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By the Metropolitan of Nafpaktos, Hierotheos Vlachos

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The Internet has steadily infiltrated our lives, given that so many people are using it nowadays.  However, it appears that the contemporary young generation are users to such a degree that one could speak of an addiction to it (much like the dependence on addictive substances such as drugs and alcohol), as well as the need to be purged of the addiction with the help of a psychologist.

The equivalent Greek word for "internet" (diadiktyo) is analysed as meaning "the international network of computing systems which was created through the linking of many networks worldwide, for the immediate exchanging of information for scientific, educative and entertainment purposes", according to a leading Dictionary author, George Babiniotis.

Initially the internet was linked to the office computer and one would have to sit down at a desk in order to connect to it. Then the laptop was invented, which allowed one to carry it with them and use it anywhere they wanted.  Today, one can carry the internet in their pocket, by converting their mobile phone into a "smartphone".  However, we read in the newspapers that the time is approaching when the internet will literally be "on our person".  These are the generation of so-called "wearable computers" - that is, accessories that are made to be worn on the human body - which for the time being are in the form of bracelets or eyeglasses.  Now, it appears that the next step will be gadgets, that is, electronic devices, that will connect to the human body and in certain instances actually interact with it, thus leaving behind all the "passive" devices that execute commands only when someone gives them.

At present, certain specialized electronic devices are being designed: One such device is the so-called "Google Glass", which will have the built-in ability to record videos, take photos and play music. This means the wearer of these glasses will be able to record everything and share it over the internet. Another new device is Apple's "iWatch", which is worn on the wrist like a normal watch and is able to execute iPhone and iPad programs.

Of course, all of these discoveries have been subject to criticism that they undermine a person and destroy his so-called "private life", given that a huge volume of information will be accessible to crafty individuals, thus putting society and mankind at great risk. (Newspaper TA NEA, 3 April 2013).... hence justifying the newspaper's title of "The Internet is upon us!"

Finally, with all these new technological discoveries, man has become both victimizer and victim - a dependency-prone being, permanently spying on other people's lives - and this will of course raise the issue of protecting one's private life. 

Man is striving to become a "god-human" with his quest to achieve superior knowledge. This trend reflects the Luciferian and the Original sins, as well as the obsessive tower-building of Babel, but also a desire to dominate over one's fellow-man.   

Dangerous games such as these do have consequences, both to one's physical health as well as one's spiritual state, inasmuch as man's mind becomes captivated by logic and by the environment; he is conquered by thoughts, by images and the imagination.  His perception becomes dulled - which is what constituted the Original Sin from the theological point of view. 

This is a likewise fallen state - a captivity of the mind.  Man is trapped, inside a reflection of his self - inside a state of self-love.  Rehabilitation for getting out of such a state is something that our Church can provide, with Her esychastic tradition.



Translation : K. N.

Article published in English on: 27-7-2013.

Last update: 27-7-2013.