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Are your positions Orthodox?

As for our Orthodox positions, it is not only our site name that bears witness to this; it is mainly our articles!  Furthermore, our associates are not only theologians, but also priests!  Besides, anyone who is familiar with the Orthodox faith has no doubts whatsoever about our positions.  So, our positions are most definitely Orthodox, and we always remain within the framework of the Christian dogmas that have been validated by the Church.

The columnists of our articles are many; however, we must underline that, in those subjects that the Orthodox Church has not yet dogmatized, there may be articles that also contain personal views, which, however, are always within the mentality of Orthodox Dogmatics.  Issues that have not yet been dogmatized by the Church officially are referred to as “subjects for theologizing” and are presented in our website as proposed interpretations that should ordinarily be perceived as opportunities for fertile study and discussion. These topics include the ways that prophecies are to be fulfilled in the future; views involving scientific discoveries such as biological evolution or astrophysical or physical theories, archeological surveys on chronological and historical subjects mentioned in the Holy Bible, or even philosophical proposals. All these topics, for which the Church has not given its official opinion, constitute personal views of the columnist of the specific article, and we shall wait until such time as these issues are appropriately dogmatized, Synodically.

The views between the various columnists on subjects such as the above may differ between them. Given that we are not an organization but only a team – an Orthodox e-magazine – the views of every such columnist reflect their own, personal experiences/knowledge, and do not necessarily represent the views of other team members.  We are merely making these articles accessible, as ordinary “interpretational proposals”, and nothing more.

File published in English on: 14-3-2006.

Last update: 10-9-2008.