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Elder Joel: Founder of 3 churches, who chooses to live underground!
Source: http://www.pentapostagma.gr/2012/02/3_16.html#ixzz1mlqVs6AU



Father Joel, from Preuţeşti, Suceava of Rumania is a true example of humility for those around him.

Albeit the founder of three churches, he himself lives in an extremely humble abode.

Comforts and material goods never mattered to 83-year-old father Joel.  He has never even given a thought to abandoning the "hut" that he himself had dug in the ground.


To build the churches, Fr. Joel had run tirelessly in order to collect donations.

"I dug out the hut, and for 2 years was beseeching the Holy Mother to help me find the money to build a church.  I finally built - not one, but three churches! I don't know how to thank God for all this", he stated...




Translation:  K.N.

Article published in English on: 19-2-2012.

Last update: 2-1-2013.