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What is your aim?

As regards the aim of our team, we had until recently in our website the following text – which of course continues to apply:

“Our aim is to make available to every interested reader the information that convinced many of us and led us to the Church of the Lord, and also to respond to the unethical attacks against the Church by people of darkness.

The fact that in Greece or other Orthodox countries it is relatively easy for someone to find that kind of information, does not mean it is easy in every country. In fact, even in some Orthodox countries, it is difficult to find the way to confront the dogmatic challenges that are daily provoked by the various “imported” heresies.

An (in-house) knowledge of these teachings that some of us possess, as well as the arguments utilized for confronting them, are the basic theme of many of our pages. It is this information precisely that we are making available to every well-meaning researcher, regardless of their religion, along with our invitation to our Church.

This data is -by nature- suited for the evangelizing of souls from Western countries, who have been introduced to a warped Christianity, either for the purpose of solving Christians’ queries and filling the gaps, or, for retaliating against the attacks of suspicious interests.  It is our hope that we can gradually make this information available in many other languages, and we hope that it will be received as a pleasant surprise by them. We aspire to contributing towards the creation of Orthodox nuclei throughout the world; a diocese in every neighborhood!

Orthodoxy has a unique treasure of knowledge and of subjects, which the Western religions (and not only!) have unfortunately been deprived of, as a result of which, they are under the false impression that, not only have they been taught the correct Christian Gospel, but that they are best equipped to propagate it to the Eastern countries! It is our belief therefore, that when such activist souls become acquainted with the correct Gospel, they will divert their efforts in the right direction, thus bringing a blessing upon their compatriots.

At the same time, we continue to research the deeper understanding of God’s “once-only” revealed Orthodox faith.

...It is not our intent to substitute the catechism classes of every diocese. On the contrary, we would like to become the cause for even more people to return to the churches and become active members in every ministry of their diocese.

However, on observing the development of our web page and the needs of the Christians who communicate with us and urge us to include more articles, we need to supplement our original aim, with the following:

We would like for every reader to find answers in our website, if possible to all or most of their queries and their searches, on their issues regarding faith; that this web page might become a sort of Christian encyclopedia that will guide people towards Christ’s Church.  This aim seems to be gradually attained, day by day, with our constant (almost daily) postings. And it is being blessed, by those people whom we helped to become embodied in the Church of Christ.

Most assuredly, we are not infallible, and we may have made some mistakes. We hope that our readers will keep us informed about anything appearing in our web pages that might raise concerns. Please remember that we are an Orthodox electronic magazine, which we are doing our best to enrich.

We ask for your prayers, so that we may continue with our endeavors.

File published in English on: 14-3-2006.

Last update: 10-9-2008.