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by Ms. Daphne Varvitsiotis, historian-researcher

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Getting back to the programming by means of a 'new' television, we would remind you that according to all indications, it seems to be leading the 'invisible' war waged by the 'New Enlightenment' against the 'old' way of thought.

-What remains now is to analyze the activity of new television’s )chosen( opinion shapers and thought leaders, in order to establish their contribution both to the 'appeasement' and the 'lethargy' that Western societies have sunk in2, as well as to the 'creative destruction' for the prevalence of the New Age. Those who watch the 'new' television with an analytical and critical spirit, find that the modern Instructors-trainers3 - whether ‘enlisted’, or used without their knowledge - apply, through it, the following, main methods:

- They neutralize the logic of TV viewers, 'deconstructing' everything that is self-evident, and redefining it, on a 'new', 'politically correct' basis - which in essence reverses it - for the glorification of the 'New Enlightenment'. For example, “ ‘In a correct' democracy, the majority is obliged to submit to the minority.”

- They paralyze logic, through the 'naive', 'objective' and 'democratic' observance of equal distances between right and wrong, positive and negative, good and bad, victim and aggressor, moral and immoral, normal and perverted, legal and illegal, science and quackery, Christianity and sects, etc.

- They destroy every spiritual, moral, national, social, religious foundation of Western man, with dogmatic pluralism4, that is, with the relativizing of the absolute and the absolutizing of the relative. For example: “We must accept every point of view as equally valid, since there is no single truth, and each one of us is the bearer of his own truth.”

- They paralyze the critical ability of television viewers, by creating mental chaos, uncertainty and confusion with conflicting and mutually negating messages, which they present as “of equal status”. As such, they invite the viewer to accept the claim that 'Western civilization is destructive, authoritarian, exploiters of the Third World” etc. as having the same status as the claim that 'Europeans, who are civilized...'. The viewer is made to feel ashamed for regarding homosexuality a perversion, while simultaneously made to feel ashamed because 'all ancient Greeks were homosexuals.'   They require him to be relentlessly hostile towards smokers, but …show 'understanding' to drug use (especially 'soft' drugs). If he believes in the One and Only Truth, he is denounced as a 'fanatic' or 'fascist', and called to accept a 'new' and revised ‘one and only truth:  that 'there is no such thing as the One and Only Truth', and so on.

- They instill guilt in the entire society for the actions or omissions of individuals, or politicians or administrative bodies. For example. 'As a society we must take responsibility that the perpetrator had butchered the victim.'…. 'We are all responsible...', whether for drug deaths, for prostitution, or arsons, or floods, or landslides etc. They clearly apply the theory of collective responsibility, which (by coincidence?) identifies with Theosophy's pursued elimination of a personal conscience and the 'grouping' of all individual consciences into ONE common conscience: “Man enters the conscience of the Unit, of the ONE” …. “Personality is erased and delusion ends. This is the culmination of the Great Opus...'5

- They instill a 'consciousness of pettiness’ in television viewers, unleashing against them a barrage of guilt and belittlement pertaining to man - and especially to Western man - with Ecology as their main weapon. Example: 'Man is a destructive being', 'man is inferior to animals, which, albeit with a soul, do not destroy the environment and the planet'. Or, 'Contrary to us 'civilized' people who exploit and destroy the Planet, such and such a tribe in Australia (of Africa, India, etc.) respects nature and lives in harmony with it.'

- They instill a ''consciousness of pettiness’ in the entire social and national whole, unleashing a storm of guilt and denigration against it, crushing all its 'old' data (mainly national, spiritual, historical and religious data). For example: 'Europeans, who are civilized...', 'Greeks are uneducated, illiterate, clever, lazy, exploitative, nouveau riche, cruel to animals, etc…', 'The ancient Greek (or Byzantine) civilization was a tyrannical colonialist imperialist power'… 'Alexander the Great was a slaughterer of the peoples', 'We are living in an illiberal theocratic regime'... and so on.

- They paralyze any legitimate reaction, by imposing the 'ideals' of the 'New Enlightenment'6 through intellectual terrorism and with forced reasonings. For example:  'Position X is the correct one. Anyone who disagrees is prejudiced, reactionary, nationalist, religious, fascist, racist, etc.''…  'Euthanasia is a supreme achievement of the civilized West, but today's Greek has not yet reached the level of appreciating this achievement.'

- They annihilate resistances and steal the consent of the public by applying the method of gradual deterioration:  They put back on the table, without toil and with investigative 'naivety', the 'ideals' of the 'New Enlightenment', despite the fact that they have been repeatedly debunked by experts – even before their very eyes - on the basis of detailed evidence in previous discussions. However, they choose a different (a gradually more 'relaxed', more 'conceding' and more 'submissive') ​​synthesis of opinion guides every time, so that they finally arrive at the appropriate 'reassuring' synthesis - that is to say, at the synthesis which - either implicitly or due to groundlessness - sets as a condition for the application of these 'ideals', supposedly strict - but in essence pretentious and unenforceable - conditions,  in order to reach a consensual decision.

- They painlessly castrate any valid reaction, presenting Christianity as an unconditional retreat to any claim, provocation or insult, projecting a pseudo-Christian, forced “loveism” of the type: 'Christ is love, therefore, whoever reacts to the social, economic, national, moral, cultural, religious etc. changes that are imposed, is not a Christian'... or, 'Christ does not need protectors, therefore you should accept in a civilized manner every desecration of Him.'

- They lead to intellectual (and volitional) paralysis, when – after having already won the trust of the public by defending historical, religious, moral and other 'old' positions - they themselves exchange, distort, pervert or negate them; or when leaders of movements defend 'old' ideas, they reject them; or, when they adopt, as something 'upright' or 'reasonable,' one of the 'new ideals' of the 'New Enlightenment.'

- They decompose the Christian faith in the consciousness of the public, since most of them are concerned - whether knowingly or not - with materialistic theories, beliefs, trends, perceptions, which serve the 'New Enlightenment'. Still others set the bar of salvation so high that the everyday, average Christian television viewer becomes disheartened and resorts to astrologers to solve their problems.

- They paralyze the will of television viewers, by projecting or adopting (or through their silence) barrages of catastrophic themes that terrify them.

- They decompose the 'old' way of thinking and the 'old' perception about man and the world, when - during confrontations with the 'ideals' of the 'New Enlightenment' – they attempt to 'defend' the ‘old ways’ with weak and flimsy arguments, or invoke as their defenders people who are ‘clueless’ or with insufficient knowledge, or 'communicatively' deficient, or people who can knowingly expose, distort or destroy the old ways.

- They render TV viewers spiritually and mentally stateless by over-defending - but in a violent, vulgar, extreme, or even ridiculous manner - their 'old' values ​​and ideals, or their political or religious beliefs (ie, they demonize, expose, distort, ridicule and render the 'old' positions repulsive, if not also dangerous).

- They paralyze the critical ability of TV viewers, presenting as valid the personal opinions of clueless people on serious scientific issues. e.g. the opinions of journalists, actors or musicians who theologize; musicians, theologians or priests who politicize; political analysts with ‘Christianized’ opinions;  actors who project ‘dodecatheism' (the worship of the ancient Greek pantheon of gods); occultists who mutate ancient Greek philosophy, or attribute ancient Greek culture to extraterrestrials, etc.

- They annihilate the 'old' person, and eliminate the experience and conquests of entire millennia, by intervening 'restoratively' in every area of ​​their life, as a result of which they gradually and without realizing it, lose everything they regarded as certain, as well as the personal ability to think, judge, evaluate, prioritize and decide.

- They destroy the 'old' human, idealizing the 'new' model (the defeated person, the 'human being') – that is, the man who is unaware that his will has been neutralized, because they have artificially replaced it with vices 'without borders’ that pertain to his moral, sexual, family, spiritual, religious, etc. his data.

- They fragment the 'old' social fabric, inciting - under the guise of 'information' and 'problematization' - various confrontations (e.g. between civil servants and the public, pedestrians and drivers, the appointed and unappointed, smokers and 'passive smokers' , homosexuals and heterosexuals, etc.).

- They fragment the 'old' psycho-spiritual fabric, inciting - for the sake of 'freedom of thought' and the 'free movement of ideas' - confrontations between 'right' and 'left' ideologies, between occultism or astrology or ‘dodecatheism’ (the 12 Olympians) or sects and Christianity, between the Old and the New Calendar, between the Papacy and Orthodoxy, etc.

- They build up the 'new person’, by ‘counseling' the television audience with 'new' positions on everything scientific, 'for their own good': They guide him in how to dress, how to have fun, who to admire, who to imitate, what to buy, what to eat, what to sing, what to read, what to believe and what to worship, how to think, how to exercise, how to make love, how to treat one's children, even how to breathe, how to sleep, how to 'control dreams', but also how to die and how to dispose of their corpse.

- They lead to fatalism (disappearance of the will), introducing viewers to the occult (often mixing it with Christianity), Eastern or New Age beliefs (karma, reincarnation, positive thinking, positive-negative energy, 'aura', spiritualism, flashbacks to past lives), astrology, etc.. They especially promote the belief in reincarnation, to the great satisfaction of the theosophist A. Bailey, who wrote: 'The doctrine of reincarnation will be one of the defining keys of the New World Religion'7.

- They disconnect the viewers from reality, immersing them in a virtual reality for the glory of Theosophy, which wants man to consider reality as an illusion: By silencing real problems and issues of decisive importance, they spend themselves in endless, falsely titled, misleading and pretentious 'problems' for matters of minor importance. Or they secure participation in TV games to a limited few people, where they can live 'virtually', while they keep the others occupied with watching virtual reality and then concerning themselves with 'problems' about it. They set up 'sugar-coated' shows, where meaningless trivialities are 'discussed' and analyzed with 'seriousness'. They artfully project a flurry of movies which have themes that they present as completely acceptable, but are in actual fact improbable, outrageous and unreal (i.e., simultaneous existence in parallel universes, personality swapping, time travel, aliens, etc.).

- They establish the New Age within the consciousness of the television audience by constantly referring to it, without, however, proceeding with any further explanations, investigation, or references to the 'winners' who pull its strings, thus keeping them -coincidentally?- unseen. Specifically, they present every painful change, as if it were an unavoidable natural phenomenon (e.g. 'in our new globalized society it is natural to...', or 'we are now in the New Age, so we must necessarily accept .. .”).

- They consolidate the New Age subculture: They invite to their 'serious' TV shows people ‘with powers', 'healers', 'clairvoyants', astrologers, etc., while remaining steadfastly silent about the generalized storm of drug lust, perverse eroticism, witchcraft and satan worship etc. ..

- They indirectly legitimize astrology in the consciousness of the television audience, as well as the predictions of various astrologers (according to which, 'with the year 2000, we enter the Age of Aquarius, a New Age that will bring enormous changes in all areas of our lives') , when they keep silent about the real reasons that make the changes brought about by the New Age inevitable.

- They indirectly legitimize all the heresies, sects and new religions that 'prophesied' the coming of a New Age, a New World, a New Cosmos and so on, themselves accepting the New Age as an inevitable natural phenomenon (in particular, they legitimize Theosophy and its offshoots, which - apart from promoting esoteric astrology – has also (coincidentally?( heralded the coming of the 'New Order', the New Age, the Age of Aquarius.

Is it really by coincidence that all these methods used by modern instructors-educators lead to the neutralization of the will of the viewers, transforming them into helpless 'human beings'? As much as it seems unimaginable to most, the (post-special, systematic processing of their thinking) total and irreversible disappearance of the will of man is not a fantasy. It first appeared, as an idea, in the middle of the 19th century, and gradually became part of the aims and methodologies of various groups, religions, ideologies, sects, etc.

The first allusion was made, as mentioned above, by Dostoevsky (1821-1881) in his work 'Demons'. He had 'prophesied' 'the extinction of free will in nine-tenths of mankind,' as a means of achieving a small group's satanic plan for world domination. This group aimed at de-Christianizing people and 'turning them into a herd by means of new educating methods’. With its motto of 'each one belongs to all, and all to each other' (that is, by dissolving each individual personality and ‘massing’ it), the group would be imposing levelling, as 'equality': '...Above all will be equality. First of all, the standards of science and talents will be demoted. Superior minds reach a high scientific standard; hence superior minds are not needed.' Thus, 'All (shall) be slaves and equal in slavery.' According to this plan: “...Only one-tenth of mankind shall enjoy the rights of free man, and their power over the other nine-tenths shall be unlimited. The latter will lose their personality, they will become a herd... they will return to primitive simplicity, to the paradise, let's say, of the first-fashioned couple, except that they will also have to toil'8.

Around the same time, Theosophy, 'the truth on which all religions rest' was born in the thought of Helena Blavatsky (1831-1891). Invested in a combination of spiritualism, occultism, astrology, magic, and strong Buddhist elements (karma, reincarnation, etc.), Theosophy quickly gained believers, followers, and admirers, especially in high political-socio-economic circles. It heralded the establishment of a 'New Era' throughout the Planet, whose 'esoteric administration' would be undertaken -invisibly- by the 'Occult Hierarchy'. With the help of the 'teachers', the 'mediating servants of the world' and the 'intelligentsia of the world', the Hierarchy would undertake to lead its followers to blind obedience, and each person - through the 'elimination or expulsion of the personal self' '- the 'unexpressable state of ONE' – that is, in ‘repose’ or 'non-existence'9.

Theosophy envisioned its 'new order' as follows: The few winners in its 'invisible' war will dominate -invisibly- over the 'masses of humanity', who will be the defeated. The defeated will constitute the 'new humanity', which, without personality and without will, will have been driven into 'non-existence'. They will no longer be 'Humans', not even 'humans': They will simply be 'human beings', without will, without rational consciousness, led solely by their instincts and subconscious. In other words, they will be anthropomorphic beings, but - as Dostoyevsky 'prophesied' - they will ‘even be able to work'. And most importantly: They will believe that this mutation of theirs - that is, their defeat - constitutes their triumphant victory. This will make their enslavement total and irreversible.

But A. Gramsci (1891-1937) had also placed the will of Western man in his sights. A contemporary of A. Bailey (1880-1949), Gramsci too had a New Order as his Vision, for the establishment of which he too proposed an 'invisible' war against the Christian populations. His aim was the 'Marxism of the inner man', for the unhindered prevalence of the Marxist Vision: The 'Worker's Paradise'. According to Gramsci, the only obstacle to the realization of this Paradise, the only real obstacle to the construction by the people of the classless society and to the 'rule of the proletariat', was the common Christian hope and the common Christian reference to some Supreme Divine Transcendental Power, which 'transcends the limited capacities of individuals and groups - large and small.' Therefore, according to him, as long as the faith in this Power is maintained - which, albeit dominant in this world, does not belong to this world - 'the idea of ​​a violent world revolution of the proletariat was doomed in advance to fail. '10 .

Gramsci believed that Marxist rule should not aim at the tangible and violent subjugation of societies by 'conventional' war, but should 'turn to the spirit of the populations to be subjugated'. It would have to use various factors, which, with special and systematic methods, will realize, in time, a 'quiet and anonymous revolution'. a bloodless revolution “in the name of human rights and human dignity, in the name of man's autonomy and his liberation from external constraints. And above all, without the limitations and demands of Christianity.' Christian societies should, therefore, as a whole undergo radical changes in their way of thinking. Specifically, they should be led to abandon the hope that Christian transcendence gives to man, and be persuaded that, 'there is nothing else, except the Matter of this Universe' and that, 'everything of value in life and in this world exists within life, within this world and within the earthly sphere'. The 'Worker's Paradise' on Earth will be realized only as long as, in Western societies, all spirits are transformed into 'proletarian spirits’ 11 (since 'equality will be above all ... and superior minds will not be needed', as Dostoevsky wrote). These 'proletarian spirits' will not react, and they will ‘even work'. Serious analysts today conclude that both Theosophy, and the Humanists (of which the neo-pagans are an offshoot), as well as the groups of the per se ' New Age' with their luciferian positions, are utilized for the elimination of what constitutes the internal obstacles that exist within Western man to the realization of the Marxist vision. In essence, however, all the above theories have one thing in common with the 'New Enlightenment': They lead to a 'new' enslavement, which will be total and irreversible, precisely because it eliminates the will and produces losers, who perceive as their own victory their complete and enthusiastic synergy with the real winner, who manipulates them invisibly.

How, then, can it be considered a coincidence that thought leaders are the protagonists - as new instructors - in the coveted New Age 'deconstruction' of 'old' spiritual data, and how can it be considered coincidental that, '.. .out of their ruins they are building a monument of a sweet retreat'12? Coincidental or not, their 'deconstructive' action is impossible to not be reminiscent of U. Muller, who - placing the matter on its broader basis - wrote that: 'Generally the impression can be created that the press, as a public relations agency, is moved by conspiratorial destroyers' 13.

We should, consequently, ask ourselves - and perhaps also ask the Instructors of the New Age - whether the prerequisite for the much-touted 'End of History' is actually the End of Man?






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