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The one, undivided Church is said to have begun on the day of Pentecost, 50 days after the Resurrection of Christ. Already by the 4th century the term "Orthodox Christian" was used to designate those Christians who remained faithful to the totality of the teaching of Jesus Christ and the Apostles, as opposed to those who were known as "heretics" who promoted false doctrines and beliefs. [The term "orthodox" means "correct believing" or “correct, true glory.”]. We believe that we are the continuation of the ancient, One, Holy, Catholic Orthodox Christian Church, and that we trace our history back to Christ and the Apostles.

Christ loves us in spite of our senseless behaviour.  He calls to us, is always ready to respond to our cries for help and guide our fragile steps through all the obstacles that lie in our path.  He respects us on a par with Himself.  His ultimate idea for us is to see us in eternity verily His equals, His friends and brothers, the sons of the Father.  He strives for this, He longs for it.  This is our Christ, and as Man He sat on the right hand of the Father. 

Archimandrite Sophrony of Essex



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