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Elder Ambrosios Lazaris (1912-2006)



Source: https://www.pemptousia.gr/2024/01/gerontas-amvrosios-fanerose-pos-tha-ine-o-paradisos/


Below is a brief description of a miraculous incident, which both reflects the love that the Elder radiated, but which also came as a gift to one of his beloved spiritual children, who had offerred to take him on an outing with his car.

They had just entered the vehicle, and before the man had made any move to start the engine, everything suddenly changed around him.

He lost all sense of space and time; he became immobilized, all his movements froze, he began to notice that the colours of the trees around them were strangely far more vivid, and he was perceiving the sounds of birds chirping melodiously, except that those sounds did not seem to come from a distance, but were actually audible inside him!

He turned to look at the Elder and realized that his countenance was shining.

Elder, what did you do?  he asked after an indeterminate amount of time - it could have been half a minute, or perhaps a minute - and after returning to his previous state, again asked the Elder:

Elder, tell me, what did you do?  What just happened?

The Elder's countenance continued to shine. A little later, he gently explained:

That, my child, is how Paradise, will be like... Now let's go; start the car...


Translation:  K.N.

Article created:  19-1-2024.

Updated on:  19-1-2024.