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Collaboration in practical issues

            Another means for achieving the goals of Ecumenism is the inter-Christian collaboration in practical areas.  Ecumenists assert that the miscellaneous problems of our time (social, moral, environmental etc.) compel us to be united.

            The Church has of course shown –and continues to show- an immense sensitivity towards all the problems of humanity; nevertheless, the common confrontation of those problems with heretics presents the following disadvantages:

            a) The voice of Orthodoxy, when mingled with other christian voices, loses its clarity and is unable to communicate to today’s society its own, unique way of life, which has a divine-human center, as opposed to the human centered way of life of the heterodox.

            b) The Church succumbs to the temptation of secularization, when it uses the secular practices of other Confessions in its social work, to the detriment of its redemptory message.  What today’s people are in need of, is not an improvement in their lives through a secularized Christianity - not even if it succeeds in eradicating every social plague – but their liberation from sin and their theosis within the true Body of Christ – the Orthodox Church.

            c) The Orthodox faithful, when they observe the heterodox collaborating with their own ecclesiastic leaders, are given the wrong impression that they also belong to the Church of Christ, despite the dogmatic differences.


Chapter 8  //  Contents  //  Chapter 10

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