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Nicholas Mavromagoulos

A composite biography that narrates ACTUAL EVENTS AND THE ACTUAL PERSONS INVOLVED, exactly as they occurred.

A book that you must read, before you decide to join the Watchtower organization!

There are certain little birds that are kept imprisoned in their cages.

They spend all of their life in a cage, eating only what their masters feed them.  They feel satisfied, and they chirp happily at the other little birds that fly about freely.

Those other little birds respond to their calls; they enter the adjoining cage, through the open door, so that they too might enjoy the food that is so plenteously offered inside it.


They might never be able to fly freely among the trees again. They will then in turn chirp happily away, and invite other passing birds to eat from their plentiful food.

Except that, neither they, nor the others, will have understood what they were drawn into.

And the children that will be born to them will be born likewise in servitude…


Author's Note on the Frontispiece



CHAPTER 1. Bearers of a new religion

CHAPTER 2. Growing up in the organization

CHAPTER 3. Flirting with the spider

CHAPTER 4. Touching the web

CHAPTER 5. Preaching in the classroom

CHAPTER 6. Inside the spider’s lair

CHAPTER 7. Expansion of contacts

CHAPTER 8. The first problems

CHAPTER 9. Inviting others into the web

CHAPTER 10. Tangled in the web

CHAPTER 11. The baptism of dedication

CHAPTER 12. A first taste of injustice

CHAPTER 13. Wedding in view

CHAPTER 14. Preparing for prison

CHAPTER 15. At the disciplinary quarters

CHAPTER 16. At the military prison

CHAPTER 17. At the Cassandra facility

CHAPTER 18. My life after imprisonment

CHAPTER 19. Working the streets

CHAPTER 20. The first doubts

CHAPTER 21. Expelled by the organization

CHAPTER 22. The alienation of a friend

CHAPTER 23. Turning point

CHAPTER 24. The beginning of the end

CHAPTER 25. Widening the distance

CHAPTER 26. A crisis of the conscience

CHAPTER 27. The letter

CHAPTER 28. The visit to a foreign “church”

CHAPTER 29. Foundation of a new life

CHAPTER 30. Terrorism

CHAPTER 31. Utilizing the last opportunity

CHAPTER 32. Excommunicated

CHAPTER 33. Progressing towards the Truth

CHAPTER 34. Creating a new religion

CHAPTER 35. Searching for the Church

CHAPTER 36. Guiding others to Orthodoxy

CHAPTER 37. Abandoning the congregation

CHAPTER 38. Acclimatizing to the new situation

CHAPTER 39. In the land of the Lotus-Eaters

CHAPTER 40. Problems and dangers


Second Edition

Greek Text

TO ORDER THIS BOOK (Greek Edition):

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Bookshop: Manolis Kalomiris

10, Katakouzenou Street, Athens 106 77, Greece.

Tel. (Athens) (+30) 210-3801718Mobile Phone (Athens) 6977-831531

Email: erevnitis@yahoo.com

Price: €uro 17,00

This 360-page book also contains 11 brief studies by O.O.D.E., with Scriptural references that negate the dogmas of the Watchtower organization.


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The following have contributed towards the publication of this book:


Greek Edition

  • Electronic Layout: The Holy Basilica and Stavropegian Monastery of Machairas, Cyprus.

  • Theological overview of the text: Holy Monastery of Paramythia, Rhodes.

  • Literary overview of text: Holy Monastery of Machairas, Stamatis Frangos (Philologist) and Maria Voskou (Theologian).

  • Cover design: Holy Monastery of Machairas.

  • Printing - Binding: Michael Toumbis S.A.


English text

Assistance in the translation of the book by:

  • Translation: Constantine Zalalas

  • Editing: Christina Bourgeois

  • For posting on the Internet by: K. N.


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