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A contemporary manifestation of the Holy Trinity

(From Epistle No.37 by Elder Joseph the Hesychast, Expression of Monastic Experience, p.214
A publication of 1979 by the Sacred Monastery Philotheou, Holy Mountain).
by George Tsimpirides



It is worth reporting a relatively recent incident that took place some years ago (about 60) and concerns the life of the holy Elder Joseph the Hesychast, in which incident the Elder saw the Holy Trinity in the form of three children.

This may quite possibly be the sole incident that is equivalent to the Hospitality of Abraham, except that it took place in the post-Christ era.

Let us however allow the holy Elder describe it to us himself:


Then one other time, during a night-vigil on my own, in my very tiny hut - because both of us, with Old Arsenios, used to remain awake at night, each in his own cell with the Prayer and with tears - I again went into a state of "theory".  My cell became flooded with light, the way it is at day-time.  Then, in the middle appeared three little children, at most ten years old each one... of one height... one form... one attire... one same face in beauty. And I stood in wonder at the sight; I was wholly ecstatic.

They, leaning one against the other, were blessing me - the three of them together, the way that a priest blesses - and they melodiously chanted "Whosoever has been baptized in Christ, has been clothed in Christ. Hallelujah!"

Well, they walked towards me, then they backed away, without turning around, then they again walked towards me, chanting. I stood there saying to myself in wonder:  where did they, at such a young age, learn how to chant so beautifully and how to bless?  And it never occurred to me that on the Holy Mountain there are no children of such a young age and with such a charming countenance...

Then, just as they had come, they left me, to go and bless others...

And I was left dazzled... days went by for that joy to disperse and the memory of them to fade away. But things like that can never be erased....




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