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Saint Hermenegild, Prince of the Visigoths, Royal Martyr of Spain ( 586)


A sincere attempt is being made with this new series by our website, to now acquaint our readers with the lives of the Orthodox Saints and Martyrs of the original One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church of our Lord, who, like some of the Orthodox Saints of the British Isles, lived and propagated the Faith in the Western territories of the European Continent during the first millennium of Christianity and prior to the Great Schism of 1054 AD.


Saint Hermenegild was the son and appointed heir of Leuvgild, King of the Visigoths, who had embraced the Christianity of the Arian heretics.

But through the teaching of Bishop Leander of Seville (February 27), Hermenegild was converted to the fullness of the Orthodox faith, for which his father the King had him thrown in prison.

On the day of Pascha 486, the King sent one of his priests to give his son communion. But Hermenegild refused, proclaiming that to commune with heretics is to assent to their belief and to sink into their error; going further, he told the priest that the heretics' communion was nothing but bread and wine, for the Body and Blood of Christ are found only in the Offering made by the Church.

The enraged King sent soldiers, who at his orders put his own son to death.

Later, the King repented of this inhuman deed and asked Bishop Leander to instruct his youngest son Recared in the Orthodox faith.

Thus the Visigoth people was brought into the Faith.


Article published in English on: 14-5-2010.

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