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Baptism by the Holy Spirit in the New Testament

by Nicholas Mavromagoulos

Scriptural evidence, step-by-step, of the Baptism by the Holy Spirit, the gifts bestowed, and a Christian's overall spiritual path, as delivered from the Apostolic era through to our time.  A book that responds to the Pentecostals' positions and elucidates the true opus of the Holy Spirit within the Church.




1. Preparing for the “baptism by the Holy Spirit”, the “Promise of the Father”.

2. The “Promise of the Father” : the “Gift of the Holy Spirit”.

3. ThePromise of the Spiritto thereborn sons” of God.

4. The “Spirit of the Promise” cries out in the heart of the son.

5. Rebirth : Baptism in water and in the Holy Spirit.

6. The “Holy Spirit of the Promise” : the “Seal”, the “Betrothal ring”, and the “Chrism”.

7. The mute sighs of the Spirit in the hearts of the sons.

8. The worship of God “in the Spirit”.

9. The one who "speaks in tongues", “in the Spirit”.

10. The species of tongues - what "glossolalia" involves

11. The difference between “interpretation”, “prophecy” and “tongues”.

12. The “tongues” are manifested “in the Spirit”, mutely inside the heart.

13. One thing tospeak in other tongues” and another to “utter”.

14. The species of tongues, are incessantly manifested.

15. The speakers of tongues in the Holy Bible are called: “sons of God”.

16. Before the heart is activated "in the Spirit", a "son" does not differ from a "servant"

17. The "unbeliever" and the "idiotes" (Greek for private / lay person)

18. Enlightenment

  a.  The sons of God are those being enlightened.
  b.  The sons of God:  sons of the Light.
  c.   The son with the cleansed heart becomes enlightened.
  d.  "Enlightenment" takes place in the hearts where the Holy Spirit dwells, in the sons of God.
  e.   The "enlightened" ones are the "inheritors"; that is, the "sons of God"
  f.   Enlightenment is: the Promise given to Abraham for his inheritors, and the Realm of the Saints.
  g.   Enlightenment is:  the "Life" that the Lord gives.
  h.   Enlightenment is:   "God's glory".

19. The enlightenment of a Christian occurs, with the entry of Christ the Divine Logos in his heart.

20. Towards perfection.

21. “Awareness”.

22. The term:  “in the likeness of”.

23. “Spiritual Life” andSpiritual Death”.

24. Friends of God”.

25. The “fulfilment of Godhood”.

26. The Grace of God.

27. The age of the saints.


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Article published in English on: 25-3-2010.

Last Update: 25-3-2010.