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My Exodus
From Roman Catholicism


y the grace of the God of our Fathers, we have been deemed worthy to bring to fruition the publication of the present and apropos spiritual tome. The author of this book is Bishop Paul de Ballester, a former Roman Catholic monk of Spanish descent. This is the narrative of his personal experiences, his own road to Damascus that ultimately led him to discover Orthodox Christianity. His acquaintance with Orthodoxy led him to the Truth, which is none other than Christ Himself. By coming to know Christ -or rather, through being known by Christ- he recognized the shortcomings of Roman Catholicism and its departure from God. This is precisely what made him turn to the Orthodoxy of the East- the Orthodoxy of Byzantium and Tradition. Initially published in 1954, the book describes the spiritual struggle that led to his conversion.

In a time of feverish ecumenical dialogues, the book's contemporary value prompted us to re-publish it, hoping that it will provide much-needed wisdom in our new age of globalization and inter-ecclesiastical pursuit of union. The testimony of a former Roman Catholic monk who converted to Orthodoxy can only offer -to both sides of the spectrum- tremendously valuable information and life principles. On one hand, it demonstrates the deviation and severance of the Roman Catholic Church from the body of the Church of Christ, and on the other, it attests to the preservation and continuation of the inherited Truth by the Orthodox Church. Moreover, because of his life principles and stance on this matter, the author spells out the methodology needed to guide the union of the Roman Catholic with the Orthodox Church. Consequently, it is our prayer that this book may serve as a most informative guidepost in the inter-ecclesiastical dialogue.

On the occasion of the fifty-fifth anniversary of the original edition of the book and the twenty-fifth anniversary of the martyrical death of the author, we re-publish it this year to honor the memory of His Grace Bishop of Nazianzus, Paul de Ballester. We express our gratitude to the Abbot of the Holy Trinity Monastery in Mexico, Most Reverend Archimandrite Nectarios, who provided us with the pictures of Bishop Paul. We pray that the readers benefit greatly from this book, to the glory of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ and to the honor of our most blessed and glorious Lady Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary of Macheras.

The Abbot of the Holy Royal and Stavropegial Monastery of Macheras.

Bishop of Lidra, Epiphanios, along with my brotherhood in Christ

Holy Monastery of Macheras March 25, 2009.



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