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Saint Wigbert, Abbot of Fritzlar, Germany

 ( 797)

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A sincere attempt is being made with this new series by our website, to now acquaint our readers with the lives of the Orthodox Saints and Martyrs of the original One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church of our Lord, who, like some of the Orthodox Saints of the British Isles, lived and propagated the Faith in the Western territories of the European Continent during the first millennium of Christianity and prior to the Great Schism of 1054 AD.


St. Wigbert was a priest and companion of St. Boniface (Winfred), apostle to Germany.

He became abbot at Fritzlar (Tritzlar) in Germany.

St. Wigbert was born in England about 675. He was known for the purity of his morals, his zeal for the salvation of souls, his boundless love, his penetrating knowledge and familiarity with the Scriptures.

He had great skill in teaching, struggled excellently in monastic podvig, and was faithful in all matters. St. Boniface summoned him from England to Germany, so in about the year 734 St. Wigbert went to Germany, and there he was made abbot of the monastery of Hersfeld in Hesse. Among his pupils was St. Sturmi, first abbot of Fulda.

About 737 Boniface transferred him to Thuringia as abbot of Ohrdruf, where he worked with the same success as in Hersfeld. Later, Wigbert obtained Boniface's permission to return to Hersfeld to spend his remaining days in stillness and to prepare for the hour of death.

Even in old age and in illness he continued his austere mode of life, until the very end. The Saint reposed at Hersfeld in about 746.He was first buried at Fritzlar in an inconspicuous grave, but during an incursion of Saxons (774) his remains were taken for safety to Buraburg, and from there, in 780, his sacred relics were transferred by Abp. St. Lullus to Hersfeld.

In the year 850 a beautiful church was built to him, but it burned down in 1037. A new church was built and dedicated in 1144 but it burned in 1761 in a great fire, after which his sacred relics were never found again by men.

Holy Venerable Father Wigbert, pray to God for us!

Feast: Aug. 13


Article published in English on: 14-5-2010.

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