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 Will they drive me away from the sacrificial altars?

By Saint Gregory the Theologian

Homily 26:  «For myself, for the people and for the pastors»


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Well, I also know of another Altar, because the ones we can see today are only forms of it; it is the Altar which has not been touched by any sculpting tool or human hand, nor was any sound of metal heard, or something else from the builders and the decorators... it is wholly a work of the mind, and the ascent to it is possible through envisioning (theoria).

That is the one that I will stand before; that is the one I will sacrifice welcome victims and offers and burnt offerings – which are as far superior to the gifts offered at present : they are as superior as the truth is to a shadow.

This is what I believe the great David had philosophized about, when saying, «And I shall approach the sacrificial altar of God, Who makes my spiritual youth rejoice».

 No-one who wants to remove me from this sacrificial altar is able to.

 Will they deport me from this city? But they cannot, from the city that is in Heaven.

Let those who make war against me, try to succeed!


Translation: A.N.

Article published in English on: 20-04-2020.

Last update: 20-04-2020.