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The  Pancyprian Union of Greek Theologians expresses its concern regarding the Dialogue with the Latins in Cyprus

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1 October  2009



ิhe Chairman and the Members of the Holy Synod,

The Orthodox Theologians,

The pious Ecclesiastic body


Subject:   The Orthodox and Roman Catholics' Dialogue


ิhe Administrative Board of the Pancyprian Union of Greek Theologians convened extraordinarily and examined all that is relevant to tomorrow's General Assembly of the Intenational Joint Commission for the Theological Dialogue between the Orthodox and Roman Catholics, which is to take place in Paphos (Cyprus) from the 16th up to and including the 23rd of October. The subject of the Conference is: "The role of the bishop of Rome in the communion of all the Churches".

Having observed the historical framework of the activities of the said Commission, in which representatives of our Church are also participating, and bearing in mind the views and reactions that have been expressed,

we would like to also express:

  1. our valid and intense concern, in the event that unfortunate stances appear during the resulting conclusions of this dialogue and

  2. our support to the Orthodox representatives, who are called upon to correctly present the word of Truth and to bear witness of Christ "amid people who stand contrary to the Holy Spirit". 

It is our hope that the Grace of the Holy Spirit will illuminate the representatives of the Orthodox Churches to provide Orthodox witness to this very serious ecclesiological issue, on the basis of our Patristic tradition and for the glory of the Triadic God.


On behalf of the Administrative Board

The Chairman of the Pancyprian Union of Greek Theologians

Andrew Christodoulou




Translation:  K.N.

Article published in English on: 15-10-2009.

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