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Over the last 20 years, a ruthless offensive against the Christian faith has been launched by Paganist circles. The misinformation that they have systematically been spreading has confused many people, especially those who are not appropriately familiar with Christian faith and history.  It is not our fervent desire to venture into comparisons between our Hellenic-Christian civilization and the Hellenic-idolatrous civilization on account of the rampant neo-Paganist misinformation; however, we are obliged to make these unpleasant comparisons, because these people have cleverly “beautified” every single facet of the pre-Christ eras, and have viciously slandered every post-Christ element of Hellenic history.  Their aim is to present Christianity as the element supposedly responsible for the deterioration of the ancient Hellenic civilization, and to subsequently destroy the faith of the uninformed and the unsupported.



File published in English on: 5-12-2005.

Last update: 14-8-2008.