trullo (continued)
21.  The Council in Trullo (continued)
22.  The Council in Trullo (continued)
23.  The Council in Trullo (conclusion)
24.  8th Century Iconoclasm
25.  The 7th Ecumenical Council
26.  The 7th Ecumenical Council part 2
27.  The 7th Ecumenical Council part 3
28.  The 7th Ecumenical Council part 4
29.  The 7th Ecumenical Council part 5
30.  The Tumultuous 9th Century - Part 1
31.  The Tumultuous 9th Century - Part 2
32.  The Tumultuous 9th Century - Part 3 - Photius the Great
33.  The 10th Century and Prince Vladimir
34.  The Influence of St. Symeon the New Theologian
35.  The Pivotal 11th Century
36.  The Pivotal 11th Century - Part 2
37.  The Crusades and More
38.  The Important 13th Century
39.  Serbia and Bulgaria

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