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If you are one who likes to inquire, if you are intrigued by the mysteries of God and of life, if you feel your heart skips a beat out of awe, when it encounters a Truth, then, we are confident that you will find our studies invaluable.

But, if you feel “settled” inside the religion that you were born and the expression of “believe, and do not inquire” sounds logical to you, then perusing this website may possibly be a waste of your time.

We here, belong to the first category of people mentioned above. We believe in INQUIRING; we all live for God, and for the Truth that was revealed through the Person of our Lord Jesus Christ.

In our studies, you will have the opportunity to follow, step by step, all the endeavors that we made to discover the unadulterated Christian Gospel, the way it was preserved by the Orthodox Church of the Lord.

It is a (continuing) documentation, of a portion of the material that we gathered through research, as we walked the path to approaching the Church; it is a portion of the voluminous quantity of data, which we fervently desired to make available to every well-meaning researcher.

We sincerely hope that this data will prove itself to be the cause for the salvation and the fulfillment of fellow-readers, who are not simply keen on a religion, but keen to learn the TRUTH!

File published in English on: 14-3-2006.

Last update: 10-9-2008.