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A brief history of O.O.D.E.

The O.O.D.E. web page was one of the first Christian websites on the Internet, which continues to give its Christian witness in every direction, and in fact, with an ever-increasing presence on the active Church’s “military front”.  It is now also collaborating with other websites, Christians and Christian groups, from all over the world.

It was set up in 1988 by three people, two of which had embraced Orthodoxy, after departing from an extremist Protestant group and from Islam, respectively. The third one was always faithful to the Orthodox Church. These three, with the blessings of their spiritual fathers, arranged to construct the first articles from material that they had available in digital form, from older research of theirs.

O.O.D.E.’s first articles were posted in 1999, and were mainly of an anti-heretic content, chiefly against Protestant heresies. The original idea was to extend the Orthodox faith, amongst the Protestants.

In time, more members were added to the team, while its articles were also increasing accordingly; in order however to provide a suitable “connective fiber” between them, without leaving any gaps, it was deemed necessary to include historical and scientific articles in our website, as well as articles of broader interest, apart from Protestantism.

Gradually, the O.O.D.E. members became acquainted with Christians from other websites and certain collaborations began between us. This was how the foundations were laid, for a broader collaboration between Christians on the Internet.

As the volume of our collaborators’ and our own posted articles began to increase, we were faced with the need for a greater specialization in certain areas. Thus, in 2002, the affiliate website of  The Greek Watchtower Observer was created, which was essentially the continuation of a website created by an acquaintance of ours, who had started it originally, but eventually abandoned it.

The expansion of our website continued at an ever-increasing rate, as did our collaboration with other websites. Then, in the Summer of 2003, along with a huge number of Christians and other websites, we formed a web team of Orthodox Christians, under the name “Orthodox Apologetics Team – The Holy Mother of Jerusalem”. From that moment on, there was no longer any meaning for O.O.D.E. to exist as an isolated team on the web, given that the on-line collaboration between websites prevailed over the local teams, and therefore now exists as a broader collaboration of everyone with everyone.

In  December of 2003, our Lord called near Him an older member of O.O.D.E. but young in age, Agapios Matsagouras, who was an enlightened and charismatic teacher of the faith to many of us, and who also led scores of people into the bosom of the Church.

In 2004, another, specialized affiliate web page of O.O.D.E. was set up, on account of the frenzied Neo-paganist attacks on our collaborator’s page “Anonymous Apologete”, in their attempt to stifle the truth.  We named this new web page: "Neo-paganist frauds".

By the end of 2004, the O.O.D.E. web page was restructured, transferred to another web space, and it acquired its new, permanent address, while new contributors continued to be added, from every corner of the planet.

At the same time, a non-Internet collaboration was initiated, with catechist teachers, dioceses, publishing houses and magazines, so that all the available material could be made available within and outside the Internet, in both printed and digital form.

We started off the year 2005 with additional sections in the O.O.D.E. website, with a variety of articles and an extensive English section, having placed our faith in our Lord and God, Jesus Christ, that He will guide our endeavors in the direction that He sees fit, so that as many souls as possible may profit from them.

File published in English on: 14-3-2006.

Last update: 10-9-2008.