Orthodox Outlet for Dogmatic Enquiries On Salvation


On Salvation

The divine plan for salvation


The issues related to the judging of each individual person are concealed from us, and only when God Himself so decides will He reveal some of His saints within His Church, even now.  However, God has also revealed certain elements pertaining to the matter of Salvation, His purposes, His plan, as well as the means for our salvation.  We shall be examining these issues in the present section.
"And this also must be noted: that God does not punish someone in the future; rather, each person makes himself receptive to the partaking of God. And the partaking of God is bliss, while the non-partaking of Him is punishment (Hell)..."   "...those sinners who desire sin, albeit not having the materials of sin, shall be punished as though devoured by fire and worm, with no solace whatsoever. What is "hell", if not the deprival of something desired?"  (Saint  John of Damascus  (676 - 749) "Against Manichaeans" PG 94 , 1545 D – 1548 A, and 1573  C).
"God desires not only that the nations be saved, but each individual soul. A simple Indian, believing in his own way in the Creator and fulfilling His will as best he can, will be saved; but he who, knowing about Christianity, follows the Indian mystical path, will not." (Elder Nektary of Optina [Ivan Kontzevitch, Elder Nektary of Optina, p. 181]).



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