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A long-delayed, serious overview of (only a few of) the indigenous Orthodox Saints and Martyrs of the Ancient Church - who lived and propagated the Faith in the British Isles, Ireland and other lands, during the first millennium of Christianity and prior to the Great Schism - has been attempted in the chart below, in a panoramic and concise form, in our desire to inform our readers who may not be aware of the significant history, the labours or the martyrdom of this cloud of Orthodox Saints of the original One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church of our Lord.

May we all have their blessings!

"The Church in The British Isles will only begin to grow when She begins to again venerate Her own Saints"    
(Saint Arsenios of Paros 1877)
Icon by  Paul Drozdowski, with the kind permission of
The Holy Protomartyr Saint Alban   ( 304)
Saint Aristobulus, Apostle of Britain  (1st c)
Saint Brendan the Navigator, Clonfert, Ireland ( 577) 
Saint Piran, Bishop of Padstowe, Cornwall
( 6th c.)
The Holy Hierarch Saint David of Wales, Bishop of Menevia  Confounder of Pelagians    ( 601)
The Venerable Columba, Abbot of Iona, Scotland ( 597)     
The Holy Hierarch Saint Theodore, Archbishop of Canterbury ( 690)
The Holy Hierarch Saint Patrick, Apostle of Ireland   ( 493)
The Holy Virgin Saint Melangell, Abbess in Wales   ( 641)
The Holy Hierarch Saint Aidan, Bishop of Lindisfarne   (651)
The Holy Hierarch Saint Brannoc, Abbot of Braunton, Devonshire 
( 6th c.)
The Venerable Bede, Author, Confessor  
( 735)
The Holy Virgin-Martyr Saint Winifred of Wales ( 650)
Saint Drostan of Aberdeen, Hermit ( 6th c.)
Holy Martyr Saint Nectan, Celt Hermit, Devonshire ( 6th c.)
The Venerable Hilda, Abbess of Whitby ( 680)
Saint Donnán, Celt Priest & Martyr, Scotland 
( 617)       
Saint Maelrubha, Celt Abbot of Applecross, Isle of Skye, Scotland (722)
Saint Botolph, Bishop, Protector of Travellers (680)
Saint Werburga, Abbess of Chester ( 699)
Saint Alphege, Archbishop of Canterbury ( 1012)
The Holy Hierarch Saint Cuthbert, Bishop of Lindisfarne ( 687)
Holy Abbess and Wonder-worker Saint Bridget of Kildare Ireland   ( 524)
Saint Dunstan, Archbishop of Canterbury ( 988)
Saint Teilo (Dillon), Bishop of Llandaff, Wales ( 6th c.)
Saint Colman of Lindisfarne
( 676)
Saint Wilfrid, Archbishop of York, England 
( 709)
Holy Confessor, Saint Donald of Ogilvy, Scotland ( 8th c.) By Iconographer Nicholas Papas with the kind permission of www.comeandseeicons.com
Saint Dyfrig,  Archbishop of Caerleon, Wales
( 545)
Holy Martyr Saint Dymphna, Patron Saint of Mental Illness
( 650)
Saint Ninian Bishop of Whithorn, Apostle to the Picts
( 432)
Saint Felix of Dunwich, Apostle of East Anglia ( 647)
Saint Kentigern (Mungo, Cyndeyrn), Abbot, Bishop and founder of Glasgow ( 614)
Saint Birinus (Brian) of Dorchester, Apostle of Wessex ( 7th c.)
Saint Elian (Alan, Eilan), Hermit of Cornwall
( 7th c.)
Saint Ita (Ida, Dorothy), Hermitess in Limerick, Ireland, and Foster-Mother of Saint Brendan ( 570)
Saint Mewan, Celt evangelist, founder of monastery  ( 617)
Saint Caoimhin (Kevin), Abbot of Glendalough, Ireland 
( 618)
Saint Tydfil, Martyr of Glamorgan, Wales, Kinswoman of Saint Brychnan   ( 480)
Saint Erkenwald, Bishop of London, Abbot of Chertsey, England ( 693)
Saint Ceadda (Chad), Bishop of Lichfield
( 672)
  Saint Twrog of Wales  ( 6th century)
Saint Comgall, Abbot of 8000 Monks at Bangor (+603) 
Saint Baldred (Balther), priest in Lindisfarne, hermit at Tyningham  ( 756)
Saint Cynedd (Kenneth), Hermit, Confessor of Gower, Wales 
( 6th c.)
St. Cedd, Founder of Lastingham, Bishop and Apostle of the East Saxons  ( 664)
Saint Cowey of Portaferry,  Abbot of Moville, Ireland  
( mid 8th century)
Saint Laserian (Molaise) of Holy Isle in the Firth of Clyde, Bishop & Abbot ( 639)
Saint Kieran, founder of Clonmacnoise Monastery, Ireland
( 544)
Saint Walstan the Generous of Bawburgh   ( 1016)
Saint Moluac of Lismore, founder of Monasteries  ( 592)
Saints Gwrnerth & Llywelyn, Monks of Bardsey Island, Wales
( 6th century)
Saint Colman of Oughaval, Abbot  
( 6th century)
Saint Kilian (Cillian) of Ireland, missionary, bishop and Apostle of Franconia (Bavaria)  Germany  ( 689)
 of Llancarvan, Wales, Priest, monk, martyr
( 592)
The Holy Hierarch Augustine, Archbishop of Canterbury  
( 604)
Saint Brihtwold (Brithwald) of Wilton, Benedictine monk at the legendary Abbey of Glastonbury  ( 1045)
Holy Queen Saint Etheldred, Abbess of Ely  ( 679)
Saint Alkmund King of Northumbria, Martyr of Mercia
( 802)
Saint Angus (Oengus) of Keld (Culdee), Hermit    ( 824)
Saint Oswald Martyr-King of Northumbria
( 642)
Saint Edmund Martyr-King of East Anglia
( 869)
Saint Ethelbert Martyr-King of East Anglia, first Christian king in England
( 794)
Saint Oswin Martyr-King of Northumbria
( 651)
Saint Eanswythe,
Anglo-Saxon princess, Folkestone ( 640)
Saint Edwin Martyr-King of Northumbria ( 633)
Saint Constantine of Govan, King of Cornwall, Monk, and Protomartyr of Scotland   ( 6th c.)
Saint Cormac of Cashel, King of Munster, Ireland and Bishop  
( 908)
Saint Petroc, son of King Glywys of Wales and founder of monasteries
in Cornwall  
( 564)
Saint Gwynllw (Gundleus) the Penitent King and Hermit of Wales  
( 523)
Saint Richard, King of Wessex, ( 722)
Saint Edward the Passion-Bearer, King of England
(martyr 979) 
Saint Laurence Archbishop  of Canterbury  ( 619)
 Saint Daniel Bishop of Bangor, Wales 
( 545)
Saint Pol (Paul) Aurelian of Cornwall  ( 575)
Saint Mawes (Maudetus, Maudez) Monk, preacher Hermit of Wales (6thc.)
Saint Osyth of Chich, England, Abbess, Martyr  (653)
Saint Tyssilio of Wales, Prince and Abbot (640)
Saint Fursey of Burgh Castle, Missionary in East Anglia (650)
Saint Attracta, Abbess of Ireland
(6th c.)
Saint Pabo Post Prydain, Wales
St.Gwynog of Wales, Bishop in Scotland    
( 838)
St. Gwen Teirbron of Britain - evangelist of Brittany (5th c.)
St.Guthlac, wonder-working saint of East Anglia
( 714)
St.Gregory Dialogus the Great, Apostle of England  ( 604)
St.Gerald, Abbot, Bishop of Mayo, Ireland
St.Geoffrey, Abbot of Wearmouth/Jarrow (716)
Saint Findlugan, Hermit of Islay, Scotland 
( early 7th century)
St. Aethelheard, Bishop of Canterbury   (805)
St.Finan of Lindisfarne (661)
St.Aldhelm, Bishop of Sherborne
St. Betti of Wirksworth, priest-missionary & founder
( ca.685)
St. Erkenwald, Bishop
of London
St.Columban (Columbanus) Irish missionary
to Europe
St. Declan, Bishop & Abbot of Ardmore
(5th c.)
St.Keby (Cybi or Kebbi), (555) with St. Seiriol, Abbots in Wales
(St.Keby at left)
Saint Bathilda, Queen, married to Clovis of France (680)
Saint Benedict Biscop, Abbot of Wearmouth
& Jarrow
Saint Bertram, King and Hermit of Mercia
( 7th-8th c.)
Saint Beuno of Wales
Saint Herbert of Derwentwater 
Saint John of Beverley, Bishop of Hexham
( 721)
Saint Gall,
Irish Apostle to Switzerland
( 635)
Saint Cadoc, Monastic father of Llancarvan, Wales ( 570)

Saint Finnian Abbot of Clonard, Ireland ( 551)
Saint Fursey of Yarmouth, missionary and founder of monastery at Burgh Castle

Saint Gerald, Abbot of monastery in Mayo

Saint Mildred, Abbess of Minster-in-Thanet, Kent

Saint Tugdual (Tudwyl) of Ireland, hermit, one of the 7 Founder Saints of Brittany  
( 564)
Saint Cadfarch of Wales, Founder of Churches
( 6th c.)
Royal Child-Martyr Prince Kenelm of Winchcombe
( 821)
St. Wenna of Talgarth (Gwen; Genuissa; Gwen), Evangelist of Cornwall, Martyr (Born ca.463 AD)
Saint Cummian "the White", "the Fair", Abbot of Iona, Writer
( 669)
Some 1OOO Holy Martyrs Who  Suffered at Lichfield, England, under the persecution of Diocletian
( 304 A.D.)
(Lyke-field: the field of dead bodies)



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