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Are you an organization?


No, we are not an organization.  We are a party of Christians.  You could say we are an Orthodox magazine on the web.  We do not have someone in charge; we do not have any Article of Association, we do not have any pre-defined members.  The only thing we “have” is the love in Christ that we share, and our mutual desire to become better acquainted with God and the holy faith of His Church.  This is what draws us to a closer collaboration.

It is not imperative for every team member to agree on every single thing that is written by another member of the team, on issues that have not yet been clearly dogmatized by the Church. This is not a prerequisite, as we are not an organization, which would require us to all have a “common line of approach”.

Our collaboration includes the sharing of one’s research with the other team-mates, who may quite possibly be participants in other websites or groups. Should a certain study be found useful or interesting, the composer can suggest to the others that the text be posted in the O.O.D.E. website. Nothing more, nothing less.

File published in English on: 14-3-2006.

Last update: 10-9-2008.