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A letter from the Dean of the Athens University School of Theology

Protopresbyter fr. George D. Metallinos

All the contributors of O.O.D.E. would like to thank father George for his kind words and for his love, and to let him know that we shall strive to continue our efforts in this electronic magazine, with a full awareness of our responsibility, as well as the trust that our readers have shown in us.

To O.O.D.E.

Dear Mr. Thomas Dritsas,

I would like to thank you for having honored me by sending me the articles that you publish.  I have found them most interesting and I have studied them very carefully, because you touch on important issues of contemporary reality and you have been rebutting all fabular references to them, especially those that concern the association between Christianity and Hellenism, by bringing to the fore so much revealing evidence from our Hellenic-Orthodox tradition, indicating its sources and interpreting it with a profound knowledge and correctness.  Your contribution, therefore, is quite a significant one, for those parties who are interested in acquainting themselves with the Truth, within the realm of our Tradition and Civilization.

           Above all, however, I would like to congratulate you for the correctness of your positions on the issues of the Orthodox faith and our theological tradition.  I have not encountered any deviations as yet, and it is my hope that this will not occur in the future either.  You theologize orthodoxically and you approach our Patristic tradition with the proper criteria, by interpreting it, and not merely translating it, with accuracy and clarity.  I rejoice, therefore, because your stance is orthodox, and I hope that you will always maintain it.  We all need your contribution, because your struggle for the Truth is common to all of us, and we each need the otherís assistance.

With warmest wishes

Dean of the Theological School of the Athens University.

(Letter received on the : 20-10-2005).


Translation by A. N.

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Article published in English on: 11-3-2006.

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