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News Report,  30/12/2011.

Approximately 250.000 people are fed every day, through the "soup kitchens" but also with the packages of provisions that are collected for the homes of our  poverty-stricken townspeople, by the Archdiocese and the Metropolises, as stressed to the radio station SKY 100,3 by Fr. Basil Havatzas - Director of the General Charity Fund of the Athens Archdiocese.

In the meantime, more than 150 tons of foodstuffs with long expiry dates as well as other products have been collected so far, from offers made by citizens for the soup kitchens of the Archdiocese and the Metropolises of Greece, within the framework of SKY station's initiative.

One week after the commencement of this activity, thousands of our townspeople have already begun to deposit their offers in foods and emergency items, in specially designated corners of supermarkets throughout Greece.

This initiative is taking place with the support of the following Supermarkets:  AB-VASILOPOULOS, VEROPOULOS, GALAXIAS, DOUKAS, THANOPOULOS, CRETEKOS, LIDL, MASOUTIS, BALASKAS, SKLAVENITIS.



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Article published in English on: 1-1-2012.

Last update: 1-1-2012.