Chapter 1






Imagine being born in the Watchtower organization and growing up nurtured by its precepts.  You trusted and believed that this was God’s organization on Earth. You would rather die than do without a single copy of the “Watchtower” magazine or be prevented from passing along to others what you thought was the “message of salvation.”

            Imagine being jailed for “righteousness” or for “neutrality” and having to undergo every kind of insult and ridicule through the course of your life for what you believed to be the only truth. The organization you trusted told you to follow the truth at all costs no matter what and to eagerly deny even your parents or your wife for the truth.

            At some point, however, you discover something dreadful! What you believed as truth suddenly proves to be a delusion! You come to the realization that there is a mistake somewhere.

            But you have confidence in the organization, and you say, “I will point this problem out to the brothers, and they will correct it because they are right before God and they love the truth.” So you go and present your “findings” to the “Elders.”  But to your great surprise you discover that they are not interested in the truth! Instead of rushing to inform the organization’s leadership of your findings, they tell you, “It is not your job to search. This is the job of the ‘Governing Body.’ Your job is to believe, not to search!”  

You are deeply distressed because suddenly you discover that the information you have uncovered is already known and purposely hidden by your organization.  By masking this knowledge, the organization continues to preach some lie in the name of God.  Moreover, it disfellowships those who discover this lie. There comes a time when you must make your own decision. The time comes when you must do exactly what you had been preaching others to do for years: to abandon the lie and the hypocrisy.

            How would you feel, my friend if this happened to you? Have you ever lost all your friends and family in a single moment? Have you ever found yourself without work because you left an organization? Have you ever experienced the agony of such a situation? Have you ever experienced the trauma of having to make your way through a religious abyss?

            You will read about such a TRUE story in this book. This is a guide for all those who have ever found or who may find themselves in such a life tempest.


Chapter 1