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What is O.O.D.E.?

Orthodox Outlet for Dogmatic Enquiries” (OODE) is the name given to the website of a group of Orthodox Christians, whose chief concern is the study, the outlining, the documenting and the publishing of the Christian faith.

The number of team members is not clearly definable, because we collaborate with many other Orthodox teams or isolated Internet users (and not only).  And when members of the Church of Christ work together, there is no reason for clarifying the names and the groups that comprise it, because every Christian is a member of Christ, and a co-worker with all the other members of the Church of Christ. That is why you will see the same texts, not only in O.O.D.E., but also in some of the other sites that we collaborate with, or wherever we have mutual collaborators.

O.O.D.E. “belongs” to a broader Christian Internet team (and not only); the Orthodox Apologetics team “The Holy Mother of Jerusalem”, which operates in exactly the same way as O.O.D.E., and contains many cooperative websites and pages; it too is constantly expanding, and its scope is its apologetic positions opposite the enemies of the faith.

File published in English on: 14-3-2006.

Last update: 10-9-2008.