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The Sacred Community of the Holy Mountain

on the Dialogue with the Papists

 Source:  Ecclesiastic News Agency "Romfaia"


By Emilios Polygenis



SPECIAL NEWS RELEASE : The Sacred Community of the Holy Mountain has stated its official position regarding the Convention of the Joint Commission for the Dialogue between the Orthodox and the Roman Catholics, which is to take place in Cyprus.





The Sacred Community has decided as follows:


1. Throughout the past centuries,  the Holy Mountain has remained - with the Grace of Christ - the faithful guardian of the holy Orthodox Faith, which the God-heralding Apostles had delivered to the Church and which our God-bearing Fathers with the holy Ecumenical Synods had preserved, unforged, over the ages. This same delivered Faith was likewise preserved faithfully by our predecessor Holy Mountain Fathers.


2. After having been informed that during the impending Plenary Session of the Joint Commission for the Theological Dialogue in Cyprus, between the Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholics, the subject is to be «the role of the Bishop of Rome in the communion of the Churches during the first millennium», our Sacred Community, not knowing the exact content of the said Dialogue, is hereby expressing its extreme worry and concern, because the Papal Primacy is foreseen for discussion, before Papism has even begun to cast out its heretic dogmas and its secular character (the Vatican State).  Therefore, the only prerequisite for a discussion of the Primacy to take place is the return of the Roman Catholics to the Orthodox Faith and the Conciliar polity of the Orthodox Church, and not the "unity in diversity" of dogmas.


3. «This is the Orthodox Church - the only One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church» as also declared in the most venerable Holy Temple of the Protaton by His Most Holy Beatitude the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew on the 21-8-2008, during his visit to the Holy Mountain. That is what we believe also, and we will remain steadfast in everything that our holy fathers had proclaimed.


All the Representatives and Principals of the twenty Sacred Monasteries of the Holy Mountain Athos.



Translation:  K.N.


Article published in English on: 7-10-2009.

Last update: 7-10-2009.