Preface //  Introduction  // Chapter 1
     "THE WAY"
     (An Introduction to the Orthodox Faith)
by Protopresbyter Fr. George D. Metallinos
Professor Emeritus, f.Dean of the Athens University School of Theology



  Introduction: Christianity as a Church throughout History

  1. The Redemptive dialogue between the Created and the Uncreated in History

  2.  Jesus Christ: The Light and the Hope of the World

  3.  Orthodoxy as Therapy

  4.  From Water and Spirit

  5.  Orthodoxy’s Worship

  6.  The Importance of Hesychasm in the History of Orthodoxy

  7.  In Prayer and Fasting

  8.  Philokalian (Patristic) distinction between “Orthodoxy” and “Heresy”

  9.  Paradise and Hell in the Orthodox Tradition

10. Orthodoxy and Sociopolitical “Deaconship”

11. Faith and Science in Orthodox Gnosiology

12. Synods of the Orthodox Church


Translation by K.N.

Preface //  Introduction  // Chapter 1

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