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The schismatic illegal occupants of the Holy Mountain's Esphigmenou Monastery resort to acts of violence!



1. The Monastery's announcement regarding the Molotov attack
2. Clashes between SWAT teams and zealots at the Monastery
3. Extract from a commentary illuminating the matter of the schismatic occupants
4. About the authenticity of the Molotov cocktail bomb photo
5. Event Logbook of the Police for the Molotovs at Karyes
6. What do the schismatic occupants of Esphigmenou say about the Elders Paisios-Porphyrios?


1. The Esphigmenou Monastery's announcement regarding the Molotov attack

Source:  http://www.romfea.gr/ektakta-nea-2/18282-2013-07-29-18-34-39

The Brotherhood of the canonical Holy Monastery of Esphigmenou (which is recognized by the Ecumenical Patriarchate) issued an announcement regarding the attack with "Molotov cocktails" and an explosive device at Karyes (the central administration of the Holy Mountain's monasteries).

The text of the announcement is as follows:

Karyes (the capital) of the Holy Mountain on this day, the 29/7/13, experienced an attack with explosives and Molotov cocktails.

At a distance of one hundred metres from the most holy temple of the Protaton (the Main Church, dedicated to the Dormition of the Virgin Mary and located near the headquarters of the Epistassia) and the Sacred Community of the Holy Mountain, the illegal occupants of the buildings of our Monastery refused to relinquish the illegally overtaken Karyes Representatives' Sector to the official Bailiff who had come to enforce the irrevocable verdict of a restraining order, and actually threw three Molotovs and an explosive device at him.

The day went by in anticipation of police assistance, which may not be adequate for our protection.

We are hereby directing an appeal to everyone, and especially to the just rule of the State:

You must understand. We are in danger. We do not know what the morning after has in store for us, with fanatic owners of explosives in direct contact with our place of habitation. 

From information we have received, Thessaloniki's Public Prosecutor has asked for the arrest of the culprits.  Will somebody at least heed the Public Prosecutor?  Must the Holy Mountain mourn victims before the State is mobilized?  The photos speak for themselves.



2. Clashes between SWAT teams and zealots at the Esphigmenou Monastery

With the assistance of mini-bulldozers acting as battering rams, the police attempted to break down the door of a building adjacent to the Representatives' Sector (the "konaki") of the Holy Mountain's Esphigmenou Monastery, in order to execute the official decision by the Justice Department to vacate the building at Karyes of the Holy Mountain.
A story that has dragged on through the years. The photo is from the 2003 demonstration in support of the Esphigmenou Monastery's zealot monks.



The zealot monks and the laypeople entrenched inside the monastery and refusing to depart, have thrown molotovs from the balcony in an attempt to call off the intervention. The driver of the vehicle was forced to retreat, while the police force is being reinforced and preparing to deploy SWAT teams.

The head of Thessaloniki's Court of First Instance, Public Prosecutor Evangelos Mademlis, gave the order to the police administration of the Chalkidiki Province to proceed with arrests - in the context of the verdict - and asked that an official brief be drawn up, for the following felonies and delinquencies:  Explosion, possession of explosives, attempted homicide or severe bodily harm, and resistance.  As announced, two Public Prosecutors  are standing by in readiness to satisfy any possible request by the police force for the presence of a Prosecutor in the event of an analogous police intervention.

«Information has it that the government has given the green light for police intervention against certain monks of the Holy Mountain. Has the government stopped to consider that the soil of the Holy Mountain will be steeped in blood? We have been living in the konaki for entire decades; we have the right on our side, and we ask you to restore peace and tranquility to the Holy Mountain. Let the political leadership intervene, to calm down the spirits...  We are talking about monks, who are entrapped and constantly in a state of defence over the last ten years, not criminals.... Mercy!», came the reply from the Holy Esphigmenou Monastery after the episode, during which it was said that a monk had been injured.

«Never during the execution of a restraining order over private differences have SWAT forces, bulldozers and Public Prosecutors been utilized. This has occurred today, only against the Esphigmenou Monastery on the Holy Mountain. However, the Greek people must be aware that this political decision is based on reasons that pertain to financial interests alone.  The consequences of this imposition of expediencies to the detriment of the monks of the Esphigmenou Monastery will burden the government and Mr. Dendias exclusively», stated the Parliamentary representative of the "Independent Hellenes" political party in regard to the events at the konaki of the Esphigmenou Monastery.


At the beginning of July, the Chalkidiki Court approved the petition for a restraining order that the legal brotherhood of monks had submitted. It ordered the confiscation and the relinquishing of the Representatives' Sector, which had been incorporated in a State-funded program with funds for the repair and restoration of wear to the building. «A criminal offence has taken place. The matter will be resolved according to the stipulations of the Law and it now rests with the Public Prosecutor», as the Holy Mountain's civil administrator, Aristos Kasmiroglou, pointed out to the Newspaper "E", adding that «the entire unpleasant incident is not representative of the spirituality and the esychastic character of the Holy Mountain, which are admired and respected by all the world».

Father Nicodemus of the Holy Monastery of Saint Peter and member of the Sacred Supervisory Board, mentioned to the newspaper "E": «We are in favour of  legality. We are Greek citizens, within the Greek State, and we desire that the Law prevails. The Bailiff came here to execute the decision issued by the Justice Dept. Those people threw a molotov down from the konaki, and  it exploded right next to the person of the police commander. We do not want the SWAT teams in the premises of the Holy Mountain, but violence is being used by the other side.  A while back, they spat on the Abbott of the Monastery of the Megisti Lavra, simply because he had expressed the viewpoint of legality... Since they do not have a canonical hypostasis, the State should enforce the Law. We are against violence, by either side».

In 2002 a new Brotherhood had been chosen by the Ecumenical Patriarchate to man the monastery, but it has proven impossible to even enter it, on account of the zealot monks' refusal to depart.



3. Extract from a commentary illuminating the matter of the schismatic occupants

...A reminder to all the "romantic" columnists, of certain facts:
  • The brotherhood residing in the historical monastery of Esphigmenou is schismatic. Not because it observes the Old Calendar, but because it is NOT in communion with any other Orthodox Church or  Patriarchate.  Thus, apart from merely having ceased to commemorate the Ecumenical Patriarch, the Monastery has also broken off its communion with all the other Monasteries of the Holy Mountain, as well as with all the Orthodox Churches, whereas it has acceded to a full and ecclesiastic communion with one of the so-called "GOC" (Genuine Orthodox Christian) groups - which groups, let it be noted - have no ecclesiastic communion... not even among themselves.  Since then, and to this day, no-one is accepted for residence in the Monastery, unless they accept the ecclesiastic communion exclusively with that group, while others are persecuted.
  • Other predominant Monasteries have also interrupted the commemoration of the Patriarch at times and are cautious about the future, however, none of them has ever interrupted ecclesiastic communion nor has any ever acceded to an ecclesiastic communion with exo-ecclesiastic groups - and of course none of them has ever been persecuted. On the Holy Mountain there are other (schismatic) zealot monks, who however live peacefully in their cells, without disturbing the Canonicity and the Statutes of the Holy Mountain.
  • The Constitution and the Statutes of the Holy Mountain prohibit monastic cohabitation with heterodox or schismatics.
  • In order for the reader to understand what "schismatic" means, let him note that the illegal occupants of the Esphigmenou monastery regard all of us as unbaptized and heretics, who have been infected by the heresy of ecumenism. These "poor guy" occupants have the same opinion about the Elders Paisios and Porphyrios and Iakovos. [...]  These occupants aren't even... Hagiorites!  The Sacred Community has - since 1974 - been striving to secure decisions for the expulsion of the Hegumen (Abbot) and the Committee members of the Monastery, who have thereafter lost the identity of Hagiorite monk. It was they who had scorned the decisions of the Sacred Community.
  • For thirty-nine whole years, the schismatics have been exploiting the tolerance of the Hagiorite Fathers, in order to gain recognition.
  • The illegal occupancy of the Esphigmenou Monastery, apart from being an ecclesiastic problem is also a NATIONAL one, because if it were permitted for every Monastery to excise itself from the Sacred Community, then it would be quite plausible for them to invoke reasons of faith, or conscience, or national reasons etc. to excise their Monasteries and to accede unhindered to other ecclesiastic or national jurisdictions, with catastrophic consequences for the Holy Mountain, the Church, and the territorial sovereignty of our land. If the prohibition of cohabitation with heterodox and schismatics on the Holy Mountain were to be recognized as an offence to one's religious freedom, then soon after, we will also see the establishment of Papist monasteries and Protestant foundations on that Holy Ground.
  • Of course they are not persecuted for not... condescending to accept European funds (as they continually tout), because even if they wanted to accept those funds, they would not be eligible because they do not have the right to administrate anything in the name of the Monastery that they are illegally occupying. Subsequently, their supposed "heroism, in not accepting European funds" becomes incredibly absurd and mendacious, when its ulterior motive is to arouse feelings of sympathy and admiration among the unsuspecting, for their controversial asceticism - which is proven even more self-discrediting if one were to consider the very respectable influx of Drachmas, Euros and Dollars pouring into the Monastery for the group's needs for propaganda, for publicity, for court procedures etc., while these individuals have retroactively cashed in (and then continue to illegally demand) the annual State funding in the Monastery's name.
  • The matter is rendered even more controversial and a mockery, when one considers how these supposed "anti-Europeanists" have - through their supporters - already addressed the Human Rights Committee in Geneva, the Political Committee of the European Commonwealth in Brussels and Luxembourg, the International Union of Legists in Milan, etc., while also threatening to appeal to the European Court for Human Rights in Strasbourg, thus stirring up the "Franco-Latins" (as they call them) against the Holy Mountain and our homeland [...]
  • The illegal occupants not only obstruct the instruments of law and order from entering the space of the Monastery; even the 10th Supervisory Committee for Byzantine Antiquities has filed a suit against them, because they did not even allow the archeologists to enter the Monastery.
  • The illegal occupants are not the "poor innocent guys" they strive to present themselves as, in the Mass Media.

    Priest-monk Ephraim, after being attacked by the illegally residing (schismatic) pseudo-Esphigmenites

  • The Second Magistrates Court of Thessaloniki had sentenced on the 8/3/2012 the "ringleaders" of the illegal occupancy of the Representatives' Sector of the Esphigmenou Monastery at Karyes of the Holy Mountain, to 29 months imprisonment with reprieve, for possession and use of weapons, dangerous bodily harm and simple bodily harm to members of the Monastery's new Brotherhood. It specifically tried the familiar case of the attack on the Representatives' Sector of the Esphigmenou Monastery in December of 2006, which had drawn the attention of the Press.  The brotherhood of the Monastery hopes and prays that the aforementioned sentence will prove to be helpful, both for the awareness of those severely sentenced, as well as for the active response of the officials in finally freeing both the (illegally occupied) Representatives' Sector as well as the much-afflicted Monastery.  Fanaticism and illegal occupancy cannot have a future.
  • The "poor innocent" monks have striven to calumniate our homeland at an international level. They have resorted to European (aka "Frankish" and "satanic", per their own claims) instruments, when they themselves accuse the Holy Mountain of being "Europe-lovers". They have appealed to courts with arguments which - if they were ever to be accepted - would bring catastrophic consequences for the entire Holy Mountain (including the Esphigmenou Monastery of course).
  • The Hegumen (Abbot) Methodios does not even have Priesthood.  Athanasios had been canonically chosen and enthroned, and Efthymios - from 1975 up until 1999 - had at least been ordained by a hierarch with canonical ecclesiastic communion.  On the contrary, the present "hegumen" Methodios does not even have that!
  • Their propaganda claiming "persecution" caught on; given that it was illegal for them to ask for special "residence visas" in the name of the Monastery, they claimed this as "forbidden entry" for their pilgrims; the tax exemption for imported goods was referred to as "deprivation of fuel for winter" - even though the Monastery burns wood;  the "no entry" designated for vehicles entering the Holy Mountain was conveyed as the obstruction of trucks bringing food supplies and subsequently condemning them to die of starvation; they speak of "confiscation of the Monastery's properties", of "financial strangulation", of "frozen bank accounts" upon being asked a simple question... all these being entirely unfounded and inconceivable. They also spoke along the same lines - and in fact overseas - about "their water and electricity supply being cut off" (the first claim being entirely inconceivable and the second simply amusing, given that there is no electricity supply on the Holy Mountain.)  Even the observance of laws pertaining to the very sensitive issue of vessels approaching the Holy Mountain by sea - for which the Hagiorites have struggled many years to safeguard - has been referred to as "a blockade from the sea"... They have demonstrated everywhere, with every opportunity, that they are in danger of starving to death (while elsewhere, they claim to have food supplies for two years); that they ask for doctors and medicines but the Greek government refuses to supply them (when this has never happened and has been claimed it will never happen, whereas on the contrary, by "incarcerating" elders and the sick, they themselves are putting their health and their lives at risk)
  • (a) By having acceded to a specific group of old calendarists, the illegal occupants therefore no longer commemorate the Patriarch.  Then again, there are also many other zealots on the Holy Mountain who are not persecuted by the Patriarch or by the State, because of their faith!
  • (b) They cannot collect any funds from the European Union, because they cannot administrate the Monastery's documents and elements, which they are illegally holding.
  • (c) They are not being persecuted, given that they are living absolutely unrestrained, doing literally whatever they please, and totally indifferent to the Laws of the State - and of the Holy Mountain, thus putting its status quo at risk.
  • (d) They delight in concocting "persecutions" and police brutality - as they had done last September, when they had stated to all the Media that SWAT teams had come up to the Mountain to drive them out. This piece of news was a thorough lie [...].  But they did the same thing in December of 2006,  when they had cracked the skull of Fr. Ephraim! In fact, the photo of Fr. Ephraim (shown above) circulated over the Internet as "evidence" of the illegal occupants' persecution, with the claim that the wounded Priest-Monk was a member of the schismatics. 
  • (e) The illegal occupants have no communion with any of the other Hagiorite Monasteries.



4. About the authenticity of the Molotov cocktail bomb photo

Source: http://www.romfea.gr/ektakta-nea-2/18303-2013-07-30-19-12-19

A simple question (that anyone may ask) by calling the Police office at Karyes (Phone directory at:   www.vrisko.gr/details/da4ibebd5a7c6371d0d_af3f501g1ecj, Phone number: +30 23770 23212, will convince even the biggest disbeliever.

The crime lab has taken samples of the residues and has linked them to the reports of the incident.  The Public Prosecutor of Thessaloniki (Mr. E.Mamdelis) has, based on all of the evidence, filed criminal suits against the illegal residents of the Monastery, on the following serious charges: explosion, possession of explosives, attempted homicide or grievous bodily harm and resistance.

[...] A technical examination that we made at taxalia.blog showed that the photos have not been tampered (photoshopped), unless the perpetrator has such advanced know-how and can alter the exif data (Exif: Exchangeable image file format (Exif, not EXIF) is a standard that specifies the formats for images, sound, and ancillary tags used by digital cameras (including smartphones), scanners and other systems handling image and sound files recorded by digital cameras.) 

The photograph's technical data indicates that it is genuine, shot with an iPhone 4s, and the coordinates of the position that the photo was taken are confirmed to be from the correct spot (40.15 degr.Latitude, 24.14 degr.Longitude).



And, because the Internet is a major tattle-tale, the submission of the photo to the exif scanner showed the exact spot that the photo had been taken (image below):

Therefore it is probably genuine (probably, not100%!) - unless we have stumbled upon a genius hacker-monk who was capable of tampering with everything... 







5. Event Logbook of the Police for the Molotovs at Karyes

Source: http://www.amen.gr/article14848

The use of incendiary bombs by the illegal occupants of the Esphigmenou Monastery's Representatives' Sector at Karyes of the Holy Mountain is evidenced by the relative entry in the Event Logbook of the Police Station of the administrative capital on the Holy Mountain.

According to circles of the canonical brotherhood, «following the uproar that had been created by the posting of the first photograph of the rasophore (monk) holding the Molotov bomb in his hand and the second one immediately after he had thrown it, a large-scale attempt was made by certain supporters of the illegal occupants to downgrade the fact that felonies had been committed. At the same time, they even attempted to mislead, by claiming that the photograph was supposedly a forgery».

The Sacred Monastery of Esphigmenou (having been subjected to the illegal occupancy and temporarily based at Karyes) had requested - as it had every right to do - from the Karyes Police Station an extract from its Book of Offenses, in regard to the events and the accusations that burden the illegal occupants.

As maintained by the legal and canonical brotherhood, «now proven indisputably is the magnitude of the fanaticism and the paranoia of those people who do not hesitate to commit crimes.(In whose name, we wonder?) Justice has already taken up the matter, in regard to both the perpetrators as well as to the moral instigators who  directed them. It is anticipated of the Greek Government to take responsibility and to uphold its obligations towards a Holy Mountain which, one hundred years after its incorporation into the Greek corpus is undergoing absolute humiliation and abandonment and is being scorned daily.».


Translation of the 2-page extract from the Log Book of the 29/7/2013:








Violation of Art.
  42 para.1,45,94
167 para.1,2
270 para. B'
272 para.1 and
299 para.1 of
PC (Penal Code) and Law No.2168/93 re
-Today (29-07-2013) and at hour 8:00 at Karyes of the Holy Mountain,  (a) Panayiotis Lambrou of (parents) Stavros and Froso, born 29-1-1974 in Russelsheim Germany, citizen of Poliyiros, Chalkidiki, Justice Bailiff with ID No.AH-334229/15-12-08, issued by Police Dept of Poliyiros Chalkidiki, assisted by (b) Efthymios Lambrou, Justice Bailiff of Chalkidiki Court, (c)........
...as employees hired by (a), went to the Representatives'  Sector of the Sacred Monastery of Esphigmenou, which has been appropriated by monks and by laypeople supportive of the old brotherhood of the Sacred Monastery, in order to execute decision No.116/2013 of the Chalkidiki Court of First Instance, according to which, the Representatives' Sector comprised of two (2) adjoining buildings must be relinquished to the legal Sacred Monastery Esphigmenou.  On their arrival there, the occupants refused to abandon the occupied buildings and upon the Bailiff's attempt to violate the door of one of the two said buildings with the assistance of (b) acting as witness and persons 3 to 12 acting as employees hired by (a) were victims of an attack by two (2) improvised explosive devices (molotov cocktails of the explosive kind), by persons who were at a window of the second storey of the building under occupation.  A Police Force from our Department ran to the point and blockaded the area in order to avert further escalation of  unlawful acts detrimental to persons and things.  Preliminary investigation is under way.


PROTOCOL NO.: 6540/23/54-44
-Exact copy taken from the Book of Offenses and Instances of our Department on the 29-07-2013
-The present document has been issued upon request of those concerned, for every legal use.
Karyes, 01 August 2013
                                                                                                                      Head of the Department
                                                                                                              Theodore METAVITSIADES
                                                                                                                   Police Commissioner



6. What do the schismatic occupants of Esphigmenou say about the Elders Paisios-Porphyrios?

Source:  http://www.agioritikovima.gr

"When someone wrongs us in any way, with calumniations, with insults, we must tell ourselves that he is our brother, who has been taken over by the opponent. He has fallen victim to the opponent.  For that, we must show compassion for him and ask God to have mercy on us and on him too, and God will help us both. But, if we become enraged against him, then the opponent will jump over -from him to us- and will taunt both of us.  Whosoever censures others, does not love Christ. Egotism is to blame. That is where censure begins."                                                 ELDER PORPHYRIOS    


Many of the pious new-calendarists say to us: «But, can't you see the miracles that father ...... performs?  Can't you see father Paisios, who has become a saint?  Can't you see father Porphyrios, who has become a saint?».  Well, if that is what saints are like, we prefer not to be saints.

When father Paisios who started off here used to live with snakes, the previous fathers regarded him as a deluded one.  When Bartholomew became Patriarch, he had stated: «God has given us the best Patriarch».  He had even dug his grave near his hut, but fortunately, God does not go along with our wills, nor with our vainglories. God had granted otherwise, and he died in the world!  

And the example is an awesome one, fathers. Because after living so many years on the Holy Mountain, I remember only two who have died outside it. Father Nikanor of the Chiliandarion Monastery, who had signed in opposition to our Monastery and whose fingers, after signing, became so twisted that he could not sign again, and the second one is father Paisios, both of whom were asked if they wanted to go to the Holy Mountain to die, and they replied «NO».

An obvious abandonment by the Lady Theotokos. Because the older fathers used to say: «May God make us worthy of dying on the Holy Mountain».

(Statement by Methodios, Abbot of the illegal occupants of the Esphigmenou Monastery, titled «LOVE ONE ANOTHER», Magazine BOANERGES 2005, Issue 19)


As for the deluded one, Paisios, who had anything BUT an Orthodox conscience, we shall continue with him in the next Issue.  Suffice it to note here that Paisios had been disavowed by the Lady Theotokos Herself, who abandoned him and he died far from the Holy Mountain, as a monk, in a... women's convent, whereas Paisios himself, supposedly "far-sighted", dug graves on the Holy Mountain in order to have ...memory of death... and be buried there...

(Magazine "Agios Agathangelos Esphigmenite" 2004 Issue 205)


Unfortunately, this is the picture that today's Holy Mountain presents.  It strives - with crutches the various pseudo-saints such as Paisios and Porphyrios - to keep the faithful in communion with the heresy, and at the same time accusing and persecuting the Zealot fathers, in order to please its master, Bartholomew the Latin-oriented...

(Magazine "Agios Agathangelos Esphigmenite" 2004 Issue 212)


Did any of the genuine Saints of Orthodoxy have any need to... feel the pulse of visitors, in order to divine?
Did they assume - with their bodies, like the sorcerer Porphyrios did - a "mystical" posture-pose at the Oracle at Dodoni?
Did they admire... the statue of Zeus in the Athens Museum, instead of enlightening the people and uncovering the demonic religion of idols?
Did they "see" ancient ruins buried under the earth? And in fact, the way that Porphyrios "saw" the antiquities that were in Belgrade?!
Did they hold the hand of a patient, the way that the sorcerer Porphyrios did, and cauterize him without sedation in the operating room?
Did they pounce... like felines, the way that the sorcerer Porphyrios did, and strip their interlocutor, in order to prove that he had indeed undergone surgery, and thus confirm their... gift of divination?
Did they "go through walls", the way that the sorcerer Porphyrios did, because -according to the enthusiastic narrations of his spiritual children- he had an excellent knowledge of molecular structure and the splitting of matter?
And if Porphyrios was indeed a saint, why did his disciples translate his relics by night?  Could it be that on exhuming him, there were signs that debunked his fame as a saint?

(Magazine "Agios Agathangelos Esphigmenite" 2005 Issue 211)


What should one admire first, of all the nonsense and the sophistries of the deluded Paisios?  When the entirety of the Church teaches the Orthodox to turn away from the cacodox, the Latin-minded and the Ecumenist bishops, are we to heed the deluded extoller of the cacodox Bartholomew and worshipper of the Mason Demetrius?
No! Ten thousand times NO!

(Magazine "Agios Agathangelos Esphigmenite" 2005 Issue 211)




Translation:  A.N.

Article published in English on: 30-7-2013.

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