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Who is funding you?

Nobody is funding us. The few expenses that are demanded for the maintenance of a website are paid by the members of the O.O.D.E. team.

When we first began the operation of our website, we had inserted a plea for financial support from anyone who was willing to help, because we weren’t aware of the expenses involved if we continued, since we lacked a few basic p/c terminals and programs. However, we managed to acquire them and paid for them ourselves, so we never needed to resort to such financial aid. That was the reason we refused it, when it was offered -once only- by one of our readers.

Given that we are not interested in making a profit, we finally withdrew that plea for financial support, as God has so far catered to our needs remarkably for the maintenance of O.O.D.E. on our own –and even more so, now that we have so many collaborators, because we continue to need support, in the form of research, texts and articles… With God’s help, we now have numerous volunteers who are tirelessly offering their services in this field.

So, O.O.D.E. has no external sources of income. It doesn’t even have a money pool. Whenever something needs to be purchased (e.g. Internet space), the expense is shared between us and the amount is paid immediately.

O.O.D.E. is a self-funding, Orthodox periodical.

There is no cost involved in creating the web pages. We design them ourselves, during our spare time. Actually, quite a significant number of “man-hours” are dedicated overall, because of the now numerous team-mates from all over the world who work together for the promotion of the Christian Gospel over the Internet.

File published in English on: 14-3-2006.

Last update: 10-9-2008.