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The Holy Light in Jerusalem:
Testimonies and Evidence
Video editing by : George G.
This 30 minute (multilingually subtitled) video contains testimonies and evidence about the miracle of the holy fire that does not burn. People narrate their experiences and we see a video of the event…You can find more information about this miracle, which happens EVERY year, here:  http://www.holyfire.org/eng/
Ενα 30λεπτο βίντεο με στοιχεία και μαρτυρίες για το Θαύμα της Ορθοδοξίας μας: Το Θαύμα με το Αγιο Φως στα Ιεροσόλυμα.
Τα βίντεο είναι στα Ελληνικά με υπότιτλους σε διάφορες γλώσσες.


1. English

                     Holy Light in Jerusalem: Proofs &Testimonies by oodevideo

2. Francais

                La Lumiere Sainte a Jerusalem: Preuves et... de oodevideo

3. Deutsch

               Das Heilige Feuer von Jerusalem:Beweise und... bei oodevideo

4. Italiano

            La Santa Luce a Gerusalemme: Prove e testimonianze per oodevideo

5. Romanian

                Lumina Sfântă de la Ierusalim. Dovezi şi mărturii - oodevideo

6. Turkish

                       Yerusalimdeki Kutsal Işık: tanıt ve kanıtlar - oodevideo


7. Arabic
<under construction>


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Article published in English on: 13-3-2010.

Last update: 12-4-2014.