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The Sign of the Cross

(the words of Saint Kosmas the Aetolian)




"Listen, dear Christians, to how the sign of the Cross should be made, and what its significance is. 

The holy Gospel tells us that the Holy Trinity - God - is glorified mostly in heaven, by the angels.  What should you do?

You bring together the three fingers of your right hand and, since you cannot ascend to heaven to venerate God, you touch your head with that hand (because your head is round and it denotes heaven), while you say: "as you, angels, glorify the Holy Trinity in heaven, so do I, an unworthy servant, glorify and venerate the Holy Trinity. 

And as these fingers are three -they are separate and yet they are together- so is the Holy Trinity, God, three Persons and only one God." 

You take your hand away from your head and you bring it down and touch your belly (the navel) while you say:

"I adore and venerate you, my Lord, because You condescended to be incarnated in the womb of the Theotokos for our sins." 

Then you place it on your right shoulder and you say: " I beseech you, my God, to forgive me and to place me on your right, with the righteous." 

Placing your hand on your left shoulder you say: "I beg you, my Lord, not to put me on your left with the sinners."

Then, bowing down towards the earth, you say: "I glorify You, my God, I venerate and adore You, and as You were put into the grave, so will I be." 

And when you rise up, you denote the Resurrection and you say: " I glorify You, my Lord, I venerate and adore You, because You were raised from the dead to give us the eternal life."

This is what the holy sign of the Cross means.


Translation by Polixeni Tsaliki-Kiosoglu

Article published in English on: 1-12-2010.

Last update: 1-12-2010.