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The Holy Bible is a book filled with prophecies. Some have been fulfilled, and others haven’t. The ones that have not been fulfilled, we refer to as “eschatology”.    The interpretation and understanding of those prophecies is not always feasible, because they have been written in such a way, that they can be perceived in detail only at the time of their fulfillment. Those who wish to indulge ahead of time, must have a very good knowledge of the Christian faith and of the Holy Bible, because the Holy Bible interprets itself and it is inopportune to make assumptions that are irrelevant to the Christian tradition based on which those prophecies were written.  It is because various interpreters do not observe this last point that they are led into a multitude of heresies and misinterpretations and to a faulty perception of the true meaning of what is written. 

Eternity is horrific without the Godman, because man is terrible without the Godman.  Everything human has its final and logical interpretation in the Godman only.  Without the marvelous Lord Jesus Christ, everything human is inevitably transformed into chaos, horror, death and hell; prudence is transformed into imprudence, sensing is transformed into desperation, desire is transformed into self-disintegration, from within self-deification or self-debilitation.                (Saint Justin (Popovitch))


e Fall of the first-fashioned humans from God’s eternal “State of Rest” Tll of the first-fashioned humans from God’s eternal “State of Rest” 


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