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In view of the many disasters that continue to pervade the world around us, we are more than ever in need of the Holy Mother's intercessions to our Lord and God Jesus Christ to avert all imminent dangers in body and soul.  Let us pray with all our Orthodox brethren offering our fervent prayers to Her for Her maternal protection and the forgiveness of our sins by our Lord...  AMEN



Ø  Maundy Thursday and 30 pieces of silver - 3/5/2024
Ø  Science analyzes the Crucifixion and the Resurrection of Christ - Reminder of a past article
Ø   The importance of the Septuagint - Reminder of past article
Ø    Before the Judgment Seat of Christ - No-one is exempt...  23/2/2024
Ø    The Incredible Design of the Earth and Our Solar System - Reminder of a past article
Ø    Legendary Gay Designers oppose Gay Marriage, Gay Parenting, Surrogacy - Reminder of 2015 Article
Ø    Imagining a discussion between a  “Parent No.1” and a child  - 20/2/2024
Ø    Atheist inquisition by... High Court Judges  - a sign of the Times in a 2011 article  - 19/2/2024

Ø    Wars: religious, or with the pretext of religion? - Reminder of a past article

Ø    Atrocities in the name of... religion? - Reminder of a past article

Ø    Basic Dogmatic Teaching - An Orthodox Handbook (by Fr.Anthony Alevizopoulos) - Past article

Ø    When, exactly, was Jesus Christ born? - Reminder of a past article

Ø    The cure of the neurobiological sickness of religion - Reminder of a past article

Ø    The "Filioque" - Reminder of a past article

Ø    Sola Scriptura ? - Reminder of a past article

Ø    "Education Day” - in a world lacking education  - 04/2/2024

Ø    Unimaginable wrath will befall us for our lewdness and abortions...   - 29/1/2024

Ø    The Prayer Rope - thoughts by a Hagiorite monk - 28/1/2024

Ø   Three are the ways.... - observations by Saint Athanasius the Great - 22/1/2024

Ø   Love and Marriage... minus Nature? - 22/1/2024

Ø   A fleeting taste of Paradise - by the Elder Ambrosios - 19/1/2024

Ø   "If you die before you die, you will not die when you die" : The meaning?  - 12/1/2024

Ø   The Salvation of the Heterodox and those of Other Faiths - Reminder of a past article

Ø   Does Isaiah really teach the juridical theory of  a "demented god" who punishes one innocent in the place of sinners? - Reminder of a past article

Ø   The Crisis in the Church of England and the attraction of the Orthodox Church -  6/1/2024

Ø   Why women were never priests - Reminder of a past article

Ø  The death of infants - Metropolitan of Nafpaktos Hierotheos Vlachos - Reminder of a past article

Ø  When the devil questioned three monks - An educative short story  2/1/2024

Ø  The intercessions of the Saints - Reminder of a past article

Ø  The Biblical story of Child Sacrifice in the worship of the gods - Reminder of a past article

Ø  From the Law to Grace - Reminder of a past article

    YEAR 2021 - 2023 POSTS

Ø  Does God punish ? - Reminder of a past article

Ø  The Apocalypse of Christmas - A Feast of good feelings, also a Revelation about End Times - 25/12/2023

Ø  The fearsome legend of Krampus - Merging Saints with demonic characters to dilute the importance of the Nativity - Reminder of past article

Ø  Heaven and Hell in the Afterlife According to the Bible - Reminder of a past article

Ø  What Does the Zombie Genre Say about the Modern West? - Reminder of a past article

Ø  The tradition of being human - by Fr. Stephen Freeman - 15/12/2023

Ø  Genders and Orientations - by the Rev. Hierotheos Vlachos - 10/12/2023

Ø  Why "Fear God" ? - A reminder of the reasons - 23/11/2023

Ø  The Council of Trent and its incredible decisions - Reminder of a past article

Ø  Justice Does Not Belong to the Christian Way of Life  - God has an entirely different sense of justice - (15/11/2023)

Ø Saint Mark of Ephesus homilies on the Fire of Purgatory at the Ferrara-Florence 5th Ecumenical Council - 11/11/2023

Ø Orthodoxy and Homosexuality- Reminder of past article

Ø The sickness of religion - Reminder of past article

Ø  Prayers for the dead ? - Reminder of past article

Ø  Our video category updated with an Audio Book of a widely-known story - (24-10-2023)

Ø  "Conservatives" and "Liberals" and the Orthodox Tradition - (18-10-2023)

Ø  In how many tongues did the Apostles preach on the Day of the Pentecost? - Reminder of past article

Ø  The devil cannot force anyone to sin - Reminder of past article

Ø  Peacemakers, or just Pacifists and Peacemongers?  -  (30-9-2023)

Ø  Jesus and the swine - Reminder of a past article

Ø  Playing with God - by Fr. Stephen Freeman - (22-9-2023)

Ø  Is the teaching of the Orthodox Fathers of the Church Platonic? -  Reminder of past article

Ø  Was Christ’s resurrected body a material or spiritual one? - (8-9-2023)

Ø  The Venerable Mary of Egypt -  Reminder of past article

Ø  Did the Prophet Elijah actually ascend INTO heaven? - Reminder of past article

Ø  How can the “Only-begotten” Son also be the “First-born of All Creation”?  - (4-9-2023)

Ø  Saint Paisios the Elder - Words on the Final Judgment - Reminder of past article

Ø  The Logos and the Tao  -  Reminder of past article

Ø  Doubting that demons exist?  Sermon by theologian N.Sotiropoulos - (20-8-2023)

Ø  New Age and New Television - Part B of special report - (13-8-2023)

Ø An Anatomy of Contemporary Religiosity - Reminder of a past article

Ø Voltaire and the "Blacks" - A deeper look into the "Enlightenment" - Reminder of a past article

Ø  Nihilism: The Root of the Revolution of the Modern Age as analyzed by Fr.Seraphim Rose - Past article

Ø  Jesus Christ - the"Alpha"and the "Omega" - Reminder of past article

Ø  The man born blind and the Pool of Siloam  - Reminder of past article

Ø  Trinity and Freedom - Idolatry and Subjugation - Reminder of past article

Ø  The scientific idolatry of the modern age - Replacing the Uncreated with the created  - past article

Ø   The meaning behind the word "ÌÅÍÏÕÍÃÅ"  - Reminder of past article

Ø   Rebirth “by water and Spirit”- Reminder of past article

Ø   Protests and out of control emotions. - Reminder of past article

Ø   Fasting, Prayer, and Silence in Politics - the case of Ghandi   - Reminder of past article

Ø   Was Adam an actual or a symbolic figure, according to the Fathers of the Church? - A very concise analysis of the Orthodox, ‘person-centred’ theology and some indicative Patristic views, to help us comprehend just how significant the literal acceptance of the person of Adam is, for the Christian faith - Reminder of past article

Ø   Authority and Rulers - by  Savvas Iliades - (1-8-2023)

Ø   Sola Scriptura? - Reminder of past article

Ø   Confession of Sins in the Bible and Beyond  - Reminder of past article

Ø   Prayer and the departed Saints - Reminder of past article

Ø   Where does the Bible talk about incense? - Reminder of past article

Ø   Babylon the Great - reminder of past article

Ø   How did the name “Lucifer” or “Morning Star” become synonymous to Satan?  - (past article)

Ø   Psychosomatic enslavement and liberation - by M. Houlis, theologian - Reminder of past article

Ø   In defense of the Septuagint - Reminder of past article 

Ø  David, Goliath and the divinely-inspired sources of the Faith  - Reminder of past article

Ø  Light, or darkness? - Reminder of past article

Ø  Saint Edward, King of England and Holy Martyr  (†970) - Reminder of past article

Ø  The Book of Tobit - Superstitious or Prophetic? - Reminder of past article

Ø  New Age and New Television - Part A of special report - (25-7-2023)

Ø   NEW CATEGORY - English-speaking Orthodox Christian Videos - under construction  - (24-7-2023)

Ø  The historical place and time of Paradise - Reminder of a past article

Ø  Was Adam created "perfect"? - Reminder of a past article

Ø  THEODICY AND THE PRESENCE OF EVIL IN OUR WORLD - Book, by Abbot Arsenios - (20-7-2023)

Ø  Orthodox Celtic Monks, the first in America? - Traces of Christian presence long before Columbus - Reminder of a past article

Ø   God “blowing into” Adam's countenance was endowing him with the Holy Spirit - (12-7-2023)

Ø  Byzantine Hagiography : A Rational Depiction  - Reminder of a past article

Ø  The definition of the word "Gynai" - Reminder of a past article

Ø  The Trinity as Singular and Plural in the Holy Bible- (9-5-2023)

Ø  The Cross within the Church - (14-4-2023)

Ø Palamism Explained in Twelve Minutes or Less - Past article from 2010

Ø Life-bearing Cross and death-bearing sin  - (13-4-2023)

Ø The meaning of Orthodoxy’s victory against the Iconomachy - (6-4-2023)

Ø The history of judas - From an old manuscript kept in the Holy Mountain

Ø The end of Judas and the potter's field  Reminder of a past article

Ø Examining the Synodicon of the 7th Ecumenical Council  -  (11-4-2023)

Ø The Bridegroom and Judgment  (10-4-2023)

Ø Ôhe Image-less Idol: How Iconoclasm leads to Idolatry  (6-4-2023)

Ø  Christ's "strange" and "cruel" words - (28-3-2023)

Ø  Modern Lent = (22-3-2023)

Ø  Laughter and prattling without discernment will erode our spiritual labours -  (15=2=2023)

Ø  "THE WAY" - An Introduction to the Orthodox Faith - Book by Fr. George Metallinos (+2019)

Ø  Reflections on the narration regarding the demonically possessed Gadarenes


Ø  Saint Markella and child abuse

Ø Christianity, Nationalism and Racism

Ø The significance of the “Antilytron” (Reminder of an older article)

Ø Want to find peace and quiet in a forest? Don't bring technology with you!

Ø Who, exactly, got married at Cana?    (Reminder of an older article)

Ø  A... thief for Christ!     (Reminder of an older article)

Ø  The devil cannot force anyone into sinning  (Saint Justin Popovich)

Ø  The Holy Light that appears every Easter Saturday at the All-Holy Tomb of our Saviour

                               OODE video link     Another related video:  (video link)

Ø  Never leave the church after the Priest has proclaimed "CHRIST IS RISEN FROM THE DEAD!"

Ø  Old Testament prophecies hinting the Crucifixion and confirmed historically

Ø  Divine Liturgy: participate, or attend?

Ø  How many women anointed Jesus' feet?

Ø  The Saturday of Lazarus' return from the dead

Ø  Don't ever leave the church after the Priest has proclaimed "CHRIST IS RISEN"  -  This is why...

Ø  Lazarus Saturday

Ø  The 24 Salutations to the Holy Mother - The Akathist Hymn - A timeline with the stages of the Hymn

Ø  God with us - by Fr. Stephen Freeman

From Islam to Christ - Christ is not a racist - a list of named former muslims who chose Christ

Ø  The True Dignity of Human Beings - Saint Gregory of Nyssa on Slavery

Demons: the apostate angels and their perpetual war against humankind

Ø  The Chronicle of the Fall - by Fr. George Prouzos  (Book presentation) - A deeper insight into the texts of Genesis chapters 1 to 11, reinforced by the words of many Holy Fathers of the Church.

Ø  The Perpetual Catechumen

Ø  When and how cholera and the plague were eliminated miraculously

Ø APOSTOLIC MESSAGES (The last book composed by Fr. George D. Metallinos before leaving this world in December 2019.   English translation 2021, now in circulation)

Ø Praying for those who have passed from this life (by Archimandrite Sophrony Sakharov)

Ø Peter and the "keys" to the heavenly Realm - Reminder of a past article 

Ø "Show them no mercy!" - An opportune reminder that God is the exclusive Giver of life, and that His creations are forbidden to sacrifice the lives of innocent children - born or unborn - as the Biblical descriptions of ancient  Israel so prominently remind us.  (Food  for thought and serious concern over God's response in our present, insane times, because of the official support of abortion.)

Ø  Pentecost and the Liturgy of Hades

Ø  1822: The Abolition of Slavery in Greece

Ø  All dogs go to Heaven

Ø  A Patristic Guide to Intelligence - Quotes by Saint Anthony the Great in the PHILOKALIA series - (24/4/2021)

Ø  Great Lent: the course towards Pascha   Spiritual gleanings from the book “THE SOLEMN TRIODION”   - (Past article)

Ø  Of course we shall be resurrected! (past article).

Ø What do Scientists say about the Ruptured Column outside the Temple of the Resurrection? - (Past article)

Ø  What “day” was man fashioned and what “day” are we currently in?

Ø  A  Christian Plea for Love: On the Current Conflict in Ethiopia's Tigray Region

Ø  Does the Church bless Military Arms?

Ø  The two resurrections (reminder of past article)  - (29/3/2021)

Ø  The Orthodox Divine Liturgy in Welsh  (video)

Ø  "For many more years!" - a traditional wish to stave off the inevitable: death! - (29/1/2021)

Ø  Video on the Church of Saint Ninian in Scotland  (update of past article) - (27/01/2021)

Ø  The "seed" of the Serpent - as analyzed by references in the New and the Old Testament - (21/01/2021)

Ø  God as "Fire" and "Light"   (reminder of past article)

Ø  Parallels in Genesis and the Apocalypse  - Visual of Timeline  -  (06/01/2021)

Ø  The Fall of the first-fashioned humans from God’s eternal “State of Rest”  - Visual of Timeline  - (04/01/2021)

    YEAR 2020 POSTS

Ø  Saint Spyridon saves Corfu from the Plague in 1630  - thanks to the population's fervent prayers - (24/12/2020)

Ø  Fr. George Metallinos - In Memoriam, Message 1 year from his repose -(23/12/2020)

Ø  The scientific idolatry of the modern age - Replacing the Uncreated with the created -  (21/12/2020)

Ø  Entering the Mystery of Christmas - Food for thought, with the Feast of Feasts approaching - (Reminder of past article)

Ø  A Secular Kingdom…Where Christmas Never Comes - An "earthbound" Church provides no spirituality - (Reminder of past article)

Ø  The pagan origins of Christmas?  - Clarifying Christmas myths, dates, and other related items - (Reminder of past article)

Ø  The Theotokos in Orthodox Worship  - (21/11/2020)

Ø  I will go into the Altar of God  -  Highlighting the Presentation of the Theotokos in the Temple - (20/11/2020)

Ø  Museums, Churches and my back yard -  Is everything dependent on "the eye of the beholder"?   - (10/11/2020)

Ø  Governments evicting God - from within the Christian Chalice? - In the Covid era - (10/10/2020)

Ø  Divine Providence: From God's Law to God's Grace  - (4/9/2020)

Ø  Mortalists, Mortalism:  - Origin and evolution of the heresy - (29/8/2020)

Ø  Saint David of Wales , (biography video added to existing article) - (20/8/2020)

Ø  Gender and Orthodoxy - (20/08/2020)

Ø  Divine Providence : From God’s Law to God’s Grace - (19/08/2020)

Ø  The sins of a nation  - (04/06/2020)

Ø  Who, exactly, got married at the wedding of Cana?  (Reminder of past article).

Ø Will they drive me away from the sacrificial altars? - (20/4/2020)

Ø  Is it a violation of religious freedom to prohibit church services in Greece? - (15/4/2020)

Ø  A message of consolation and hope in difficult times - (15/4/2020)

Ø  Scientists: dinosaur embryos = dinosaurs.  Pro-abortionists: human embryos = NOT HUMANS - (11/4/2020)

Ø  The Venerable Mary of Egypt - A supreme example of true desire for salvation - (1/4/2020)

Ø  The world’s first Christian hospital: the “Basiliad”  - (31/3/2020)

Ø  US Protestants Are Converting to Orthodoxy in Large Numbers  - (20/3/2020)

Ø  Pandemics and Holy Communion - by Metropolitan Nikolaos, plus an amazing true story  - (8/3/2020)

Ø  Updated Chart of Orthodox British Saints (with links to their biographies added on icons) - (7/3/2020)

Ø  The Heart in Orthodox Spirituality - (22/2/2020)

Ø  What does an abortion cost? A human life! - Reminder of a past article

Ø The Theology of Icons and the Incarnation of God the Logos -  (19/1/2020)

Ø To Bishop Kastor, On the Eight Thoughts of Evil  -  (14/1/2020)

Ø The heretical depiction of "the holy family"  -  (8/1/2020)

Ø Video:  "Basil the Great - the lion of Christ"  (with English subtitles) - (1/1/2020)

    YEAR 2019 POSTS

Ø The Old Testament Prophecy regarding the Virgin Birth - Reminder of a past article

Ø The soul's deeper craving - spiritual advice, on celebrating the "holy-days" of the Lord's Nativity - (17/12/2019)

Ø How to avoid Holiday Depression - Reminder of a past article

Ø 7th century Britain was Orthodox Christian -  (8/12/2019)

Ø The Moral Heresy of Sexual Immorality -  (27/11/2019)

Ø "James" or "Jacob" in the Bible? -  Why and when did the name "Jacob" become "James"?  - (13/11/2019)

Ø The Problem of Theodicy - (6/11/2019)

Ø Church Leader's Brilliant 1918 Letter to Lenin speaks the Truth about the Revolution - (2/11/2019)

Ø The 1000-year-old Kingdom of the Past - Clarifying the historical aspect of the prophecy - (31/10/2019)

Ø The 1000-year Reign is already present - Clarifying the Chiliast misconceptions - (24/10/2019)

Ø  Cyril of Jerusalem - On prayer to the Holy Spirit  - (14/10/2019)

Ø  To cremate, or to not cremate?  - (9/10/2019)

Ø  Why do we need the Saints? Isn't the Bible enough? - (7/10/2019)

Ø  Confession - Confessor - Confessing - Reminder of a past article - (2/10/2019)

Ø  Is there no repentance after death? - Replies to the many questions on the topic -  (29/9/2019)

Ø  Christian Chronology - An overview by Fr. George Metallinos - Reminder of a past article - (28/9/2019)

Ø  Basic Points of Difference between the Orthodox Church and Papism - Reminder of older article (22/9/2019).

Ø  Transgender ideology is anti-Christian, anti-Science and Marxist - (20/9/2019)

Ø  "God of the Gaps" : whose "god" is he? - Responding to Neil De Grasse Tyson's interview - (20/8/2019)

Ø  When the Eucharist bread and wine become Body and Blood of Christ - (7/8/2019)

Ø  Preaching without a Bible? - How the Church thrived for centuries, without one! - (21/7/2019)

Ø  The struggle against the normal life  -  by Fr. Stephen Freeman - (18/7/2019)

Ø  "One must not pray together with heretics or schismatics" An approach to the precise practice (akrivia) of the Church - Reminder of a past article (Part 1) - 24/6/2019)

Ø  An Anatomy of Contemporary Religiosity -  by Professor-Theologian Lambros Skontzos  (22/6/2019)

Why doesn't God intervene in the world?  -  Reminder of a past article  (21/6/2019)

Entering Hell on Pentecost ... with prayer - and how it is linked to "Soul Saturdays" of Lent - (16/6/2019)

It is our great joy and honour to host in digital format the valuable book by the Reverend Metropolitan of Pisidia, Fr.Sotirios, titled "ORTHODOX FAITH AND LIFE", translated whole into Farsi. We pray it will become the reason for even more souls to acquaint themselves - electronically also - with Christ and the Holy Orthodox Faith and life - (14/06/2019)

Ø  Living In The Real World – And Really Living - It is always wise to check how we are living - (3/6/2019)

Ø  Apostolic Tradition and Apostolic Succession in the Mystery of the Church - by Metropolitan Hierotheos of Nafpaktos & Saint Vlassios  -  (3/6/2019)

Ø  Through the Eastern Gate  - A true story of a transcendental experience -  (Reminder of past post)  (2/6/2019)

Ø  Why does God hide ? - He wants us to seek Him. He does not want to be obvious, like an object - (26/5/2019)

Ø  Love is a wound - The other side of what love is thought to be - (5/5/2019)

Ø  Patriarchal Encyclical for Holy Pascha 2019 - The Paschal message by Patriarch Bartholomew - (27-04-2019)

Ø  The Joy of Christ's Resurrection - All the evils of the world cannot surpass the Event of the Resurrection- (26-04-2019)

Ø  The Ladder of Divine Ascent and Moral Improvement - from a divinely illuminated guide book - (6/4/2019)

Ø  A Modern Lent - Fasting and dieting:  diametrically different practices -  by Fr. Stephen Freeman  (29/03/2019)

Ø  The Man Born Blind and the Pool of Siloam - Archaeological finds confirm the Bible narration  (26/3/2019)

Ø  Truth, Lies and Icons - On the occasion of  Sunday of  Orthodoxy, by Fr. Stephen Freeman (16/3/2019)

Ø  CATECHETICAL HOMILY by Patriarch Bartholomew - At the Opening of Holy and Great Lent (2019)  (11/3/2019)

Ø  A closer inspection of excuses - A sermon for the Sunday of the Final Judgment (10/3/2019)

Ø  Man and his Fall - From the book by Metropolitan Hierotheos Vlachos of Nafpaktos  (26/02/2019)

Ø  A Guide to the Triodion and Lent  - Reminder of past article  (25/02/2019)

    YEAR 2018 POSTS

Ø  The significance of the “Antilytron” Reminder of past article  (11/12/2018)

Ø  “Essay on sensations, in which temptations are also included” - Essay 44 by Abba Isaac the Syrian - (8/12/2018)

Ø  English Church Asks God to Stop Using a Preferred Gender Pronoun  - (8/12/2018)

Ø  A Ring Unearthed 50 Years Ago Likely Belonged To Pontius Pilate  - (3/12/2018)

Ø  A powerful, recent documentary on the Orthodox Mission in Kananga of the Congo - (2/12/2018)

Ø  Why did Elders choose the Desert? - (1/12/2018)

Ø  A Prophecy of Christ Revealing More Than 66 Books in the Bible - (25/11/2018)

Ø  Life of Saint Ekaterina, Virgin and Great Martyr - as recorded in the Synaxarion of Saints - (24/11/2018)

Ø  Memorial Services in Ancient Israel     -  (16/11/2018)

Ø  Can the devil work miracles?    -  (15/11/2018)

Ø  Is the Holy Trinity mentioned anywhere in the Holy Bible?     -  (14/11/2018)

Ø  What is the role of a Spiritual Father?    -  (12/11/2018)

Ø  Divided as Autocephalous, or united as Brethren?  - A commentary on the current Ukranian issue - (2/11/2018)

Ø  A Cruciform Providence  - The essence of God's Providence - (26/10/2018)

Ø  Divine commands for genocide - Analyzed from both aspects - ephemeral and eternal  - (23/10/2018)

Ø  Memorandum to the Holy Synod regarding the "Filioque" addition - (14/10/2018)

Ø  The stages of Atheism - analyzed by Metropolitan Hierotheos Vlachos - (3/9/2018)

Ø Love and Freedom  -  An in-depth look at the meaning of the two terms by Fr. Stephen Freeman - (31/8/2018)

Ø The spreading of Swine Flu and the Mysteries of our Church - Reminder of older article - (29/8/2018)

Ø "On voluntary and involuntary sins, and what is the reason they are committed" - (26/8/2018)

Ø When was the soul created and joined to the body? - Views on an age-old question - (21/8/2018)

Ø The true Body and Blood of Christ ? - Awareness of what Holy Communion really is - (15/8/2018)

Ø Mull Orthodox Monastery of All Celtic Saints - Liturgy St Oran’s Chapel, Iona - External link - (8/8/2018)

Ø Transformation and Forgiveness - True and not imagined Transformation - (8/8/2018)

Ø Personal responsibility in spiritual life - who can hide from the All-seeing God ? - (3/8/2018)

Ø The difference between human and divine justice - in a few words by Saint Paisios -  (31/7/2018)

Ø "Pink Christianity" - a new phenomenon that wants a God Who loves but doesn't judge - (30/7/2018)

Ø Fantasy: a post-Fall phenomenon - cured by theosis (deification) - (19/7/2018)

Ø "Show them no mercy!" - The long awaited debunking of un-Christian accusations about God's command to the Israelites for the extermination of the inhabitants of the Promised Land - (1/7/2018)

Ø Distinguishing between the “created” and the “Uncreated” and the Theology of the Icon - from the works of Saint John of Damascus - (23/06/2018)

Ø Christianity and Gender - Due respect for the biological genders pre-assigned by God, according to two major Saints - (10-06-2018)

Ø Menstruation and the Church - Apostles, Canons and Patristic clarifications dispel the vagueness that blurs the facts - (08-06-2018)

Ø The goal of a lesser life - The modern cult of excellence is largely defined by our consumer economy - (05-06-2018)

Ø Why does God tolerate injustice? - Answers are given, through the sincerity and guilelessness of our prayers - (02-05-2018)

Ø The Mystery of Providence - Providence is the belief that God is at work in all things for our salvation - (30-04-2018)

Ø What do Scientists say about the Ruptured Column outside the Temple of the Resurrection? - (29-04-2018)

Ø The Difference between the terms Father and Maker - In response to illogical Arianist assertions - (22-04-2018)

Ø  Has the Bible become an idol ? - Are the Scriptures a... divine instruction manual ? - (20-04-2018)

Ø The Bible: Its Original Languages and English Translations - The importance of correct understanding of the texts - (18-04-2018)

Ø  The Mystery of the Touch of St. Thomas and the Empirical Theology of the Church - (16-4-2018)

Ø  Bookends and the Resurrection - Should God be studied strictly in linear fashion like a book, "from beginning to end"? - (13-4-2018)

Ø  Does the Body of Christ vivify us during Holy Communion? - Patristic reassurances, since the ancient Church - (12-04-2018)

Ø  The perennial miracle of the Holy Light at the Most Holy Sepulcher of the Lord, every Easter -  (07-04-2018)

Ø  How is the validity of the Councils determined?  - Conciliar decisions are NOT dependent on one single pope - (03-04-2018)

Ø  Science analyzes the Crucifixion and the Resurrection of Christ - Reminder of a past article - (27-03-2018)

Ø  Hesychia: Our Method of True Healing - Excerpt from the enlightened book by Metropolitan Hierotheos of Nafpaktos - (26-03-2018)

Ø  She said "Yes"!  - Mankind's most important moment: The Annunciation, which led to the Incarnation of the Logos - (25-03-2018)

Ø  St. Patrick On the Trinity - Memory of the Orthodox Enlightener of Ireland, celebrated on the 17th of March - (18-03-2018)

Ø  When, exactly, will it be "The End of Time"?  - Reminder of a past article - (16-03-2018)

Ø  The schismatic "Macedonian Orthodox Church" - striving to disprove its historical "identity crisis" (reminder of older article)

Ø  Get real for Lent - Instead of engaging with nonexistent illusions, let's focus on God's true existence - (24-02-2018)

Ø  A Guide to the Triodion and Lent - Reminder of a past article - (18-02-2018)

Ø  Romanity, or Barbarity? - The millennium-long Christian Empire sarcastically nicknamed "Byzantine" by the West (rev. 18-02-2018)

Ø  Cheesefare Sunday - Sermon by Metropolitan Sotirios of Pisideia - (18-02-2018)

Ø  Meatfare Sunday - Sermon by Metropolitan Sotirios of Pisideia - (11-02-2018)

Ø  Is "Hell" eternal? - Detailed insight on the subject by Saint Theophan the Recluse - (12/02/2018)



Ø  New book in circulation - "The Jesus Prayer and its Application" - extracts including the teachings of Elder Paisios - (31/12/2017)

Ø  Update on Kenya Orthodox Mission page - (24/12/2017)

Ø  Insanity and Demonic Possession in Patristic Thought - How the Church Fathers discerned the difference - (20/12/2017)

Ø  Why doesn't God intervene in the world? - Atheist "logic" : Blaming God, while... not believing He exists? - (19/12/2017)

Ø  “Speaking in Tongues” and the Pentecost - Why unintelligible utterances are not proof of the Holy Spirit's presence - (11/12/2017)

Ø  Sacrifice and Worship - When the root and the essence of important terms are lost in translation - (22/11/2017)

Ø  The Papist teaching on “immaculate conception” - Yet another dogma based on deliberate misinterpretation - (21/11/2017)

Ø  How the crimes of atheism are justified according to Dawkins - When evidence is ignored for the sake of fame - (14/11/2017)

Ø  Interpreting the presence of Moses and Elijah at the Transfiguration of the Lord - (21/6/2017)

Ø  The difference between Orthodox and heretics - The chief impediment for common prayer - (24/5/2017)

Ø  What is "heresy"? - Definitions of the controversial term - (20/5/2017)

Ø  The depiction of the Holy Trinity - Iconography is not a superficial work of art; it is an expression of theological truths -(7/5/2017)

Ø  The strength of faith and the weakness of faithlessness  - The futile dependence on material wealth -  (6/5/2017)

Ø  Do not fear death - Christ's Resurrection is reassurance that there is everlasting life after our earthly death - (5/5/2017)

Ø  “Christian” means “Wayfarer”  (4/5/2017)

Ø  Conclusions of the 28th Pan-Orthodox Conference on Matters of Heresies & Para-Religion   (2/5/2017)

Ø  Unbelief and Good Friday - The universal impact of Christ's death and Resurrection   (14/4/2017)

Ø  Jesus Christ, "the Alpha and the Omega"   A guide for the reader who tends to miss or disregard important details in Revelations (1/4/2017)

Ø  The life of our Blessed Mother Maria of Egypt - From sinner to Saint - the ultimate example of repentance to consider for Lent  (19/3/2017)

Ø  An atonement of Shame - Orthodoxy and the Cross - Food for... Lenten thought  (7/3/2017)

Ø  A special photo album dedicated to Orthodoxy in the Continent of Africa  (Updated 24/2/2017)


Ø  Christian Pascha after the Hebrew Passover is an "Orthodox Urban Legend"?  - There is a reason for all Orthodox traditions - (9/4/2015)

Ø  Arguments over Greek debt echo ancient disputes about Easter  - For eastern Christians, the emphasis is on Christ leaping from the grave, not hanging on a cross.  - (2/4/2015)

Ø  The Suicidal Church In The U.K.  - What fills the void, if/when the Church is dissolved? - (2/4/2015)

Ø  Mummy Mask May Reveal Oldest Known Gospel  -  Discovered on a fragment of papyrus taken from an ancient Egyptian funeral mask dating to the 1st century A.D. - (31/3/2015)

Ø  Debunking claims of Conciliar Committee vote about homosexuality - Putting different words in another's mouth is neither professional, nor praiseworthy journalism - (24/3/2015)

Ø  Judah, Todah and Christian Eucharist - The background of the religious term "Thanksgiving" - 21/3/2015

Ø  Legendary gay designers oppose gay marriage, gay parenting, surrogacy  - A statement from where one least expected it - 20/3/2015

Ø  On humility and humor  - A few extracts from an interview with Metropolitan Hierotheos (Vlachos) about Archimandrite Sophrony of Essex - 15/3/2015

Ø  Catholic Priest Constantine Simon Converts to Orthodoxy - This is not the first time a Catholic priest has decided to convert to the Orthodox Faith. - 15/3/2015

Ø  The Byzantines were Romans - As analysed in an interview with OSU professor Anthony Kaldellis - 6/3/2015

Ø  France and Christianity today - Two articles indicative of an enlightened European France's stance toward religious (in)tolerance. - 1/3/2015

Ø  Where does humanistic culture lead? - A treatise by Saint Justin Popovic - 20/2/2015

Ø  The year I lost my limbs was the most brilliant of my life'  -  a shocking admission and reaction - 14/2/2015

Ø  ‘Flat Earth’ Theory: A Secular Myth Fabricated to Defame Christianity - but dismissed by Science. - 12/2/2015

Ø  How Saint Mark of Ephesus behaved in the Dialogue with the Latins - He had aspired to their return to the One Church, NOT to a mere union with them. - 31/1/2015

Ø  Burning incense is psychoactive - New Class Of Antidepressants Might Be Right Under Our Noses, according to biological reports. - 31/1/2015

Ø  Asceticism as Repentance, Repentance as Failure. - An essay by Professor Christos Yannaras - 28/1/2015

Ø  Infant Communion, revisited - Comparing the Orthodox view - 25/1/2015

Ø  In Defence Of The Holy Icons  (book) - Historical evidence regarding the prominent place of Iconography since the time of the ancient Church - 20/1/2015

Ø  What the jihadists who bought “Islam for Dummies” on Amazon tell us about radicalization - Pretending that the danger comes only from the devout could cost lives.

Ø  Fighting to keep Orthodoxy unadulterated, with... Orthodox weapons - from a homily by Fr. Constantine Strategopoulos - 19/1/2015

Ø  The Elder Paisios has been canonized - The Church's official recognition of the Elder as a Saint - 13/1/2015

Ø  The oldest known prayer to the Theotokos  -  Tangible historical proof that the Holy Mother was indeed venerated, even by the early Church. - 13/1/2015

Ø  Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage in the Orthodox Church - Why Marriage is not a mere tradition or custom - 12/1/2015

Ø  Using the Charlie Hebdo killings to attack religion is just cowardice - Examining the underlying thoughts behind this tragedy. - 10/1/2015

Ø  Gabriel, an atheist Philosophy Student at Mount Athos - A meeting between the student and Metropolitan Nicholas of Mesogea.  -  8/1/2015


Ø  From birth to baptism the glory of christmastide - Reflections on the twelve days of Christmas. - 30/12/2014

Ø  Is Porn really destroying 500,000 Marriages Annually? - 500,000 marriages annually might be failing due to pornography - 30/12/2014

Ø  Protests and out of control emotions. - Fr. George Aquaro, explains why we are scared and angry and resentful and why we we must remain that way in order for the system to continue. - (29/12/2014)

Ø  The Orthodox Royal Hours of Christmas, in English. (external link).

Ø  Psychology and Orthodox Christian Therapy.  Abbot Tryphon, a "recovering psychologist" explains the difference between the two.

Ø  Christianity, sin and morality. (external link) Fr. Dn  Stephen Hayes, gives us some insight on these matters.

Ø  Morality, Freedom and way of existence in Orthodoxy. (updated) In this classic homily, Fr. Constantine Strategopoulos explains why ethicism and Christianity don't mix.

Ø  Why Morality is not Christian. The amoral core of our faith.

Ø  The Anglican communion ordains women Bishops. A very sad development that leads the Anglicans one step away from the Apostolic faith.

Ø  Orthodoxy in South Africa before and after Apartheid Fr Dn Stephen serves two congregations in Pretoria and Johannesburg, South Africa. As a result of his missionary efforts across racial lines under South Africa’s apartheid government, Fr Dn Stephen was deported, listed as Enemy of the State, and banned from 1972 – 1976. (17/12/2014)

Ø  Basic Dogmatic Teaching - An Orthodox Handbook- by Fr. Anthony Alevizopoulos (Chapter 28 -29 THE END) - (17/12/2014)

Ø  Is the Holy Bible the Logos in written form? - Clarifying a mistaken Protestant perception - (1/4/2014)

Ø  Top 10 Most Common Atheist Arguments, and Why They Fail - (31/3/2014)

Ø  The Annunciation of the Theotokos - Article by Metropolitan Hierotheos Vlachos - (25/3/2014)

Ø  Young girl covers her eyes as nude men walk past during Gay Pride Parade - A pictorial example of the much-touted-but-not-always-respected popular expression "TOO MUCH INFORMATION!!" - (23/3/2014) 

Ø  Conclusions of the 25th Pan-Orthodox Conference on Matters of Heresies & Para-Religion - (17/3/2014)

Ø  To experience God - by Saint Gregory Palamas, the man who had been unjustly and without due consideration referred to as “the cause of all disorders and disturbances in the Church” in his time - (16/3/2014)

Ø  The Orthodox Monastery of Saints Ninian and Cuthbert - to become the first Orthodox Monastery in the Hebrides - (15/3/2014)

Ø  Wars: religious, or with the pretext of religion? - an interesting overview of the topic, with statistics - (13/3/2014)

Ø  The Synodicon of Orthodoxy  - by Metropolitan Hierotheos Vlachos - (11/3/2014)

Ø  Saint Dymphna of Ireland, Virgin Martyr (pre-Schism Saint of the 7th century A.D.) - (9/3/2014)

Ø  Basic Dogmatic Teaching - An Orthodox Handbook - by Fr. Anthony Alevizopoulos (Chapter 27) - (6/3/2014)

Ø  Elder Paisios on the Final Judgment - thoughts by the Elder Paisios - (3/3/2014)

Ø  Monday of Clean Week – First part of the Great Canon of St Andrew of Crete - (3/3/2014)

Ø  A dog is better than I, because a dog loves and does not judge - Everyday food for thought - (2/3/2014)

Ø  A GUIDE TO THE TRIODION AND LENT : Fourth Sunday of Triodion - Forgiveness Sunday - (2/3/2014)

Ø  Homily for Forgiveness Sunday - (2/3/2014)

Ø  Basic Dogmatic Teaching - An Orthodox Handbook - by Fr. Anthony Alevizopoulos (Chapter 26) - (26/2/2014)

Ø  We shouldn't ask to see God if we aren't prepared - Written by an Orthodox Archbishop for people who had never prayed before - (20/2/2014)

Ø  List of Killings Ordered or Supported by Muhammad - A list containing the results and reasons for the targeted killings and assassinations ordered or supported by Muhammad, and the primary sources which mention these incidents - (18/2/2014)

Ø  The Absurdity of Conservatism and Liberalism - A look at the history behind these terms - (14/2/2014)

Ø  Heresies and Councils - From the book by Metropolitan Hierotheos of Nafpaktos "Empirical Dogmatics"  - (10/2/2014)

Ø  The truth about Russia’s “anti-Gay” laws - Details that may challenge what's reported in the mainstream media - (9/2/2014)

Ø  The Human Body: Ascesis and Exercise - By Metropolitan Hierotheos of Nafpaktos - (8/2/2014)

Ø  Therapeutic Treatment of the Human Nous - The Human Nous: Its anatomy, Nosology and Therapeutic Treatment - a homily by protopresbyter Constantine Strategopoulos - (2/2/2014)

Ø  Basic Dogmatic Teaching - An Orthodox Handbook - by Fr. Anthony Alevizopoulos (Chapter 25) - (27/1/2014)

Ø  Some thoughts on the 41st Anniversary of the Roe Vs Wade Decision - (21/1/2014)

Ø  The Primacy of the Ecumenical Patriarchate - Why it differs from the Primacy asserted by the Papacy - (21/1/2014)

Ø  Calvinism is Nonsense. A Quick Way to Destroy TULIP - A brief outline of the basis of Calvinist doctrine - (19/1/2014)

Ø  How the Faith was Lost in the Church of England - When the Church becomes a fixed part of the local landscape, it ceases to preach repentance and conversion, and instead "reaches out" with social programs - (6/1/2014)


Ø  Position of the Moscow Patriarchate on the problem of primacy in the Universal Church - (31/12/2013)

Ø  Basic Dogmatic Teaching - An Orthodox Handbook - by Fr. Anthony Alevizopoulos (Chapter 24) - (22/12/2013)

Ø  Basic Dogmatic Teaching - An Orthodox Handbook - by Fr. Anthony Alevizopoulos (Chapter 23) - (20/12/2013)

Ø  Basic Dogmatic Teaching - An Orthodox Handbook - by Fr. Anthony Alevizopoulos (Chapters 20-21-22) - (19/12/2013)

Ø  Masoretic vs Septuagint : Guns, Lies and Forgeries - Clarifications evidencing the truth - (15/12/2013)

Ø  The Orthodox Church in Cumbria - (External Link) The Orthodox Church in Cumbria follows the ancient Living Tradition of the Saints. People are often surprised to find that it has been followed in the British Isles since the 2nd century after Christ - (8/12/2013)

Ø  Brain scans of porn addicts: what's wrong with this picture?  -  Scan images show that watching online 'adult' sites can alter our grey matter, which may lead to a change in sexual tastes (4/12/2013)

Ø  How to avoid Holiday Depression - Orthodox living contains the solution to this phenomenon - (1/12/2013)

Ø  ·       Canonization of Two New Saints by the Ecumenical Patriarchate - ANNOUNCEMENT:  On Tuesday, November 27, 2013, the Sacred and Holy Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate decided the formal inclusion in the List of Saints of the Orthodox Church     of Elder Porphyrios of Kafsokalivia and of Venerable Meletios of Lardos, Rodos Island. - (27/11/2013)

Ø  Feast Day of Saint Porphyrios of Kafsokalivia: December 2nd. 

Ø  Feast Day of Saint Meletios of Lardos: February 12th.

Ø  Church of England will be extinct within 25 years, according to former leader - Orthodoxy is on the increase in both England and Ireland. Most of the churches the Orthodox now own are former Church of England or Church of Ireland buildings. - (21/11/2013)

Ø  The monk who lives up a rock to get closer to God - A Georgian monk has lived up a 131-ft pillar of rock for 20 years in a lonely quest to get closer to God - (20/11/2013)

Ø  Mother Thekla  - Scholar and Orthodox nun who provided spiritual inspiration and words for the composer John Tavener (17/11/2013)

Ø  ·       An Ecumenical Council Officially Condemns a Pope for Heresy - Historical facts proving that the bishops of Rome are not     infallible and were never considered so by the early Church - (13/11/2013)

Ø  Do Atheist “Mega-Churches” create the same effect as Christian ones? - (12/11/2013)

Ø  Saint Nektarios : When the Church apologized - Honouring his feast-day, the 9th of November - (9/11/2013)

Ø  Conveying Experience   - Excerpt from Metropolitan Hierotheos Vlachos' work, "Empirical Dogmatics" - (8/11/2013)

Ø  "The Lion of Christ" (External link) - An English-subbed video on the life and opus of Saint Basil the Great - (7/11/2013)

Ø  "We have to return to our roots." - former Roman Catholic monk, fr. Gabriel Bunge, narrating his life's path - (2/11/2013)

Ø  Living as an Orthodox Christian in a Non-Orthodox World  - (28/10/2013)

Ø  Hypersexuality and Sterility: the Social Costs of Porn in Japan - Sad and disheartening news for our youths - (24/10/2013)

Ø  The Hebrew Bible Moses Couldn’t Read -Why the Masoretic text would be impossible for Moses to confirm as accurate- (3/10/2013)

Ø  Photons: Minute things that hold the grandeur of this world... - A fascinating homily by Metropolitan Nicholas of Mesogaia and Lavreotiki, speaking as an... Astrophysicist! - (1/10/2013)

Ø  A surprising dialogue between an atheist scientist and a priest - (29/9/2013)

Ø  Is secular “psychotherapy” compatible with the principles & the anthropology of the Orthodox Church? - (27/9/2013)

Ø  Patriarch Bartholomew: We are not betraying Orthodoxy - We are not ecumenists - His words of reassurance - (22/9/2013)

Ø  The Impact of Religious Practice on Social Stability- (21/9/2013)

Ø  Faith, Experience, and Theory - Intellectual theologizing vs. communion with God - (28/8/2013)

Ø  "Storky's Adventures" - Presentation of a children's book specially designed to alert young ages to "the facts of life" in a child-sensitive and subtle manner, while highlighting related, underlying truths - (27/8/2013)

Ø  Saint Basil on Usury and Debt - (22/8/2013)

Ø  Standing With Israel: how bad theology duped us into supporting terrorism and oppression - (21/8/2013)

Ø  Why are premarital relations not allowed? - A sensitive topic, with sensible answers - (17/8/2013)

Ø  God's truth, believers are nicer. - The results of an interesting survey - (15/8/2013)

Ø  The Plethora of "Elders" and the "Piety" of the Naive - Some observations to think about - (12/8/2013)

Ø  Metropolitan Seraphim of Kastoria: "If the priest isn't at least gracious, then all his ministry goes to waste"  - The paternal and exhortative encyclical distributed by the Metropolitan to the Clergy of his jurisdiction - (8/8/2013)

Ø  How Efthymios the Great brought Queen Evdokia back from the Antichalcedonians - (3/8/2013)

Ø  The schismatic illegal occupants of the Holy Mountain's Esphigmenou Monastery resort to acts of violence! - Karyes (the capital) of the Holy Mountain has just experienced an attack with explosives and Molotov cocktails. (30/7/2013)

Ø  The Internet is "upon us" (literally)! - Insight by Metropolitan Hierotheos Vlachos - (27/7/2013)

Ø  Basic Dogmatic Teaching - An Orthodox Handbook - by Fr. Anthony Alevizopoulos (Chapter 19) - (22/7/2013)

Ø  The road to Nicaea - A detailed look at the shaping and clarification of Orthodoxy's theological landmarks - (20/7/2013)

Ø  Number of Orthodox Christians in Ireland DOUBLES in Five Years - According to an official 2011 census - (16/7/2013)

Ø  The 'Arab Spring' and the Christian Nightmare - An official USA (!!) Report also verifies the unrelenting, financed (and unjustified) persecution of the Christian population in Syria - (29/4/2013)

Ø  Basic Dogmatic Teaching - An Orthodox Handbook - by Fr. Anthony Alevizopoulos (Chapter 18) - (22/4/2013)

Ø  Why does the Bible speak in riddles?  - Is it to make our life more difficult, or are there other reasons? - (18/4/2013)

Ø  Depression - Focusing on the troubles of our fellow-man helps to diminish our personal perspectives - (13/4/2013)

Ø  Basic Dogmatic Teaching - An Orthodox Handbook - by Fr. Anthony Alevizopoulos (Chapter 17) - (7/4/2013)

Ø  Should One Kill Moles? Or, How to Avoid Falling Into Traps While Reading Contemporary Orthodox Literature - Deacon George Maximov highlights a dangerous modernist trait where personal opinions are placed at the forefront of spiritual studies - (6/4/2013)

Ø  Basic Dogmatic Teaching - An Orthodox Handbook - by Fr. Anthony Alevizopoulos (Chapter 16) - (30/3/2013)

Ø  The meaning of "Anathema" in the Orthodox Church - dispelling the doubt surrounding this term - (22/3/2013)

Ø  A Guide to the Triodion and Lent - Outlining the underlying facts of fasting and of Lent - (19/3/2013)

Ø  The Love of Poverty  - in the words of Saint Gregory the Theologian - (10/3/2013)

Ø  Taxing the Greek Orthodox Church?  - Archbishop of Athens Ieronimos Declares Transparency - (8/3/2013)

Ø  The Sickness of Religion and its Orthodox Cure - As analysed by Protopresbyter John Romanides (†) - (3/3/2013)

Ø  Orthodox Vespers in English (external link, YouTube) Vassilis Hadjinicolaou chants Byzantine Vesper Hymns in English (1/3/2013)

Ø  St. Raphael of Brooklyn on the Episcopalians - On the occasion of the 98th anniversary of the repose of St. Raphael of Brooklyn (+1915), this is a pastoral letter he sent out in 1912 regarding relations with the Episcopal Church - (28/2/2013)

Ø  On Papal Primacy - The facts of the matter, in a nutshell - (27/2/2013)

Ø  Basic Dogmatic Teaching - An Orthodox Handbook - by Fr. Anthony Alevizopoulos (Chapter 15)  - (24/1/2013)

Ø  A Yearning Of The Heart - As narrated by a convert from the Protestant realm - (23/2/2013)

Ø  A First In Oxford Since 1066 - A revival of the ancient, genuine form of Orthodox worship that Britain once knew - (21/2/2013)

Ø  Praying to Saints and Prayers for the Departed - A Christian practice usually shirked or downplayed by various Protestant groups - (10/2/2013)

Ø  Two Divergent Triadologies? Anatomizing Divinity - Anthropos, Cosmos, and Theos According to the Orthodox Catholic Tradition and the Alchemico-Hermetic Tradition: Two Divergent Triadologies.  - (5/2/2013)

Ø  The Path towards the Light: Orthodoxy's holy teachers and  teachers of other religions  - (25/1/2013)

Ø  Basic Dogmatic Teaching - An Orthodox Handbook - by Fr. Anthony Alevizopoulos (Chapter 14)  - (24/1/2013)

Ø  Prayer and the Departed Saints - The Church's unchanging beliefs on these two subjects - (18/1/2013)

Ø  On the selection of a Spiritual Father  - Why it is important to select a spiritual father properly - (12/1/2013)

Ø  The Eucharistic Liturgy in Ancient House Churches  -  Protestant groups in our present day might be attempting to emulate the house churches of the “New Testament” church, however, the ancient Christian communities were gathered together primarily for the celebration of the Sacraments, not for a simple Bible study, lecture, and sing-along. - (7/1/2013)

Ø  Holy Tradition and the Bible - by the Elder Sophrony and Saint Siluan the Athonite - (6/1/2013)

Ø  Discourse On the Day of the Baptism of Christ - by Saint John Chrysostom, Archbishop of Constantinople - (5/1/2013)

Ø  Church Year : Epiphany - More details pertaining to this important Feast-day - (4/1/2013)

Ø  Theophany - Informative article, in view of the imminent, important Feast-Day of the Epiphany of our Lord - (3/1/2013)

Ø  Christian Chronology - An historical view by Protopresbyter Fr. George Metallinos - (2/1/2013)

Ø  Wishing all our readers a blessed and joyous New Year of our Lord 2013 !


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