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Ø  Can everyone theologize?  - As expounded by the Apostles and the Fathers of the Church, "knowledge" of God is not an achievement attained through one's applied efforts; it is bestowed directly by God, under specific conditions (30/12/2012)

Ø  Understanding the Divine Liturgy of Saint John Chrysostom - by the Very Reverend Michel Najim & T.L. Frazier - (28/12/2012)

Ø  A Celtic Christmas Carol - A refreshing alternative to the more commercialized Carols - (25/12/2012)

Ø  Is Christmas stolen from the Pagans? - The Nativity of Christ untangled from various Pagan roots  - (25/12/2012)

Ø  Pastor Richard Wurmbrand: Finishing the Race - Confessing Christ despite Communist oppression - (24/12/2012)

Ø  Is It Really 'OK To Look But Don’t Touch'?  - Age-old Christian basics provide the answer to this question - (4/12/2012)

Ø  The "Invisible Church" theory  - A more detailed look at this 7th Day Adventist theory - (30/11/2012)

Ø  Conciliar Proclamation against Religious Violence - by the Patriarchate of Alexandria - (26/11/2012)

Ø  To Vent or Not To Vent: Modern and Ancient Views on Dealing with Anger - the Christian viewpoint - (25/11/2012)

Ø  Basic Dogmatic Teaching - An Orthodox Handbook - by Fr. Anthony Alevizopoulos (Chapter 13)  - (18/11/2012)

Ø  Basic Dogmatic Teaching - An Orthodox Handbook - by Fr. Anthony Alevizopoulos (Chapters 9-12)  - (15/11/2012)

Ø  On Terminology, Expressions and Concepts in Theology - Analysis by Fr. John Romanides - (21/10/2012)

Ø  Baptismal reception into the Orthodox Church of Polish Academic Professor Paweł P. Wróblewski - (15/10/2012)

Ø  Erdogan's Greek-speaking Vice President is of  Cretan origin - A surprising news report in Turkey - (26/9/2012)

Ø  Relative or honorary veneration in the Holy Bible - Scriptural quotes settling the argument of absolute or other kinds of veneration, set out in an orderly dialogue form by Fr.Epiphanios Theodoropoulos - (16/9/2012)

Ø  The "lost Christians" of Asia Minor  - A real presence that is a thorn in the modern-day Turkish regime - (9/8/2012)

Ø  The mystery and the process of death - From an interview with Metropolitan Hierotheos Vlachos - 6/8/2012)

Ø  Gay is not "The New Black"  -  A serious, clear-minded and logical scrutiny of same-sex "civil rights"  - (23/7/2012)

Ø  Russian Orthodox Church hails possible discovery of the Higgs boson, or "God particle"  - (21/7/2012)

Ø  Religious persecutions in the world of Islam  -  (external link) A prayerful essay by the Pan-Cretan Association of Theologians - (11/7/2012)

Ø  The Disappointment of Religion   -  From an Ancient Faith Radio podcast - (10/7/2012)

Ø  In Memoriam: Archpriest Peter Gillquist  - Orthodox Archpriest and author - (6/7/2012)

Ø  Emmy Award Winning Hollywood Actor Jonathan Jackson Converts to Orthodoxy  - A former Seventh-Day Adventist  who converted in the year 2012, openly thanks God in his acceptance speech - (5/7/2012)

Ø  What is "psychotherapy" in the context of Orthodox Christianity?  - An article of the World Cultural Psychiatry Research Review - (3/7/2012)

Ø  The Marian Necessity - From an Ancient Faith Radio podcast - (1/7/2012)

Ø  Fasting during Holy and Great Lent - From a radio program of the Church, hosting Fr. Ananias Koustenis - (14/6/2012)

Ø  A Homily on Repentance : Can we fast without it? - The transcript of a homily by Fr. Barnabas Yagou - (13/4/2012)

Ø  Scientists unearth 1400-year-old skeleton  of one of Britain's first Christians - The remains thought to be one of Britain's first ever Christians, were discovered in an ancient Anglo-Saxon burial site in Cambridgeshire, England - (19/3/2012)

Ø  "Go ahead - eat. Let the sin burden me..." - A frequently heard exhortation during fasting periods - (15/3/2012)

Ø  Constantine and Christianity - A brief commentary on the historical facts - (23/2/2012)

Ø  Elder Joel: Founder of 3 churches, who chooses to live underground! - An outstanding Christian example - (19/2/2012)

Ø  The Heresy of Racism - A wakeup call to the Christian Parishes around the world that may have unfortunately turned into ethnic clubs, contrary to the teaching of the Gospel to unite, not divide, all nations in Christ, without discriminations - (18/2/2012)

Ø  Letter to a Roman Catholic Friend - When the Truth is sought sincerely, miracles result - (14/2/2012)

Ø  Why does God sing? - Is singing the natural mode of worship? - (12/2/2012)

Ø  Two, related articles on the serious matter of tampering and falsification of Scriptural texts by the Watchtower Society, specifically of Chapter 10:1 of Paul's Epistle to Hebrews - (9/2/2012)

Ø  The "image" is... the "substance" (!!!)

Ø  Shadow, Image, Servants and Children

Ø  Fr. Meletios Webber on Orthodox Psychotherapy & Addiction (external link, YouTube) Archimandrite Meletios Webber, Abbot of St. John of Shanghai Monastery in Manton, CA, gave a keynote address to the Eastern American Diocese on the topics of psychotherapy, addiction and hesychasm - (3/2/2012)

Ø  Saint Fursey of Burgh Castle - A continuing tribute to the pre-Schism Orthodox Saints of the British Isles - (28/1/2012)

Ø  The smallest working Church in Britain - Dedicated to a 6th century Orthodox British Saint, Abbot, Missionary and founder of Monasteries: Saint Fursey of Burgh Castle near Yarmouth - (28/1/2012)

Ø  Orthodox Hieromonk shot dead in terrorist crossfire in Syria - Another Martyr for Christ in our troubled times - (27/1/2012)

Ø  Basic Dogmatic Teaching - An Orthodox Handbook - by Fr. Anthony Alevizopoulos (Chapter 8)  - (26/1/2012)

Ø  Basic Dogmatic Teaching - An Orthodox Handbook - by Fr. Anthony Alevizopoulos (Chapter 7)  - (24/1/2012)

Ø  Basic Dogmatic Teaching - An Orthodox Handbook - by Fr. Anthony Alevizopoulos (Chapter 6 updated)  - (21/1/2012)

Ø  Why would anyone want to forgive an enemy? - a podcast by the Ancient Faith Radio - (19/1/2012)

Ø  The Holy Synod of the Church of Greece demands Elder Ephraim's release (external link) - At the decision of the Holy Synod, Archbishop Ieronymos will visit the Abbot of Vatopedi Monastery, Abbot Efraim, in the Korydallos detention centre.  In a statement , the Holy Synod condemned the Elder's detention on Christmas Eve and indirectly demanded his release.  (13/1/2012)

Ø  Confession of Sins - in the Bible and Beyond - With a selection of Scriptural and Patristic quotes as evidence - (12/1/2012)  

Ø  Filioque: Understanding the controversy - Is it just semantics, or is there doctrinal substance to the rejection of the Filioque clause in the Creed by the Orthodox Church? - (10/1/2012)

Ø  Toll Houses: After Death Reality or Heresy? - an interview by the Ancient Faith Radio - (9/1/2012)

Ø  Cold reading - a series of techniques used by mentalists, psychics, fortune-tellers, illusionists, and con artists - (8/1/2012)

Ø  Letter by the Sacred Community of the Holy Mountain - declaring their support and sympathy towards the Abbot Ephraim and the Vatopedi Brotherhood, in view of recent disturbing events - (7/1/2012)

Ø  250.000 people are fed daily by the Church in Greece - Christian solidarity in a time of crisis - (1/1/2012)

Ø  OODE wishes its readers a Happy and Blessed New Year 2012 !


Ø  The black powers of darkness - A compilation of the Elder Paisios' experiences, along with his clarifications and warnings about this perilous area, taken from the discussions he held with his numerous visitors - (30/12/2011)

Ø  Dormition or Assumption? - An essay distinguishing between the two terms - (26/12/2011)

Ø  Greek government faces international criticism for jail threat to Abbot Ephraim (external link)  "The Greek courts have ruled that a respected Orthodox Christian monk will be imprisoned over Christmas over a land dispute in northern Greece. Abbot Ephraim who leads the largest monastic order in the Orthodox Christian world [Vatopedi Monastery on Mount Athos], has strong links to the royal family in the United Kingdom, among others, and his supporters have threatened the Greek government with widespread protests to release the Abbot."  - (24/12/2011)

Ø  Father Tychon's Christmas: A Holy Mountain story of self-restraint and asceticism, as opposed to the holidays' excessive consumerism. - (23/12/2011)

Ø  To Be Free or Not To Be: Welsh Christianity at the Crossroads  - Orthodoxy's presence in Wales - (23/12/2011)

Ø  The Protocols of the Elders of Zion - A much discussed and controversial piece of literature - (10/12/2011)

Ø  The Hypnotic Mall - One example of the importance of staying alert in today's society - (25/11/2011)

Ø  Holy Communion without...fasting? - Dispelling misunderstandings and arbitrary guidance - (24/11/2011)

Ø  Israeli public figures apologize to Greek patriarch for ultra-Orthodox spitting incidents - A Haaretz news article (24/11/2011)

Ø  About building churches - An educative story by the Elder Sophrony - (10/11/2011)

Ø  The  Period of Decline: A Western World in Need of Christ - Bitter truths about our era - (4/11/2011)

Ø  Introduction to Orthodox Christianity for ‘New Age’ and Eastern Inquirers - (2/11/2011)

Ø  Confronting our country's crisis spiritually - An examination of the underlying cause - (25/10/2011)

Ø  Greeks and the Church, 10 years later... (youtube video) English subtitled (by OODE) excerpt of a survey conducted by a Greek TV Channel with Journalist Paul Tsimas in regard to the Church of Greece. - (19/10/2011)

Ø  Has the Bible become an Idol? - Should we believe that the Scriptures are a divine "instruction manual"? - (18/10/2011)

Ø  Extraterrestrial Life - The Orthodox view on this topic as outlined by Fr. John Romanides - (17/10/2011)

Ø  Where did you find your property? - A question posed and answered by Saint Basil the Great - (14/10/2011)

Ø  NIHILISM : The Root of the Revolution of the Modern Age - An in-depth examination of the phenomenon by Fr. Seraphim Rose - (12/10/2011)

Ø  The problem of Evil, from Augustine to contemporary Genetics - An essay by Fr. Nicholas Loudovikos on an issue that is still plaguing Western theology - (9/10/2011)

Ø  Debunking Capitalism - Part II: The Marketplace - by Clark Carlton - (7/10/2011)

Ø  Two "signs" of Orthodoxy in Turkey - Two noteworthy occurrences, as verified by Turkish Media - (2/10/2011)

Ø  Bishop-monism and Populism in the Orthodox Tradition - Why ecclesiology should be linked to ontology - (1/10/2011)

Ø  Between the West and Islam - Five observed examples of characteristic religious forms that should be qualitatively compared - (29/9/2011)

Ø  Toll Houses: After Death Reality or Heresy? (external link) Fr Thomas Hopko Dean Emeritus of St Vlad's Orthodox seminary addresses the controversial subject of "toll houses" in this highly animated one-half hour discussion.   -  (22/9/2011)

Ø  Fr. Stephen Hatherley - English Orthodox Pioneer  -  (22/9/2011)

Ø  ANNOUNCEMENT:  Memorial Service and 2-day dedicative program in Memoriam of Fr. John Romanides.   On the weekend of 12 and 13 November 2011 the Sacred Metropolis of Nafpaktos and Saint Vlassios has organized an honorary 2-day program to commemorate the 10th year since the passing of the ever-memorable Protopresbyter John Romanides, Dogmatics Professor and unsalaried Parish Priest during the last period of his life.  The program will include a Prelatal Divine Liturgy and Memorial Service at the Holy Metropolis' Church of Saint Demetrius; a 2-day conference with introductions by novice academics and Priests who were acquainted with Fr. John and his theology. Details of the events in the honorary program will be provided in a forthcoming issue of the Metropolis' magazine, "ECCLESIASTIKI PAREMVASIS"  -  (16/9/2011)

Ø  The schismatic "Macedonian Orthodox church" - A closer look at the true, anti-canonical status of this schismatic religious organization that was spawned during Tito's regime in Yugoslavia - (10/9/2011)

Ø  Scientific progress as related to the Frankish civilization and Romanity - by Fr. John Romanides - (1/9/2011)

Ø  The unreal land- Are we living a true life, or are illusions or social constructs drawing us into a life in which we become strangers to true existence? - (29/8/2011)

Ø  Ancient Christian Wisdom and Beck’s Cognitive Therapy - A special treatise by By Father Alexis Trader - (26/8/2011)

Ø  Sinners in the Church - What, really, is the true objective of the Church?  To separate the good from the bad?  

Ø  Or could it perhaps be to accept the bad, and help them "clean up"? - (18/8/2011)

Ø  Empirical Dogmatics - (Book presentation) - Two volumes (in Greek) authored by Metropolitan Hierotheos Vlachos;  a conscientious compilation of the dogmatic material found in the works of Fr. John Romanides - (17/8/2011)

Ø  The "purity" of the Church - A careful look at the Scriptural texts which clearly prove that the "field" of the Church would also contain "weeds", up until the Day of Judgment, and that it is not comprised only of "wheat" as certain Protestant groups insist on preaching - (16/8/2011)

Ø  Dormition of the Theotokos Resource Page (external link) a compilation of very interesting articles, from the blog of John Sanidopoulos - (15/8/2011)

Ø  Sickness and healing in Orthodox Theology - by Metropolitan of Pergamon Fr. John (Zizioulas) - Minutes of a meeting on the topic "Theology and Psychiatrics in Dialogue" - (14/8/2011)

Ø  The individualism of Capitalism and Communism - A commentary by Professor Christos Yannaras - (9/8/2011)

Ø  The disintegration of Western theology - from an Ancient Faith Radio broadcast - (7/8/2011)

Ø  Why fast for Dormition? - Understanding the reason (from an Orthodox Parish Newsletter) - (6/8/2011)

Ø  Frequent Bible Reading Tied to Social Justice, Openness to Science - The findings of a special survey - (6/8/2011)

Ø  The limits of Ecumenism - By Archbishop Lazar Puhalo of Ottawa - (5/8/2011)

Ø  "With kindness and with love you can make many tame..."  - From the book "The teachings of Elder Joseph the Hesychast - Expression of the Monastic Experience"  - (4/8/2011)

Ø  Stages of Conversion - Outlined on a lighter, human note - (3/8/2011)

Ø  Ecclesiology, Christology, Pneumatology - (Dogmatics Lessons by Fr. John Zizioulas:  Addendum, Final Chapter G5 of total 5 chapters) - (2/8/2011)

Ø  What is the meaning of "Church"? - Insight on the meaning of the term "Church" - (27/7/2011)

Ø  Out of the Fountain that is Christ: Free Will, Tolerance and Forgiveness - by Fr. George Morelli - (23/7/2011)

Ø  The cure of the neurobiological sickness of religion - An extensive analysis by Fr. John S. Romanides - (15/7/2011)

Ø  The intercessions of the Saints - Sub-deacon Claude Lopez-Ginisty interviewed by the first Christian Orthodox Website of Switzerland about the topic of his book - (15/7/2011)

Ø  The Divine Liturgy - The Orthodox Liturgy described in detail and with images - (9/7/2011)

Ø  Canonoclasts and Canonophiles: An Ecclesiastic problem, or an Ecclesiological heresy? - A careful look into the phenomenon and the problem, by Pan. Boumis - (8/7/2011)

Ø  Holy Poles who were martyred by followers of the Latin church - A reference to their Canonization by the Orthodox Church on the 8th of June, 2003, pursuant to the sacrificing of their lives for not betraying their Orthodox faith, during the persecutions by the Roman Catholics of Poland between the post-WWII years of 1942-1945 - (30/6/2011)

Ø  The first Orthodox Pygmies - The Lord opens doors to His Kingdom, in the remotest corners of the globe - (28/6/2011)

Ø  History of the Orthodox Mission in Pakistan - The odyssey of a tiny Orthodox Church struggling to survive and flourish in Christ, through the blessed persistence of one priest - (25/6/2011)

Ø  «And the wife see that she reverence her husband» - The mostly misconstrued Gospel quote analyzed and elucidated by Saint Nektarios of Pentapolis - (22/6/2011)

Ø  Basic Dogmatic Teaching - An Orthodox Handbook - by Fr. Anthony Alevizopoulos (1931 - 1996) - Presenting a new book, which contains the basic dogmatic teaching of our Church, with a multitude of Scriptural, liturgical and Patristic references. It introduces the reader to the Orthodox faith and way of life; it allows for an Orthodox placement within the modern world, and most of all it offers in print the unique, in-Christ Orthodox experience, the way the author himself had lived it within the Church. (From the Introduction through to Chapter 5) - (21/6/2011)

Ø  The Elder Paisios on the secularization of Monasticism - Excerpts on the topic, from books on the Elder - (19/6/2011)

Ø  Love Wins: An Orthodox View of Salvation - (External link) : A short summary of the difference between the mainstream Protestant view of salvation and an Orthodox view. Listen to the short "Audio Introduction", then watch the video by Ancient Faith Radio - (17/6/2011)

Ø  The Unfortunate Effects Apocalyptic Beliefs Can Have On Morality  - (3/6/2011)

Ø  The Orthodox Christian Temple - The Architecture, the History and terminologies - (2/6/2011)

Ø  The Western Rite and the Eastern Church - A study by David F. Abramtsov, about Dr. J. J. Overbeck and his scheme for the re-establishment of the Orthodox Christian Church in the West - (31/5/2011)

Ø  The Contribution of Saint Gregory Palamas to Hesychasm - by Dr. Dimitrios Tselengides - (30/5/2011)

Ø  Lovers stoned to death over caste row - Sadly, in a supposedly civilized era of mankind - (29/5/2011)

Ø  A Commentary on Coptic Christology - by Pope Shenouda of the Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria - (29/5/2011)

Ø  Anthropological background: The human composite and spiritual healing - (by Dr.Jean-Claude Larchet) - Confronted by the numerous problems still posed today in understanding mental and spiritual illnesses, their treatment, and their relationship to those who are sick, the author shows the importance offered for reflection and current practice by early Christian thought and experience. The author explains how the Fathers understood the psyche and its relationship with body and spirit - (28/5/2011)

Ø  Buddhism and Eastern Asceticism Compared to Orthodox Christian Asceticism - (26/5/2011)

Ø  My Exodus from Roman Catholicism - (book) by His Grace Bishop of Nazianzus Paul de Ballester, a former Roman Catholic monk of Spanish descent. This is the narrative of his personal experiences, his own road to Damascus that ultimately led him to discover Orthodox Christianity - (23/5/2011)

Ø  Gerondissa Gavrilia: On Anti-Church and Anti-Clerical Attitudes - (16/5/2011)

Ø  Which Came First: The Church or the New Testament? - By a Jewish convert to Christ via Protestantism - (10/5/2011)

Ø  60 minutes on Mount Athos. (external link, YouTube)  A dedication by CBS Channel's "Sixty Minutes" on the Monastic polity of Mount Athos - (9/5/2011)

Ø  5000 Indians baptized Orthodox in Mexico - Orthodoxy awakening in the Americas - (5/5/2011)

Ø  The Occult: Shining Light on Satan’s Shadow  - How innocuous is occultism in all its forms? An in-depth discussion aired on a 2-part Ancient Faith Radio broadcast  -  (4/5/2011)

Ø  The Impact of Orthodox Psychotherapeutic Interventions on Depressive Symptomatology - by Dr. Z.Vujisic - (28/4/2011)

Ø  Is the teaching of the Orthodox Fathers of the Church Platonic?  - An in-depth study that dispels the intentional or uneducated theories about Platonic influences in Orthodox Christian theology - (26/4/2011)

Ø  Celtic Christian Spirituality - Shedding light on the inner spiritual unity between the ancient (but forsaken) Celtic Christianity and Orthodox Christianity - (25/4/2011)

Ø  True Christianity: The Soul's Journey - A Homily by Fr. Nicholas Loudovikos - (24/4/2011)


Ø  On Pascha - by Melito of Sardis: Early Church thought on the Lord's Pascha - (23/4/2011)

Ø Video presentation of the Holy Light in Jerusalem: Testimonies and Evidence  -  (reminder of our popular article)    This 30 minute (multilingually subtitled) video contains testimonies and evidence about the miracle of the holy fire that does not burn, in Jerusalem.  People narrate their experiences and we see a video of the event. 
Languages used: English, Greek, Romanian, French, German, Italian.    NOTE: Russian subtitles are almost ready and should be added shortly. We are making every effort for them to be added this week.   (19/4/2011)

Ø  You are not a Biblical character - Some parallels are inappropriate, as pointed out by Fr.Stephen Freeman (18/4/2011)

Ø  Why don't we want to be cured? - Inspired by the Gospel of the Paralytic - (16/4/2011)

Ø  Yoga: Not as Old as You Think…nor very Hindu either - "A tremendous amount of cross-breeding and hybridization has given birth to yoga as we know it" (professor Meera Nanda) - (14/4/2011) 

Ø  Al-Rum al-Orthodox - A clarification by Metropolitan George of Byblos and Botrys - (14/4/2011)

Ø  A contemporary manifestation of the Holy Trinity - as witnessed by the Elder Joseph the Hesychast - (12/4/2011)

Ø  Martin Luther On Infant Baptism - What did the reformer think about this? - (8/4/2011)

Ø  What is Liturgical Theology? - The topic as outlined by Professor Paul Meyendorff - (7/4/2011)

Ø  Orthodoxy and Mysticism - From 3 consecutive podcasts by the Ancient Faith Radio - (6/4/2011)

Ø  Impasse - Daunting observations by the (now reposed) Elder Joseph of the Holy Mountain - (4/4/2011)

Ø  The Third Sunday Of Great Lent: Sunday Of The Veneration Of The Holy Cross - (3/4/2011)

Ø  The confessor of the astronauts: «In Space you can see the Grace of God» - Russian cosmonauts take God seriously - (31/3/2011)

Ø  Orthodoxy and the Conversion of England - (30/3/2011)

Ø  What’s So Appealing About Orthodoxy? - As analyzed by a former Roman Catholic - (29/3/2011)

Ø  In Memoriam: Protopresbyter Elias Wen - (28/3/2011)

Ø  Sola Scriptura - An Orthodox Analysis of the Cornerstone of Reformation Theology - (27/3/2011)

Ø  Archbishop Damaskinos and the Jewish Holocaust - The Hierarch's Christian stance during wartime - (26/3/2011)

Ø  The Great Schism - What caused the split of the Church between East and West? - (25/3/2011)

Ø  Prayers for the dead? - Reassurance that this practice is actually evidenced in Scripture - (23/3/2011)

Ø  Theosis: Partaking of the Divine Nature - Shedding light on the Scriptural statement “You are gods, and all of you are children of the Most High.” (Psalm 82:6)  - (22/3/2011)

Ø  Pray for Japan... - A message from Fr. Jonah Mourtos of the Orthodox Church in Taiwan - (21/3/2011)

Ø  Updated Chart of Orthodox British Saints (with links to their biographies added on icons)  (20/3/2011)

Ø  New additions to the biographies of pre-Schism Orthodox British Saints:

Ø   Saint Edwin, Martyr-King of Northumbria

Ø   Saint Kentigern, Abbot, Bishop and founder of Glasgow

Ø   Saint Bertram, King and Hermit of Mercia

Ø   Saint Tydfil of Wales

Ø   Saint Finnian of Clonard, Ireland

Ø   Saint Wereburga, Virgin and Abbess, Patroness of Chester

Ø   Saint Chad, Bishop of Mercia (Lichfield)

Ø  Saint Felix of Dunwich, Apostle and first bishop of East Anglia

Ø  Saint Gallus, Irish Apostle to Switzerland

Ø  Saint Mildred of Minster-in-Thanet, Kent

Ø  Eldress Gavrilia on the Importance of Fasting - (19/3/2011)

Ø  The Glorification of the Saints in the Orthodox Church - by Fr. Joseph Frawley, a member of the Orthodox Church in America’s Canonization Commission - (18/3/2011)

Ø  Christ, the Eternal Tao - Fr.Damascene interviewed by the Ancient Faith Radio on his book - (17/3/2011)

Ø  Updating our Chart of Orthodox British Saints and introducing the lives of:

Ø  Saint Edward, King of England and Holy Martyr

Ø  Saint Aldhelm Bishop of Sherborne-Sarum

Ø  Saint Benedict Biscop, Abbot of Wearmouth & Jarrow

Ø  Saint Alphege Bishop of Canterbury

Ø  Saint Bathilda, Queen and nun

Ø  Saint Herbert, Hermit of Derwentwater

Ø  Saints Seiriol and Cebi of Wales

Ø  The Synodicon of Orthodoxy - approved and issued by the Council of 843 which restored the veneration of icons (13/3/2011)

Ø  Early Byzantine Italy and the Maritime Lands of the West - (13/3/2011)

Ø  Orthodox Faith and Natural Sciences - by Protopresbyter Fr. George Metallinos - (12/3/2011)

Ø  Why do Orthodox Christians "cross themselves" different than Roman Catholics?  - (12/3/2011)

Ø  The "Orthodox Option" For Anglicans - To Members of the Church of England who are unhappy at the degradation of their communion and might consider ‘the Orthodox option’ - (11/3/2011)

Ø  The Light Of Christ In Kurdistan - Few know that at the present time, representatives of Moslem Kurds and Yazidi Kurds are coming to Orthodoxy and becoming members of the Orthodox Church - (10/3/2011)

Ø  Windows to Heaven - Venerable icons can become a window for one seeking Orthodoxy's truth - (9/3/2011)

Ø  The intercession of the Saints - We worship a Triune God, Who is however surrounded by a great Host - (8/3/2011)

Ø  Lenten Warning Labels (external link) Doing Prostrations with Pews.  From the "Orthographs Archives" by Subdeacon Steven Robinson - (8/3/2011)

Ø  Sharing the Wilderness - A Palm Sunday Address in Canterbury Cathedral, by Professor David Frost, Principal of The Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies, Cambridge - (7/3/2011)

Ø  Fasting from iniquities and foods - by Rev. George Mastrantonis - (7/3/2011)

Ø  "The Orthodox spirit is the true one" - A discussion between the Elder Porphyrios and his visitors - (6/3/2011)

Ø  Dispatches: Lessons in Hate and Violence  (external link, YouTube video).  - This programme by the British Channel 4, follows up allegations that, behind closed doors, some Muslim secondary schools teach a message of hatred and intolerance. The programme is presented by reporter Tazeen Ahmad. - (5/3/2011)

Ø  An anarchist's New Year's Eve -   How genuinely are we heeding Christ's words? - (5/3/2011)

Ø  From the Buddha to Christ - When the seed of the Gospel falls upon good soil -  (4/3/2011)

Ø  About Macedonians - From a lecture by Yale Professor Donald Kagan - (3/3/2011)

Ø  Why Only No Meat During Cheesefare Week? - A question pertaining to the Lenten fast - (2/3/2011)

Ø  What happened at Whitby? - A detailed look into the reasons for the Council of Whitby - (28/2/2011)

Ø  Theology and Mysticism in the Tradition of the Eastern Church - an essay by Vladimir Lossky - (27/2/2011)

Ø  The Tragic Paradox of Christian Jerks - Our lives should simply testify to the truth and gospel of Christ -(26/2/2011)

Ø  The God called "Earth"- Is Planet Earth the god being worshipped in the new millennium? - (24/2/2011)

Ø  The Clash between Orthodox Patristic Theology and Franco-Latin Tradition - by Fr. Jeremiah Foundas, Metropolitan of Gortyna and Megalopolis - (23/2/2011)

Ø  An Open Letter to Orthodox Anglicans - Another reminder that England was originally Orthodox - (22/2/2011)

Ø  Pietism as an ecclesiological heresy - A detailed insight on the subject by Prof.C.Yannaras - (21/2/2011)

Ø  The Battle of Hastings in 1066 AD - A battle that took place in the England of the period that was still in  communion with those who had not fallen away from the Orthodox Church, in the East - (20/2/2011)

Ø  Saint Valentine of Rome - "...We do not honor the saints when we measure their 'worth' by worldly amusements and festivities..." - 17/2/2011

Ø  Yoga and the Christian Faith - The testimony of a former Hindu with traditional Yoga experience  - (16/2/2011)

Ø  Healing the Mind:  The Nexus between Contemporary Psychology and Eastern Christian Practice - (14/2/2011)

Ø  Do your sales suffer when your book is available for free on the web? (External link) In this video, Neil Gaiman explains how he realized that when your books circulate for free - legally or illegally - on the Internet, not only are sales not harmed, but on the contrary, they go up, even in markets that had never responded before. He says that distribution over the Internet is similar to the advertising/lending of books. - (14/2/2011)

Ø  Philosophical tradition and the Self -  (13/2/2011)

Ø  Dostoevsky and Morality - A new chapter in our Christian Dogmatics section, which examines the work of the great author, with regard to Western ethicism - (10/2/2011)

Ø  What Does the Zombie Genre Say about the Modern West? -  (9/2/2011)

Ø  The Icon of the Baptism of our Lord Jesus Christ - from a series of lessons on hagiography by Fr. Constantine Strategopoulos -  (8/2/2011)

Ø  The Incredible Design of the Earth and Our Solar System - Modern astronomers are learning more about the motions they observe and uncovering some astonishing examples of chaotic behavior in the heavens. Nonetheless, the long term stability of the solar system remains a perplexing, unsolved issue. - (7/2/2011)

Ø  The Orthodox Church in Belgium and in Luxemburg - Commemorating Orthodoxy of the ancient Church in European lands, on the feast-day of Saint Amandus, Patron Saint of Belgium, the 6th of February - (6/2/2011)

Ø  Why in the world would an Episcopalian become Orthodox? - (5/2/2011)

Ø  Was Adam an actual or a symbolic figure, according to the Fathers of the Church? - A very concise analysis of the Orthodox, ‘person-centred’ theology and some indicative Patristic views, to help us comprehend just how significant the literal acceptance of the person of Adam is, for the Christian faith - (2/2/2011)

Ø  Latin America: Peoples in search of Orthodoxy - Pentecost now manifest in Central American lands - (31/1/2011)

Ø  American football star Troy Polamalu and Orthodoxy - A sports hero with... spiritual priorities! - (30/1/2011)

Ø  Elder Evmenios Saridakis: the holy friend of lepers - Another saintly personage of our time - (29/1/2011)

Ø  "Devadasis are a cursed community" -  Perpetuating the dark and inhuman side of an Oriental cult - (28/1/2011)

Ø  Self-esteem, or Humility? The course from tragedy to catharsis - A sermon by fr.Constantine Strategopoulos - (27/1/2011)

Ø  Heaven and Hell in the Afterlife According to the Bible - (25/1/2011)

Ø  A letter by the Holy Synod of the Church of Greece addressed to Barroso  -  In regard to a Diary published for the..... religiously tolerant (!?) education of children in the European Union. Except that this calendar mentions holidays such as the Hindu Sikh Baisakhi-Day, the Jewish Yom Kippur, and the Muslim holiday Aid-el-Kebir, but has left out... all the Christian holidays!! - (23/1/2011)

Ø  Video-response to Zeitgeist lies (external link) Zeitgeist is full of misinformation about religion. Most of the supposed parallels are completely untrue! Most of the information in Zeitgeist seems to come from Acharya S's book, The Christ Conspiracy (1999), which is a sensationalist book with zero academic credibility. - (21/1/2011)

Ø  The Spirituality of the Celtic Church - Historical facts that have remained buried for too long - (20/1/2011)

Ø  Saint Justin Popović - A recently acknowledged Orthodox Saint - (19/1/2011)

Ø  When the Fathers disagree - From a podcast by the Ancient Faith Radio - (17/1/2011)

Ø  The Chinese man, God and loneliness - Loneliness can be overcome - (16/1/2011)

Ø  Benefits in delaying sex until Marriage - Scientific survey results that coincide with Christian morals - (8/1/2011)

Ø  From Theology To Philosophy In The Latin West - "...Man is not deified by the way of ascending from reason or from the visible world by the guesswork of analogy..." - (5/1/2011)

Ø  Byzantine Civilisation - A chapter from the Cambridge Medieval History Archive - (3/1/2011)

Ø  Orthodoxy In An English Village - Finding the path back to Orthodoxy in modern-day Britain - (2/1/2011)

Ø  40 bucks for Jesus  - Some people are willing to pay for lessons on life and love, no questions asked - (1/1/2011)

Ø  Our sincerest wishes for a wonderful New Year!  May the Lord's blessings be plentiful!  - (1/1/2011)


Ø  Elder Porphyrios: Overcoming Depression - (31/12/2010)

Ø  Study finds more U.S. Orthodox Christian converts - (28/12/2010)

Ø  Is Hell real? - From a podcast by the Ancient Faith Radio -  (27/12/2010)

Ø  The Orthodox C.S.Lewis - (26/12/2010)

Ø  Christ is born!  -  In the words of Saint John the Chrysostom - (25/12/2010)

Ø  Wishing all our readers and brethren a blessed, true celebration of the Lord's Incarnation, with our sincerest wishes for every spiritual progress, and with the Lord's reinforcement of all those who are facing ordeals in our day.  May the Coming of the Lord prove them victorious, and every soul eventually be drawn to Him.  (24/12/2010)

Ø  Why does God allow wicked Bishops? - by Archimandrite Touma (Bitar) - (23/12/2010)

Ø  Where does the Bible talk about burning incense? - (22/12/2010)

Ø  The Logos and the Tao - Amazing similarities between these two very significant terms - (21/12/2010)

Ø  The lepers' priest  - Another aspect from the lives of the Spinalonga inmates - (20/12/2010)

Ø  The Nativity Fast – Why We Fast  - (19/12/2010)

Ø  Orthodox Celtic Monks, the first in America? - Traces of Christian presence long before Columbus - (17/12/2010)

Ø  The Limits of Reason - From a podcast by the Ancient Faith Radio -  (13/12/2010)

Ø  Should we have a "fear of Christ"?  -  by the Elder Porphyrios the "Hut-burner" - (12/12/2010)

Ø  The religion of the Celts - Debunking neo-Pagan claims that the ancient Celts were only pagans, not Christians - (11/12/2010)

Ø  We communicate, but we don't "commune" - Respecting otherness does not imply embracing it - (10/12/2010)

Ø  A question as to Mohammed not being of God - A dialogue of the 8th century A.D. - (9/12/2010)

Ø  Ancestral Versus Original Sin, an Overview with Implications for Psychotherapy - (8/12/2010)

Ø  Ecumenical Patriarch: "With the Filioque, new cacodoxies, schisms and heresies were created" - (6/12/2010)

Ø  Forms and expressions of contemporary Occultism - Conclusions of the 22nd Pan-Orthodox conference - (5/12/2010)

Ø  The Sign of the Cross - Simply explained by Saint Kosmas of Aetolia - (1/12/2010)

Ø  Expiation, Blood & Atonement - An essay on the Apostle Paul's meaning of "expiation" - (28/11/2010)

Ø  Septuagint quotes in the New Testament - (23/11/2010)

Ø  Prayers of Jews to Angels and Other Intermediaries during the First Centuries of the Common Era - (22/11/2010)

Ø  Saint John of Damascus: The distinction between "created" and "Uncreated" and the Theology of Icons - (18/11/2010)

Ø  The Elder Epiphanios Theodoropoulos on Psychoanalysis and Psychiatric Medications - (16/11/2010)

Ø  The Sparrow in the Hall - A brief outline of the life of St. Paulinus of York († 644) - (15/11/2010)

Ø  The existential repercussions of the Filioque - (Dogmatics Lessons by fr.John Zizioulas:  Addendum, Chapter G4 of total 5 chapters) - (6/11/2010)

Ø  The Jesus Prayer and the Hindu Mantra - by D. Farasiotes - (5/11/2010)

Ø  But I Say To You,Love Your Enemies’ - from an essay by Jean-Claude Larchet on St. Silouan’s teaching - (4/11/2010)

Ø  Dr. Jean-Claude Larchet  -  (29/10/2010)

Ø  Philosophical ketchup - From a podcast by the Ancient Faith Radio -  (27/10/2010)

Ø  Baptism by the Holy Spirit in the New Testament (book - final Chapter 27 & Epilogue)  - (19/10/2010)

Ø  Baptism by the Holy Spirit in the New Testament (book - Chapters 25-26)  - (15/10/2010)

Ø  Chalcedonians and Monophysites: Do We Share the Same Beliefs?  - (9/10/2010)

Ø  Atheistic absurdities: Proofs and experiences - (7/10/2010)

Ø  Saint Siluan's stance towards those who disagreed with him - (1/10/2010)

Ø  The Elder Porphyrios: On problematic spiritual fathers and "misguided obedience" - (29/9/2010)

Ø  German minister urges Turkey to protect minority rights - (28/9/2010)

Ø  Saint Patrick's Hymn - one of the few, authentically Orthodox Celtic prayers we have left to us - (27/9/2010)

Ø  Early Saints of the Ancient Kingdom of Dumnonia  - A brief overview evidencing the strong presence of Orthodoxy in a kingdom of ancient Britain, as early as the 5th and 6th centuries - (27/9/2010)

Ø  Lost to the West - Presentation of the book by Lars Brownworth - (26/9/2010)

Ø  Self-confidence, or Egotism? - transcript of a homily by the Rev. Metropolitan of Lemessos, Athanasius - (25/9/2010)

Ø  Saint Athanasius: Excerpt of a Homily on the Passion of the Lord and on the Cross - (21/9/2010)

Ø  Spiritual fishing: the labour of the Church - by Efthymios Zigavinos - (19/9/2010)

Ø  A Private Letter Concerning Ecumenism - by the Blessed Elder Paisios the Athonite - (18/9/2010)

Ø  Swiss Theologian Gabriel Bunge Becomes Orthodox  - (12/9/2010)

Ø  Knowledge and Vision of God in Cappadocian Fathers - From an Orthodox Journal of Theology - (10/9/2010)

Ø  On Schisms - by Archmandrite fr.Basil Bakoyannis - (8/9/2010)

Ø  Orthodoxy and Homosexuality - Transcript of an Ancient Faith Radio podcast -  (29/8/2010)

Ø  The experience of "astral projection" according to the Orthodox Faith -  (27/8/2010)

Ø  How to cultivate humility - Counsel by the Elder Paisios -  (26/8/2010)

Ø  The Ascetic and the Robber - God loves in mysterious ways: a narration from the Holy Mountain -  (23/8/2010)

Ø  "Sexual Addiction": An Orthodox and Scientific View - by Fr. George Morelli Ph.D.  - (22/8/2010)

Ø  Principles for healing the passion of lust - words by the early Church (200 A.D. to 850 A.D.)  - (21/8/2010)

Ø  Faith And Science In Orthodox Gnosiology and Methodology - by fr.George Metallinos  - (20/8/2010)

Ø  Orthodox Theology and Science - by Metropolitan Hierotheos Vlachos  - (20/8/2010)

Ø  Unravelling the Episcopal Assembly - Transcript of the event from an Ancient Faith Radio broadcast - (19/8/2010)

Ø  Apologetics: the basic concern of every faithful- by Fr. Anthony Alevizopoulos (†1996) - (18/8/2010)

Ø  Neopatristic, metapatristic and contextual "theology" - by Metropolitan Hierotheos Vlachos  - (17/8/2010)

Ø  A Homily on the Dormition of the Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary -  by Saint Gregory Palamas - (15/8/2010)

Ø  On the Feast of the Dormition - An overview by Fr. George Dion. Dragas - (14/8/2010)

Ø  A passion is not removed the same way as a sin - (12/8/2010)

Ø  Concerning fasting - by Saint Ignatius Brianchaninov - (10/8/2010)

Ø  The scandalmongers - a sermon by Archmandrite Fr. Joel Konstantarou of the Konitsa Metropolis - (9/8/2010)

Ø  Strange, Yet Familiar: My Journey - by Bishop Kallistos (Ware), Bishop of Diokleia - (8/8/2010)

Ø  Pride of Place  - Transcript from an Ancient Faith Radio broadcast - (6/8/2010)

Ø  A Letter from an Orthodox Christian to our Indian Brothers   - (2/8/2010)

Ø  Scandals - A Christian stance towards the phenomenon  - (22/7/2010)

Ø  Baptism by the Holy Spirit in the New Testament (book - Chapters 22-24)  - (21/7/2010)

Ø  Baptism by the Holy Spirit in the New Testament (book - Chapters 20-21)  - (11/7/2010)

Ø  Glad tidings for philosophers - Evangelist John's divinely inspired words:  “In the beginning was the Word......” - (7/7/2010)

Ø  Saint Andrew the first-called Apostle and Patron Saint of Scotland - (5/7/2010)

Ø  Fasting, Prayer, and Silence in Politics - The words of Saint Nicholas Velimirović, on Mahatma Ghandi - (2/7/2010)

Ø  A Convert’s Heritage : Western Saints - There is no country in Europe which does not have an Orthodox heritage. Let us make an effort to uncover these beacons of Christianity for our own edification and to the glory of God, wondrous in His saints. - (30/6/2010)

Ø  The Obedience of Love: An Interview with Sister Gavrilia - (29/6/2010)

Ø  Baptism by the Holy Spirit in the New Testament (book - Chapters 16-19)  - (14/6/2010)

Ø  A tale of two therapies - What is the therapeutic strategy of the Orthodox Church?  - (10/6/2010)

Ø  We are all the children of Byzantium - The annual lecture in honor of the great scholar of Byzantium, Steven Runciman coincided with the "Byzantium 330-1453" exhibition hosted by the Royal Academy in London. - (9/6/2010)

Ø  Science and Religion - The views of Archbishop, Surgeon and Saint Luke of Crimea  - (8/6/2010)

Ø  Miracle-lust: a child's disease - One of the basic reasons that people become entrapped in catastrophic cults and generally in heresies is the unhealthy search for wondrous signs and impressive charismas  - (6/6/2010)

Ø  Priests and Hypocrisy - Fr. Theodore Paraskevopoulos (Canada) reminds his fellow priests that they can easily fall into hypocrisy along with the Pharisees  - (5/6/2010)

Ø  Former criminals protect Orthodox monastery in Guatemala  - a Russian News Agency's report  - (2/6/2010)

Ø  The Pope's visit to Cyprus - The comments of Metropolitan Paul of Kyrenia, Cyprus - (1/6/2010)

Ø  Lost to the West: The Forgotten Byzantine Empire That Rescued Western Civilization (external link) The Roman Empire fell on Tuesday, May 29, 1453, when Mehmed II sacked Constantinople, and Constantine XI Dragases stripped off his imperial battle gear and died alone and unrecognized. If you dated the fall to September 5, 476, when Romulus Augustulus surrendered his crown and scepter to the Vandal Odoacer, you would be half right. That is indeed when the western half of the empire fell, setting off the so-called "Dark Ages" in earnest. But the eastern half lived on for another 1000 years, waxing and waning in influence from the Mediterranean to the Euphrates and from the Balkans to the Nile. It was finally eclipsed by the triumph of the Ottomans, never to rise again. Lars Brownworth guides us through a forgotten world and, with clarity and wit, brings it to vibrant life. - (31/5/2010)

Ø  Atheistic absurdities - Dragons, pink elephants and...the flying spaghetti monster - (31/5/2010)

Ø  Palamism Explained in Twelve Minutes or Less - Transcript from an Ancient Faith Radio broadcast - (27/5/2010)

Ø  Becoming Orthodox: The road to Chalcedon - as narrated by the newly converted Minas Monir - (26/5/2010)

Ø  Baptism by the Holy Spirit in the New Testament (book - Chapters 11-15)  - (24/5/2010)

Ø  Metropolitan Athanasius of Limassol : on the Pope's visit to Cyprus - (23/5/2010)

Ø  Patriarch Bartholomew on the "Immaculate Conception" - (21/5/2010)

Ø  Frequent Reception of the Holy Mysteries is Beneficial and Salvific - In the words of Saint Nicodemus - (16/5/2010)

Ø  The pre-Schism Orthodox Saints who evangelized Western Europe and the Scandinavian lands - A new chart of Saints and a selection of their Bios - (16/5/2010)

Ø  Saint Hilary of Poitiers, France

Ø  Saint Leander of Seville, Spain

Ø  Saint Ansgar of Hamburg, Germany

Ø  Saint Severinus of Austria

Ø  Saint Genevieve of Paris, France

Ø  Saint Lambert of Belgium

Ø  Saint Denis of Paris

Ø  Saint Cassien of Autun

Ø  Saint Remigius of Rheims

Ø  Saint Gallus of Switzerland

Ø  Saint Martin of Tours, France

Ø  Saint Hermenegild of Spain

Ø  Saint Eulalia of Barcelona

Ø  Saint Olaf of Norway

Ø  Saint Bathilde of France

Ø  Saint Eloi of France

Ø  Saint Willibrord of the Netherlands

Ø  Saint Irenaeus of Lyons

Ø  Saint Rupert of Salzburg

Ø  Saint Wigbert of Fritzlar

Ø  Saint Wolfgang of Ratisbon

Ø  Saint Livinus of Belgium

Ø  Native Americans and Orthodoxy - An interview with a native American convert to Orthodoxy - (14/5/2010)

Ø  Does Isaiah really teach the juridical theory of  a "demented god" who punishes one innocent in the place of sinners? - An analytical response to the Protestant distortion of Isaiah's prophecy - (10/5/2010)

Ø  Fr.Paul Sawabe - the first Japanese to embrace Orthodox Christianity (1833-1913) - (9/5/2010)

Ø  On the invocation of Saints - by Reader Christopher Orr  - (4/5/2010)

Ø  Debunking two myths on Capitalism - by Clark Carlton - (3/5/2010)

Ø  The significance of the Filioque question - by Fr. John S. Romanides - (29/4/2010)

Ø  Baptism by the Holy Spirit in the New Testament (book - Chapters 6-10)  - (27/4/2010)

Ø  In defense of the Septuagint - Comparing the Septuagint and the more recent Masoretic text  - (22/4/2010)

Ø  How should one be tested before becoming a monk, according to the Quinisext Synod? - (20/4/2010)

Ø  From Pentecostal to Orthodox - Transcript of a podcast interview by Frederica Mathewes-Greene - (19/4/2010)

Ø  Curing the sickness of Pharisaism - A homily on the topic by Metropolitan Athanasius of Limassol - (17/4/2010)

Ø  The Island (Остров) - with English subtitles. (external link, online movie) This movie displays Orthodox spirituality in a profound and moving way. Somewhere in Northern Russia in a small Russian Orthodox monastery lives an unusual man whose bizarre conduct confuses his fellow monks, while others who visit the island believe that the man has the power to heal, exorcise demons and foretell the future  - (16/4/2010)

Ø  “Elderism”:  Spurious “Elders” - by Protopresbyter Fr. Dionysios Tatsis - (12/4/2010)

Ø  The Gurus, the Young Man, and Elder Paisios  (external link) Podcast review of the book"The Gurus, the Young Man, and Elder Paisios" by Dionysios Farasiotis. Reviewed by Frederica Mathewes-Green - (11/4/2010)

Ø  Hesychasts & Zealots: Spiritual flourishing and social crisis in 14th century Byzantium - by Fr. George Metallinos - (9/4/2010)

Ø  A visual guide that we hope will rekindle the memory and the veneration of the cloud of indigenous  Saints and Martyrs of the One, Holy, Orthodox, Catholic and Apostolic Church of Britain, who lived, evangelized and gave their lives to Christ in the British Isles during the first millennium A.D.  - (Updated with more saints on 2/4/2010)

Ø  Video presentation of the Holy Light in Jerusalem: Testimonies and Evidence - (30/3/2010)

Ø  A brief history of the Irish Orthodox Church - a continuing tribute to Orthodoxy in the ancient British Isles - (29/3/2010)

Ø  "Our Hell and our Paradise are prepared by us, here" - by Abbot Petronius of the Holy Mountain - (28/3/2010)

Ø  Baptism by the Holy Spirit in the New Testament (book) - Scriptural evidence, step-by-step, of the Baptism by the Holy Spirit, the gifts bestowed, and a Christian's overall spiritual path, as delivered from the Apostolic era through to our time.  A book that responds to the Pentecostals' positions and elucidates the true opus of the Holy Spirit within the Church. - (25/3/2010)

Ø  The Origins of the Old Calendar Schism - (24/3/2010)

Ø  The "Mother of God of Felixstowe" Icon - Evidence that the Holy Mother was venerated throughout the ancient British Church - (24/3/2010)

Ø  Papal Infallibility Becomes Dogma - The Papal Bull "Unigenitus" (1713) caused a decline in the reputation of the See of Rome as a teacher of doctrinal truth  - (22/3/2010)

Ø  From Protestant to Orthodox  - (20/3/2010)

Ø  Differences Between Orthodox Teaching on Salvation and That of Protestants  - (18/3/2010)

Ø  The Orthodox presence in Wales - a continuing tribute to Orthodoxy in the ancient British Isles - (17/3/2010)

Ø  Holy Communion and Confession - From a homily by Metropolitan Hierotheos Vlachos  - (16/3/2010)

Ø  Catechesis for 4th Week in Lent- homily by Saint Theodore the Studite for the period of Lent - (15/3/2010)

Ø  The definition of the word "Gynai" - The importance of seemingly unimportant words in the Bible - (12/3/2010)

Ø  The Orthodox link between ancient Britain and Egypt - Britain was not as isolated from the east in ancient times as is popularly held - (10/3/2010)

Ø  Catechesis for 3rd Week in Lent - homily by Saint Theodore the Studite for the period of Lent - (8/3/2010)

Ø  The successful Wall Street broker who swapped Manhattan for a monastery - (8/3/2010)

Ø  Mindless Zeal - Some sobering advice by Fr. Dionysios Tatsis - (7/3/2010)

Ø  Preaching the Gospel of Christ in the Modern World  - (6/3/2010)

Ø  More Protestants Find a Home in the Orthodox Antioch Church - (5/3/2010)

Ø  Fasting without force - Thoughts by the Elder Porphyrios - (4/3/2010)

Ø  On Corrupt Bishops - Commentary by Metropolitan Georges Khodr of Mt. Lebanon - (3/3/2010)

Ø  Sign language of the Cross - A touching gesture by the genuine concern of the Church  - (2/3/2010)

Ø  THE MEANING OF THE GREAT FAST: The True Nature of Fasting - (1/3/2010)

Ø  A Muslim preacher converts to Orthodoxy - (28/2/2010)

Ø  3 homilies ( 2 by Saint Theodore the Studite) for the period of Lent - (27/2/2010)

Ø  Catechesis for 1st Week in Lent

Ø  Catechesis for 2nd Week in Lent

Ø  Relics, icons and crosses on board the International Space Station -  (27/2/2010)

Ø  A Historical Overview of Heresies - A simplified guide, describing the century-by-century appearance and evolution of the Church's opponents - (24/2/2010)

Ø  The Role Of The Protos Or Primate In The Church Of Greece - (21/2/2010)

Ø  Save the Department of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies at King's College London (external link) We agree with what this petition says, and we think you might also agree. If you can spare a moment, please take a look, and consider signing it.  - (21/2/2010) 

Ø  How should we behave towards atheists or heterodox? - Words of wisdom by a contemporary Elder - (19/2/2010)

Ø  Priest-Apostolic Fr. Raphael Morgan - An amazing missionary - (9/2/2010)

Ø  The Papacy: Its Historic Origin and Primitive Relations with the Eastern Churches - by Abbé Guettée - (6/2/2010)

Ø  Saint Edmund, King and Martyr of East Anglia - A continuing tribute to the pre-Schism Orthodox Saints of the British Isles - (2/2/2010)

Ø  Saint Laurence, Archbishop of Canterbury

Ø  Saint Oswin, King and Martyr of Northumbria

Ø  Saint Dyfrig, Archbishop of Caerleon, Wales

Ø  Saint Brigid of Kildare, Ireland

Ø  Saint Mawes of Cornwall

Ø  The Theological & Ecclesiastic significance of the electing of Patriarch of the Serbian Church - (2/2/2010)

Ø  Timeline of Orthodoxy in Britain - An overview of important historical events and the fate of Orthodoxy in the British Isles - (30/1/2010)

Ø  Papism: The insurmountable obstacle of Christian Unity - A commentary by His Beatitude the Archbishop of Australia - (26/1/2010)

Ø  David, Goliath and the Divinely-inspired sources of the Faith - Relating the familiar narration of David and Goliath to the Church's war against heresies -  (22/1/2010)

Ø  The Icon of the Presentation of our Lord Jesus Christ to the Temple - from a series of lessons on hagiography by Fr. Constantine Strategopoulos -  (19/1/2010)

Ø  Chart of all Synods - With details on dates, locations, reasons for convening each synod etc.  - (13/1/2010)

Ø  The problem of the Filioque - by Fr. John Zizioulas  (Dogmatics Lessons:  Addendum, Chapter G3 of total 5 chapters) - (13/1/2010)

Ø  Witchcraft in Congo: Testimonies from the Orthodox Mission in Africa - (10/1/2010)

Ø  Why did God become Man? The answer of St. Athanasios - A commentary by the Rev. Dr. George Dion. Dragas -  (4/1/2010)

Ø  The OODE website wishes all its readers and their families a Blessed and Joyous New Year, in glorification of our Lord God !! (1st of Jan., 2010 AD)



Ø  Wave of Clergy Killings in Russia - (30/12/2009)

Ø  The 8th Ecumenical Council: Constantinople IV (879/880) and the Condemnation of the Filioque Addition and Doctrine - The Filioque analyzed by Fr. George Dragas -  (28/12/2009)

Ø  Exposition of the Tomus of Faith Against Beccus - taken from the book "Crisis in Byzantium : The Filioque Controversy in the Patriarchate of Gregory II of Cyprus (1283-1289)" -   (28/12/2009)

Ø  The Icon of the Annunciation of the Most Holy Theotokos - from a series of lessons on hagiography by Fr. Constantine Strategopoulos -  (19/12/2009)

Ø  Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew: In Turkey I am being crucified every day!! - Stated in a televised CBS interview -  (19/12/2009)

Ø  Turkey's top court bans pro-Kurdish party (external link)  ANKARA (Reuters) – Turkey's top court on Friday closed the only pro-Kurdish party in parliament in a ruling that could deal a fresh blow to the nation's faltering EU membership bid. The European Union had warned that banning the party would violate Kurdish rights.  (11/12/2009)

Ø  Theology and Providence (oekonomia) in Western thought - by Fr. John Zizioulas  (Dogmatics Lessons:  Addendum, Chapter G2 of total 5 chapters) - (10/12/2009)

Ø  Our Church's participation in the Dialogue between the Orthodox Church and Papism - An intervention by Fr. Hierotheos Vlachos addressed to the Greek Hierarchy  - (8/12/2009)

Ø  Introduction to Western theology by Fr. John Zizioulas  (Dogmatics Lessons:  Addendum, Chapter G1 of total 5 chapters) - (5/12/2009)

Ø  On Fasting - An Orthodox explanation for this practice - (26/11/2009)

Ø  The Old Calendar -Á letter of clarification on the issue by Archmandrite Cyril    - (21/11/2009)

Ø  Safely Home to Heaven : A Letter from an Orthodox Nun to a Former Calvinist  - (21/11/2009)

Ø  «One must not pray together with heretics or schismatics» - Part 1 (On the practice of "Precision") - (20/11/2009)

Ø  «One must not pray together with heretics or schismatics» - Part 2 (On the practice of "Providence") - (20/11/2009)

Ø  The Ecclesiology of Saint Ignatius of Antioch - (18/11/2009)

Ø  Encyclical Letter of the Holy Synod of Bishops of the Orthodox Church in America on Christian Unity and Ecumenism - Signed in New York City, March 1973 - (6/11/2009)

Ø  The roots of the Orthodox Liturgy of the West - More historical information on Orthodoxy in the British Isles - (31/10/2009)

Ø  Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew and Primates - From an audience by His All Holiness, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew to the Orthodox Primates of the USA  - (31/10/2009)

Ø  Five types of Religious lives - Insightful observations by Mother Maria, a martyr of the Nazi concentration camps, and an early 20th century intellectual and nun - (29/10/2009)

Ø  The Communique of Dialogue Commission in Cyprus   - (28/10/2009)

Ø  "Orthodoxy has a great future in Guatemala"  - (28/10/2009)

Ø  Christ is the Head of the Church, not the Pope - A commentary on the Dialogue by the Metropolitan of Kyrenia - (26/10/2009)

Ø  Announcement by the Holy Synod of the Church of Greece regarding the Dialogues with the Latins - (16/10/2009)

Ø  A letter by the clergy to the Hierarchy of the Church of Greece concerning the letter by the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew - (15/10/2009)

Ø  The  Pancyprian Union of Greek Theologians expresses its concern regarding the Dialogue with the Latins in Cyprus - (15/10/2009)

Ø  Conciliarity as an element of communion and unity - (10/10/2009)

Ø  Your Holiness, WHAT "pan-Orthodox decision"? - The anguished cry of children to their father - (9/10/2009)

Ø  Little Dimitri with the gift of insight - (8/10/2009)

Ø  SPECIAL NEWS RELEASE : The Sacred Community of the Holy Mountain on the Dialogue with the Papists - The Sacred Community of the Holy Mountain has stated its official position regarding the Convention of the Joint Commission for the Dialogue between the Orthodox and the Roman Catholics, which is to take place in Cyprus. - (7/10/2009)

Ø  On the recognition of universal primacy for the Pope of Rome during the first millennium - (7/10/2009)

Ø  A visit by bishops of the German Roman Catholic church to the Patriarchate of Jerusalem - (5/10/2009)

Ø  Metropolitan Seraphim of Ioannoupolis proposes the postponement of the Cyprus convention  - (3/10/2009)

Ø  The letter by Bishop John Zizioulas of Pergamon to all Metropolitans of the Church of Greece   - (3/10/2009)

Ø  Metropolitan Seraphim's letter to Archbishop Hieronymos regarding the Committee for the Dialogue with the Latins in Cyprus  - (3/10/2009)

Ø  Map distributed to Istanbul schools redraws borders of Turkey - (2/10/2009)

Ø  My great adventure in search of the Truth - The story of how a Roman Catholic nun discovered the fullness of the Truth in the Orthodox Church - (2/10/2009)

Ø  The Reverend Metropolitan of Piraeus Seraphim responds to  an announcement by the Latin community regarding the Greek Elections - (1/10/2009)

Ø  Announcement by the Metropolitan Andrew of Konitsa regarding the Committee for the Dialogue with the Latins in Cyprus - (1/10/2009)

Ø  The simple housewife who taught Saint Chrysostom how to preach - (30/9/2009)

Ø  Are all Ecclesiastic Synods Valid/Infallible? - In the Church of the Lord there are no "absolute lords" among the people.  It is always the just views of the Saints, and not the  potentates, the majorities or the Dignitaries that finally prevail - (30/9/2009)

Ø  THE BOOK OF TOBIT (Part 1) The Fish, as mentioned in the Book of Tobit: Superstition, or a Prophetic Symbolism? - (24/9/2009)

Ø  A visual guide that we hope will rekindle the memory and the veneration of the cloud of indigenous  Saints and Martyrs of the One, Holy, Orthodox, Catholic and Apostolic Church of Britain, who lived, evangelized and gave their lives to Christ in the British Isles and Ireland during the first millennium A.D.  - (24/9/2009)     

Ø  Christian tombs desecrated in a historic Istanbul cemetery - (24/9/2009) 

Ø  Mr. John Spiteris: A genuine expresser of Papism! - A recent example of Papism's unchanging stance towards Orthodox theology  - (18/9/2009)

Ø  The Spiritual Father: Spiritual paternity in the light of Orthodox Tradition - The task of finding and choosing a suitable spiritual father is not an easy one - (17/9/2009)

Ø  The reason for convening the Sixth Ecumenical Synod - (15/9/2009)

Ø  The Synaxis of the Church - (14/9/2009)

Ø  Saint Angus of Keld - A continuing tribute to the pre-Schism Orthodox Saints of the British Isles - (10/9/2009)

Ø  Saint Kieran of Clonmacnoise  

Ø  Saint Colman of Oughaval 

Ø  Saint Petroc of Cornwall  

Ø  Saint Constantine of Cornwall 

Ø  Saint Donnan, Martyr of Eigg, Scotland 

Ø  Be a Muslim or die! - Two young women have been sentenced to death because they changed their religion! -  (3/9/2009)

Ø  Add your signature to the petition to the Embassy of Iran to withdraw the death penalty

Ø  Send your protest to other Iranian Embassies

Ø  Saint Brendan the Navigator, Clonfert, Ireland - A continuing tribute to the pre-Schism Orthodox Saints of the British Isles - (2/9/2009)

Ø  Saint Piran, Bishop of Padstowe, Cornwall  

Ø  Saint Aristobulus, Apostle of Britain 

Ø  Saint Melangell of Wales  

Ø  The Holy Hierarch Saint Brannoc, Abbot of Braunton, Devonshire 

Ø  The Venerable Bede - Author, Confessor

Ø  How Do Orthodox Christians Evangelize?  - (25/8/2009)

Ø  Inside the Celtic-Anglo-Saxon Church ca.550-1000 - More historical information on the ancient Church in the British Isles  - (25/8/2009)

Ø  The Old and the New Calendar - Two narrations evidencing the spiritual insignificance of the Calendar - (22/8/2009)

Ø  Should he send his wife away for reasons of adultery? - (21/8/2009)

Ø  The "Filioque" - An extensive analysis of the error - (19/8/2009)

Ø  Metropolitan Seraphim: Uncritical zealotry and syncretistic Ecumenism are a common fallacy -  (18/8/2009)

Ø  The Homily by Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew at Lyons on heresies and the union - (16/8/2009)

Ø  A German Protestant comes to know Orthodoxy through the wireless - (16/8/2009)

Ø  Our German-speaking website: Another new beginning for OODE ! Thanks to the collaboration of the German-speaking, Orthodox Parish of Saint Christopher in Mainz, Germany, and the blessings of its Parish Priest, Fr. Johannes Nothhaas, we are embarking on a new, German-speaking sector of our website and are hoping for God's help and the prayers of all our readers. - (14/8/2009)

Ø  oodegr.com hacked ? So what!  It looks like certain old, unfamiliar faces have once again remembered us after quite a long time. In fact, very close to our website's 5th anniversary. Could this be a mere coincidence? Having located security gaps in our former website host, they hacked into our web pages and inserted a code that Google interpreted as "suspicious".  Google then proceeded to blacklist us, as a result of which, whenever someone found our site - whether through Google or when opening the website through Mozilla Firefox - a message would appear on screen, warning that the site is "dangerous".  We immediately corrected the problem, and we would like to thank them (the perpetrators) for giving us this "push" to spruce up our site - something that we would not have done under normal circumstances, on account of our....laziness!!  But, as they say, every obstacle has its benefits.... We would like to dedicate the following to them, with our thanks: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eflY3oCWBpI  -  (13/8/2009)

Ø  Church and Prison - a Homily delivered at the University of Cyprus on the 24th of November 2003 - (12/8/2009)

Ø  Metropolitan of Kyrenia: "No" to common prayers - (10/8/2009)

Ø  The Holy Protomartyr Alban - The first of a series of articles to acquaint us with the ancient Orthodox Saints of the British Isles - (7/8/2009)

Ø  The Holy Hierarch David of Wales, Bishop of Menevia

Ø  The Holy Hierarch Patrick, the Apostle of Ireland

Ø  The Venerable Columba, Abbot of Iona

Ø  The Holy Hierarch Aidan, Bishop of Lindisfarne

Ø  The Holy Hierarch Cuthbert, Bishop of Lindisfarne

Ø  The Venerable Hilda, Abbess of Whitby

Ø  The Holy Hierarch Augustine, Archbishop of Canterbury

Ø  The Holy Hierarch Theodore, Archbishop of Canterbury

Ø  A brief history of the Orthodox Church in the British Isles  - (6/8/2009)

Ø  Elder Paisios and Saint Efimia - (5/8/2009)

Ø  The spreading of Swine Flu and the Mysteries (Sacraments) of our Church  - A Church Encyclical to the faithful on the recent Flu panic - (3/8/2009)

Ø  Stella: God's little sparrow - A modern-day "fool for Christ" - (30/7/2009)

Ø  The new Flu and Holy Communion - The Christian view -  (24/7/2009)

Ø  The Great Reversal - The course of a publisher of a well-known magazine for "spiritual search", which led him to Orthodoxy -  (21/7/2009)

Ø  The Icon of the Nativity - from a series of lessons on hagiography by Fr. Constantine Strategopoulos -  (19/7/2009)

Ø  Intervention by the Greek Archbishop of the Old Catholics on the matter of the Orthodox - Roman Catholic dialogues -  (18/7/2009)

Ø  A Bulgarian "NO" to the Orthodox-Catholic Dialogue -  A news item from the Ecclesiastic News Agency "Romfea" - (15/7/2009)

Ø  Is God just?  -  Insights and clarifications, by Fathers of the Church - (15/7/2009)

Ø  Does God punish? -  Insight on the question, by the late Elder Joseph of the Vatopedion Monastery - (9/7/2009)

Ø  Speech of the Ecumenical Patriarch in the Hall of the Throne - (9/7/2009)

Ø  A smile from Eternity The funeral of a blessed Elder  - (2/7/2009)

Ø  Two miracles proving that the calendar does not save...  by the late Archmandrite Philotheos Zervakos - (2/7/2009)

Ø  Pope Visit to Mount Sinai and Its Orthodox Monastery: Common prayer is refused.  Parts of an article in the New York Times, dated February 27, 2000. - (1/7/2009)

Ø  Metropolitan Seraphim: Old Calendarists should repent - (29/6/2009)

Ø  The secret - (14/6/2009)

Ø  The importance of the Septuagint - (13/6/2009)

Ø  The Patriarch of Alexandria visits the Masai in Kenya - (9/6/2009)

Ø  Archbishop of Athens Seraphim's negative response to the Pope's invitation - (9/6/2009)

Ø  Sacred concern and "ecumenical" dialogues -  From an address by the Ecumenical Patriarch - (5/6/2009)

Ø  The seizing of Temples by Uniates in the Ukraine - A letter written in 1989 by the Patriarch of Moscow - (4/6/2009)

Ø  Ecumenical Impact on Orthodox Witness and Mission:A convert's reflections - (31/5/2009)

Ø  A Confession of Faith against Ecumenism - A declaration drafted by the Convention of Orthodox Clergy and Monks in April of 2009.  The OODE website has subscribed to this text, with the utmost respect and love towards heretics and/or those of other beliefs, but also with the utmost respect towards God's Truth, which is the only guide towards true love and tolerance - (30/5/2009)

Ø  Iconoclasts: Orthodoxy's "conservatives" - An essay by Ch. Yannaras - (28/5/2009)

Ø  Yoga and meditation - Practices that cannot be compared to the Christian Faith and Prayer - (11/5/2009)

Ø  The Crisis is a spiritual one - A commentary on the underlying reasons for the crisis today - (6/5/2009)

Ø  The Icon of the Theotokos - from a series of lessons on hagiography by Fr. Constantine Strategopoulos -  (5/5/2009)

Ø  "Unity", "Division", "Reunion" in the light of Orthodox Ecclesiology - by Fr. Alexander Schmemann -  ( 4/5/2009)

Ø  The Paschal Homily - A special celebratory text by Saint John the Chrysostom, recited on the Eve of Easter Sunday - (25/4/2009)

Ø  A letter from a prisoner - Missionary work can bloom in the unlikeliest of places - (24/4/2009)

Ø  The Jesus Prayer - An online book by Fr. Lev Gillet  -  (21/4/2009)

Ø  Discussions and views on the Holy Light  -  Following the posting of our video-documentary, The Miracle of the Holy Light in Jerusalem: Testimonies and evidenceon the phenomenon of the Holy Light as recorded there in detail, we noticed a most interesting conversation on the topic, in a Greek blog (Expaganus) with non-faithful people striving to justify their lack of faith by proposing comical, unconvincing excuses - (20/4/2009)

Ø  Mother Gabriella - The Sayings   -  (16/4/2009).

Ø  The unity of the human person: The body-soul relationship in Orthodox Theology  -    (15/4/2009).

Ø  The Miracle of the Holy Light in Jerusalem: Testimonies and evidence (OODE Blog) Video documentary, about the Holy Light which doesn't burn.   (Multilingual subtitles)

Ø  Thoughts about Freedom -  (14/4/2009).

Ø  Who is the Truth ? - Man's Personal Relationship with a Personal God -  (13/4/2009).

Ø  Saturday of Lazarus -  (10/4/2009).

Ø  Orthodox Ecclesiology in Outline -  (9/4/2009).

Ø  Ecclesiology: What is It? Why is It Important?   -  (7/4/2009).


Ø  Elder Porphyrios - Testimonies and Experiences -  The last chapters of the book by Klitos Ioannides  (3/4/2009).

Ø  Fr. Michael Michael

Ø  Theodora Solomonidou

Ø  Mary Kontogianni-Ioannidou

Ø  Accounts about Elder Porphyrios

Ø  Elder Porphyrios' conversations with Cypriots

Ø  Elder Porphyrios' own accounts

Ø  An Anthology of Elder Porphyrios' Conversations with his spiritual children

Ø  Instead of an Epilogue

Ø  A Few Words about the Author

Ø  A description of Hell by the Elder_Paisios  - (1/4/2009)

Ø  Atheistic cannibalism - How atheism can turn Man into a beast  - (31/3/2009)

Ø  Orthodox Youth Workshop in London , “LIFE AFTER DEATH : The SOUL and BODY” (external link) Annual Orthodox Youth Workshop to take place at the Orthodox Cathedral of the Dormition of the Mother of God, Trinity Road, Wood Green, London N22 8LB on Bank Holiday (Latin), Good Friday - 10th April 2009.

Ø  A saintly Fool for Christ in the heart of Athens -  From the newly-circulated book on the life of "Crazy John" - (25/3/2009)

Ø  Atheist buses, God's Chocolates, but .... atheist Christians?   -  (22/3/2009)

Ø  Elder Porphyrios - Testimonies and Experiences - Cont'd (21/3/2009).

Ø  George Papazahos

Ø  Alexander M.Stavropoulos

Ø  Nikos Zias

Ø  Constantine Gregoriades

Ø  Evangelos Karademos (Poem)

Ø  «Godless» buses and the «broad» highway  -  (20/3/2009)

Ø  The Gurus, the Young Man and Elder Paisios   (external link, amazon.com) This powerful memoir tells the story of a Greek youth who, out of a desire to know the truth empirically, began to experiment in yoga, hypnotism, and various occult techniques.. Eventually drawn back to the Faith of his forefathers, Orthodox Christianity, he visited the ancient monastic republic of Mount Athos in his native Greece, where he was brought to a knowledge of the Truth of Jesus Christ by the saintly Elder Paisios (1924-1994). Nevertheless, believing he had only found part of the truth on the Holy Mountain, he chose to give the same opportunity to Hindu yogis that he had given to Elder Paisios and other Orthodox monks. Thus, at the age of twenty-five, he embarked on a trip to India, where he undertook his search in the ashrams of three famous gurus, one of whom was worshipped as a god. His experiences in India, along with his subsequent encounters with Elder Paisios on Mount Athos, are recounted in the present book in vivid detail.

Ø  The Orthodox Church in Rumania versus Ecumenism  -  (15/3/2009)

Ø  Confession - Confessor - Confessing -  (13/3/2009)

Ø  Secularization in the Church: the Iconomachy of our day   -  (7/3/2009)


Ø  Communion and Otherness  -  Another important analysis by the reverend Metropolitan of Pergamon Fr. John Zizioulas  (3/3/2009)

Ø  Orthodox Pathology  -  From the book by Fr. Hierotheos Vlachos "Orthodox Psychotherapy"  -   (27/2/2009)

Ø  Misapprehended sanctity -  An analysis of the term 'sanctity' by the reverend Metropolitan of Pergamon Fr. John Zizioulas  (25/2/2009)

Ø  Elder Porphyrios - Testimonies and Experiences - Cont'd (24/2/2009).

Ø  George Demetriou

Ø  Elder Sophrony

Ø  Archimandrite Paul

Ø  The Metropolitan of Kydonia and Apokoronos, Irenaeus and associates

Ø  Constantine Scouteris

Ø  Panagiota Ghika-Doitsini

Ø  UNIA: The Face and the Disguise Book by Protopresbyter George D. Metallinos - cont'd (20/2/2009).

Ø  How is the Pope’s persistence explained?

Ø  “NO” to disorientation!

Ø  Conclusion

Ø  Bibliography (selected)

Ø  Elder Porphyrios - Testimonies and Experiences - Cont'd (11/2/2009).

Ø  N.N.

Ø  Andreas Tyllirides

Ø  H.H.

Ø  Theology of Creation   -  The reverend Metropolitan of Pergamon Fr. John Zizioulas presents another aspect of Creation and Man's stance  (16/2/2009)

Ø  Created Being - An excerpt from "The Mystical Theology of the Eastern Church"  (15/2/2009)

Ø  Elder Porphyrios - Testimonies and Experiences - Cont'd (11/2/2009).

Ø  Panagiotis Sotirchos

Ø  The meaning of the word "soul", as a component of Man  -  Disproving the mortality of the soul, from within the Holy Bible    (11/2/2009)

Ø  Ecological asceticism: a cultural revolution  -  The reverend Metropolitan of Pergamon Fr. John Zizioulas, calls for a new concept of quality of life in a finite Creation  (7/2/2009)

Ø  Elder Porphyrios - Testimonies and Experiences - Cont'd (6/2/2009).

Ø  Elder Porphyrios - Prophet of our time  

Ø  Stavros Kalkandes  


Ø  Elder Porphyrios - Testimonies and Experiences - Cont'd (2/2/2009).

Ø  Archmandrite Daniel Gouvalis

Ø  Archmandrite Ioannikios Kotsonis

Ø  Monk Moses

Ø  Monk Nicodemus Bilalis

Ø  About the Church - An outline of the essence of the Church by the Elder Porphyrios  (28/1/2009)

Ø  On Women's Ordination  -  A letter by Fr. Alexander Schmemann  (25/1/2009)

Ø  Elder Porphyrios - Testimonies and Experiences - Cont'd (22/1/2009).

Ø  Hieromonk Athanasios

Ø  Protopresbyter George Metallinos

Ø  Presbyter George C. Evthimiou

Ø  The Function of Spiritual Paternity (21/1/2009).

Ø  UNIA: The Face and the Disguise Book by Protopresbyter George D. Metallinos - cont'd (19/1/2009).

Ø  Unia in Greece

Ø  What is the real danger?

Ø  The Vatican’s eloquent silence

Ø  Elder Porphyrios - Testimonies and Experiences (10/1/2009).

Ø  Acknowledgements - Comments

Ø  Introductory Note - A few words about the 3rd Edition

Ø  Prologue to the 2nd Edition - Preface to the 1st Edition

Ø  What is an Elder?

Ø  Short Biography

Ø  The Farewell letter of Elder Porphyrios

Ø  A text that the Elder loved - An Announcement

Ø  A taperecording of a teaching from Elder Porphyrios - Another announcement



Ø  The Orthodox Therapist (27/12/2008).

Ø  The Struggle for Patristic Theology in the Church of Russia (16/12/2008).

Ø  UNIA: The Face and the Disguise Book by Protopresbyter George D. Metallinos - cont'd (15/12/2008).

Ø   4.    The genesis of the Holy Inquisition

Ø   5.    The genesis of Unia

Ø   6.    Unia and the Christian East

Ø  Orthodox therapeutics for homosexuality: A "Fool for Christ" heals a transvestite (3/12/2008).

Ø  UNIA: The Face and the Disguise Book by Protopresbyter George D. Metallinos (21/11/2008).

Ø  God: the Lord of History

Ø  “Unia”

Ø  The historical framework

Ø  Interest, Usury, Capitalism (11/11/2008)

Ø  The infants of Babylon and the Stone (1/11/2008).

Ø  Capitalism’s ideology (25/10/2008).

Ø  Depression: The “silent epidemic” (21/10/2008).

Ø  A World Split Apart (11/10/2008).

Ø  “Religion” or “Kingdom”? (30/92008).

Ø  Fr. Romanides’ comments on the infallibility of the Holy Bible (24/92008).

Ø  Injustice Is a Great Sin (22/9/2008).

Ø  Does everyone receive the Holy Spirit at Baptism? (20/9/2008).

Ø  Voltaire and the ‘Blacks’ The true, repugnant face of the “Enlightenment” (30/8/2008).

Ø  Dogma and hyper-Dogmatism (22/8/2008).

Ø  Genuine and false experiences of the Grace of God (21/8/2008).

Ø  The holy anarchists (20/8/2008).

Ø  The “Filioque” (16/8/2008).

Ø  The barbarity in the Olympics of antiquity (14/8/2008).

Ø  The Theology of Icons and the Incarnation of God the Logos (13/8/2008).

Ø  A “good” God and a “bad” God (11/8/2008).

Ø  The Turkish army is closely monitoring the activities of Christian organizations in Turkey (9/8/2008).

Ø  What do we mean by “Fathers of the Church”? (5/8/2008).

Ø  Papism is not a “Church”! (4/8/2008).

Ø  Did the Apostle Peter actually go to Rome? (1/8/2008).

Ø  They must learn, for they do not know (31/7/2008).

Ø  Constantine the Great and Historical Truth (30/7/2008).

Ø  Did Peter have more authority than the other Apostles? (28/7/2008).

Ø  Deification and Orthodoxy (22/7/2008).

Ø  WHY I CONVERTED TO THE ORTHODOX FAITH. CHAPTER 20. A new beginning (21/7/2008).



Ø  WHY I CONVERTED TO THE ORTHODOX FAITH. CHAPTER 17. Researching the Fathers (17/7/2008).

Ø  WHY I CONVERTED TO THE ORTHODOX FAITH. CHAPTER 16. An about-face! (16/7/2008).

Ø  WHY I CONVERTED TO THE ORTHODOX FAITH. CHAPTER 15. A compromise without compromising! (14/7/2008).

Ø  WHY I CONVERTED TO THE ORTHODOX FAITH. CHAPTER 14. A shattering decision!  (12/7/2008).

Ø  An introductory speech by His Beatitude the Archbishop of Athens and All Greece Hieronymos at the Convening of the Hierarchy (11/7/2008).

Ø  WHY I CONVERTED TO THE ORTHODOX FAITH. CHAPTER 13. An intermezzo in France! (9/7/2008).



Ø  WHY I CONVERTED TO THE ORTHODOX FAITH. CHAPTER 10. The heights of scholastic philosophy (5/7/2008).

Ø  Freedom and way of existence in Orthodoxy (3/7/2008).

Ø  WHY I CONVERTED TO THE ORTHODOX FAITH. CHAPTER 9. The school of devoutness (28/6/2008).

Ø  Is “SOLA SCRIPTURA” (=only the Scripture) the key to the Truth? (24/6/2008).

Ø  WHY I CONVERTED TO THE ORTHODOX FAITH. CHAPTER 8. A teacher of Russian! (23/6/2008).

Ø  Why I converted to the Orthodox faith Chapter 7 (12/6/2008).

Ø  Relating science and religion (10/6/2008).

Ø  The Archbishop of Athens Hieronymos regarding the Papist crimes in Croatia (9/6/2008).

Ø  Simple village folk who saw… the Uncreated Light! (4/6/2008).

Ø  Religious affiliation: Muslim-Sunni (27/5/2008).

Ø  The begetting of the Son and the freedom of the Father according to 4th century patristic tradition (24/5/2008).


Ø  DIVINE EROS (20/5/2008).

Ø  The proselytism of Orthodox Christians in Italy (19/5/2008).

Ø  The snack parlor with a… Church inside (14/5/2008).

Ø  Are the principles of Monasticism teachings of the Lord, or of the later Church? (9/5/2008).

Ø  Anglican Options: Rome or Orthodoxy? (7/5/2008).

Ø  The Appearance of the Parish and the Unity of the Church in "One Eucharist, Under the Leadership of the Bishop" (6/5/2008).

Ø  The Emergence of the Parish (5/5/2008).

Ø  Resurrection in Turkey! (3/5/2008).

Ø  Is “secular psychotherapy” compatible to Orthodoxy’s anthropology? (23/4/2008).

Ø  The Ascetic Ideal and the New Testament (15/4/2008).

Ø  The Big Lie. NATO's Campaign of Deception in Kosovo (14/4/2008).

Ø  The Inadequacy of the Critique by Anders Nygren (9/4/2008).

Ø  Two new sections are being inaugurated:  Starting today, our website will also be hosting articles in Italian and Turkish, as a small contribution towards the Evangelizing of our Turkish-speaking and Italian-speaking fellow humans (7/4/2008).

Ø  Why is there evil in the world? (5/4/2008).

Ø  "Byzantium" was an unbroken continuation of the Roman Empire (27/3/2008).

Ø  The blight of “Bavarocracy” in the Church of Greece (8/3/2008).

Ø  The enthronement speech of His Beatitude the Archbishop of Athens and All Greece Hieronymos (22/2/2008).

Ø  The Divine Eucharist, the Bishop and the Unity of the "catholic Church." Implications of Unity in the Eucharist and the Bishop for the Formation of the Catholic Church (19/2/2008).



Ø  One Eucharist - One Bishop in Each Church (6/2/2008).

Ø  “I anticipate the Resurrection of the Dead…” (1/2/2008).

Ø  The passing of the Archbishop of Athens and All Greece Christodoulos (31/1/2008).

Ø  Theology “for the fun of it” (26/1/2008).

Ø  Ecology by process of elimination …and Christmas (9/1/2008).

Ø  Yuri Gagarin: the first Orthodox in Space (8/1/2008).

Ø  Pontic Greek Genocide (external link) the persecutions, massacres, expulsions, and death marches of Pontian Greek populations in the historical region of Pontus have now been recognized by the International Association of Genocide Scholars (7/1/2008).



Ø  Faith and Science: Contradictory or complementary meanings? (17/12/2007).

Ø  Harsh criticism addressed to the Vatican by the Archbishop Stylianos of Australia (15/12/2007).

Ø  Calvin’s erroneous views on Monasticism (10/12/2007).

Ø  IS THE BIBLE “The Word Of God”? (8/12/2007).

Ø  Luther’s rejection of Monasticism (28/11/2007).

Ø  «Christ is Risen!» (14/11/2007).

Ø  The Epistle of St. James and Luther's Evaluation (13/11/2007).

Ø  Book: "ROMANITY, OR BARBARITY?" Part C-- The clash with the West

Ø  Chapter 6 - The Dark  Ages

Ø  Chapter 7 - The first appearance of the “Greeks”

Ø  Chapter 8 - Charlemagne and the autonomizing of the West from Romanity

Ø  Epilogue (12/11/2007).

Ø  The manifestations of evil, or, reflections on the narration regarding the demonically possessed Gadarene (8/11/2007).

Ø  Baptismal Theology (5/11/2007).

Ø  Decoding DNA – cloning (The Memoral Spiritual Aspect) (5/11/2007).

Ø  The Divine Eucharist and "The Church of God"

Ø  The "President" of the Eucharist as "Bishop" of the "Church of God" Part one of book: "EUCHARIST, BISHOP, CHURCH: THE UNITY OF THE CHURCH IN THE DIVINE EUCHARIST AND THE BISHOP DURING THE FIRST THREE CENTURIES" Historical evidence on the Administration and the evolution of the Church during the three first centuries (3/11/2007)

Ø  The unity of the Church in the Divine Eucharist and the Bishop as a fundamental historical question Introduction of book: "EUCHARIST, BISHOP, CHURCH: THE UNITY OF THE CHURCH IN THE DIVINE EUCHARIST AND THE BISHOP DURING THE FIRST THREE CENTURIES" Historical evidence on the Administration and the evolution of the Church during the three first centuries (!!!) (30/10/2007)

Ø  Elder Amphilochios Makris -Spiritual Counsels- (18/10/2007)

Ø  The Energies of God (1). General (6/10/2007)

Ø  Celebrating the decease of death… (22/9/2007)

Ø  ’I CONFESS ONE BAPTISM…’’ Book by Protopresbyter George D. Metallinos. Interpretation and Application Of Canon VII of the Second Ecumenical Council. By the Kollyvades and Constantine Oikonomos (A contribution to the historico-canonical evaluation of the problem of the validity of  Western baptism). (15/9/2007)

Ø  Christian Unity - An Orthodox View (13/9/2007)

Ø  Greek Protestants ask:  Why be Orthodox? (8/9/2007)

Ø  The "Road" and Salvation (7/9/2007)

Ø  PATRISTIC THEOLOGY Book Transcript of taperecorded lectures of Father John Romanides at the Thessaloniki University’s School of Theology. (5/9/2007)



Ø  What the ‘nous’ of man is

Ø  Who can be regarded a ‘psychopath’, according to the Fathers of the Church?

Ø  On the deviation of Western Christendom from the Orthodox ethos

Ø  What “Orthodoxy” is

Ø  The social scope of Orthodoxy

Ø  Philokalian distinction between Orthodoxy and heresy (25/8/2007)

Ø  “Sati”: contemporary Hindu human sacrifices (20/8/2007)

Ø  Protestantism in search of Orthodoxy (18/8/2007)

Ø  The Second Coming of Christ (10/8/2007)

Ø  A perfect God, but an imperfect world? (27/7/2007)

Ø  Peter and the Keys to the Kingdom (13/7/2007)

Ø  Orthodoxy's Worship (7/7/2007)

Ø  «Religion is the opium of the people» (28/6/2007)

Ø  The letter of the Law can be deadly (16/6/2007)

Ø  “Technologizing”, instead of Theologizing  (15/6/2007)

Ø  The status of Priesthood in the officiators of the Lord’s Church (13/6/2007)

Ø  Orthodox Theology applied (7/6/2007).

Ø  Thoughts and Deception (4/6/2007).

Ø  The stages in atheism (2/6/2007).

Ø  Can there be severe cases of “guruism” in the Orthodox realm? (29/5/2007).

Ø  The misapprehension regarding “a-dogmatism” (non-sectarianism) (28/5/2007).

Ø  The Resurrection of Christ is the annihilation of Death (18/5/2007).

Ø  The juridical mentality of the West annuls Christ’s sacrifice (17/5/2007).

Ø  History and Eschatology (8/5/2007).

Ø  On the Church (7/5/2007).

Ø  The Holy Mountain:  A place with ecumenical coordinates and a celestial orientation (4/5/2007).

Ø  On the beatings that the Lord suffered (3/5/2007).

Ø  On the experience of Theosis (2/5/2007).

Ø  Capitalism as the offspring of Western Metaphysics (28/4/2007).

Ø  The problem of priority between Christology and Pneumatology (of the Spirit). Ecclesiological consequences (18/4/2007).

Ø  The Protestant mentality and the Scriptural critics’ misconceptions (5/4/2007).

Ø  Part B -- The shaping of the Roman conscience Book by Anastasios Philippides. The historical problems of the Roman Empire, Hellenism and the West (22/3/2007).

Ø  Old Calendarism and the Holy Mountain Monastery of Esfigmenou (21/3/2007).

Ø  Orthodoxy and sociopolitical services (17/3/2007).

Ø  The Universe, probabilities and Goedel (16/3/2007).

Ø  “And now, what will become of us, without the barbarians?” (9/3/2007).

Ø  Heresies, Ecumenism: The Ecumenist Dialogues Unmasked (5/3/2007).

Ø  The falsehood ascribed to Scythopolis (3/3/2007).

Ø  The dialectics of “the one” and “the many”. The priority of a universal Church (26/2/2007).

Ø  A communion of persons, or a communion of natures? (22/2/2007).

Ø  The functions of the Church (16/2/2007).

Ø  Imagery in ontology (15/2/2007).

Ø  Romanity, or Barbarity? Book by Anastasios Philippides. The historical problems of the Roman Empire, Hellenism and the West. Part1. (12/2/2007).

Ø  The Local and worldwide Church – The Synodic institution (9/2/2007).

Ø  Formation and structure of the Church (6/2/2007).

Ø  The Trinitarian basis of Ecclesiology (5/2/2007).

Ø  Schismatic Old-Calendarism is an anti-Patristic stance (1/2/2007).

Ø  “Therapeutic” or “Liturgical”  Ecclesiology. The synthesis of Saint Maximus the Confessor (22/1/2007).

Ø  Press Release by the Sacred Metropolis of Druinoupolis and Konitsa (16/1/2007).

Ø  Orthodox Ecclesiology topics. Introduction (15/1/2007).

Ø  Ecumenism and Tradition according to the Elder Paisios (13/1/2007).

Ø  The myth regarding the Orthodox presence in the dialogues with other faiths (11/1/2007).

Ø  Orthodox Ecclesiology topics (9/1/2007).


Ø  Ecclesiology (4/1/2007).



Ø  Salvation (22/12/2006).

Ø  "Holy Communion" with wafers and juices (18/12/2006).

Ø  Christology (11/12/2006).

Ø  The consequences of man’s downfall (9/12/2006).

Ø  Existential consequences of the dogma on Creation (7/12/2006).

Ø  The difference between the terms “Father” and “Creator” (27/11/2006).

Ø  Tae-Kwon-Do and Orthodoxy (16/11/2006).

Ø  The schismatic Old-Calendarists (13/11/2006).

Ø  "Byzantine" Hagiography - A Rational Depiction (1/11/2006).

Ø  A Short Biography of Elder Porphyrios (20/10/2006).

Ø  Experiencing the Sacrament/Mystery of the Church through Baptism and the Eucharist (18/10/2006).

Ø  Elder Paisios - short biography (17/10/2006).

Ø  Concerning Repentance and Spiritual Warfare (16/10/2006).

Ø  The Struggle in Prayer (14/10/2006).

Ø  The Bliss of Knowing the Way (13/10/2006).

Ø  Prayer of the Spirit (12/10/2006).

Ø  Contemplation (11/10/2006).

Ø  The tragedy of Man (9/10/2006).

Ø  Associating the Divine Eucharist to the Church (7/10/2006).

Ø  The Risk in Creation (6/10/2006).

Ø  Knowledge of God (4/10/2006).

Ø  Elder Sophrony - short biography (3/10/2006).

Ø  Trinitarian  freedom and subjugation by idols  (2/10/2006).

Ø  Why I Converted to the orthodox faith Book. The story of a former jesuit priest (30/9/2006).

Ø  Creation from nil (18/9/2006).

Ø  Why is praying with non-Orthodox prohibited? (13/9/2006).

Ø  The Redemptive dialogue of Created and Uncreated within History (12/9/2006).

Ø  Yoga:  a science, or a religion? (2/9/2006).

Ø  What do the four animals of the Apocalypse symbolize? (28/8/2006).

Ø  The dogma regarding Creation (25/8/2006).

Ø  The dogma of creation. 2. The correction of Platonic ideas by the Christian faith (24/8/2006).

Ø  When, exactly, is the End of Time? (21/8/2006).

Ø  The Enigma of I AM (5/8/2006).

Ø  The perennial honoring of saints by the Church (24/7/2006).

Ø  The Kingdom of Heaven, where racial discrimination has no place (11/7/2006).

Ø  The Culture & civilization of Romania (a.k.a. "Byzantium") (3/7/2006).

Ø  A… thief for God! (22/6/2006).

Ø  The true reason for the publicity behind the Gnostic “Gospel of Judas” (19/6/2006).

Ø  The dogma of creation. 1. The problem of Gnosticism (12/6/2006).

Ø  on the existence of God and on the creation of the world (5/6/2006).

Ø  The Ecumenical Synods (30/5/2006).

Ø  In Search of the Truth Book Á true story -as testified by the people who were actually involved- that describes in detail the path they took, to escape from the confines of the Watchtower organization and to find the Church of Christ (20/5/2006).

Ø  Why all the hype over the so-called “Gospel of Judas”? (8/5/2006).

Ø  Ecclesiastic Psychotherapy vs. Secular Therapeutic Techniques (3/5/2006).

Ø  The Community of the Desert and the Loneliness of the Cities (26/4/2006).

Ø  Old Calendar - New Calendar: the facts (14/4/2006).

Ø  Jesus and the swine (13/4/2006).

Ø  When, exactly, was Jesus Christ born? (11/4/2006).

Ø  Mother Gabriele the Elder against Ecumenism and Religious Syncretism (10/4/2006).

Ø  How not to despair (4/4/2006).

Ø  Decrypting the….Da Vinci Code! (31/3/2006).

Ø  Elucidating the ruling of the 39th Apostolic Canon (27/3/2006).

Ø  Did the Prophet Elijah actually ascend into heaven? (22/3/2006).

Ø  Ecumenism Book (16/3/2006).

Ø  Readers’ Questions (14/3/2006).

Ø  Who are you?

Ø  What is O.O.D.E.?

Ø  Are you an organization?

Ø  Who is funding you?

Ø  Why do you call yourselves O.O.D.E.?

Ø  What is your aim?

Ø  Are your positions Orthodox?

Ø  Have you been given blessings for your website?

Ø  A brief history of O.O.D.E

Ø  Introducing our website

Ø  A letter from the Dean of the Athens University School of Theology (11/3/2006).

Ø  Do spiritual beings live in a separate universe? (7/3/2006).

Ø  Confession in the ancient Church (3/3/2006).

Ø  The Filioque in Theology and in Providence (1/3/2006).

Ø  Holy Tradition: a source of faith (24/2/2006).

Ø  The Importance of Hesychasm in the history of the Roman nation (22/2/2006).

Ø  The theological problem of the Filioque (21/2/2006).

Ø  Augustin’s theology and the problem of the Filioque (20/2/2006).

Ø  Science analyzes the Crucifixion and the Resurrection of Christ (16/2/2006).

Ø  The contribution of the Cappadocian Fathers – The patristic notion of the person (9/2/2006).

Ø  The prerequisites of the Patristic Synthesis (8/2/2006).

Ø  “Essence”, “energy” and “person” (7/2/2006).

Ø  The desolation of ancient temples (18/1/2006).

Ø  An Indian chief’s ‘secret path’ to Orthodoxy (10/1/2006).

Ø  Is constancy towards the Truth “pretentiousness”? (9/1/2006).

Ø  Homosexual and pedophile revelry in ancient, idolatrous Greece (7/1/2006).


Ø  Did Justinian close the Athens Academy in 529 AD? (14/12/2005).

Ø  How will the resurrected bodies be transformed during the Second Coming? (8/12/2005).

Ø  The Old Testament Prophecy about the Virgin Birth (7/12/2005).

Ø  Philosophers… at each other’s throats (5/12/2005).

Ø  Holy Inquisition for... animals! (3/12/2005).

Ø  Orthodoxy as therapy (25/11/2005).

Ø  Paradise and Hell according to Orthodox tradition (22/11/2005).

Ø  The Taxing of Souls (21/11/2005).

Ø  Buddhist priest = man’s best friend? (17/11/2005).

Ø  The “whatever”, the “what” and the “how” of God (16/11/2005).

Ø  Christianity and Science (12/11/2005).

Ø  On the verge of a “Euthanasian” theology? 25 Questions require Answers (7/11/2005).

Ø  The use of the word “religion” (2/11/2005).

Ø  The “barbarization” of the Western Roman Empire (26/10/2005).

Ø  Voodoo (22/10/2005).

Ø  The lay porter who resurrected a dead man (22/10/2005).

Ø  A Greek-American family man who saw the Uncreated Light (21/10/2005).

Ø  Marxist practice and Christian Love (20/10/2005).

Ø  Rebirth “by water and Spirit” (19/10/2005).

Ø  The hoax known as astrology (18/10/2005).

Ø  Love and the human community (13/10/2005).

Ø  Christianity, Marxism and Love (12/10/2005).

Ø  The Salvation of the Heterodox and those of Other Faiths (11/10/2005).

Ø  Analogy of being and analogy of faith (10/10/2005).

Ø  Ecumenism practiced (8/10/2005).

Ø  God’s “breathing upon” Adam was the Holy Spirit (5/10/2005).

Ø  Dialogue between a Geron (Elder) and an atheist (1/10/2005).

Ø  Iconography in a Synagogue and the most ancient Christian Temple, in Dura - Europos

Ø  The prestige and the authority of the dogmas (29/9/2005).

Ø  The task of the Church in the formulation of dogmas (28/9/2005).

Ø  Love and Triunity (26/9/2005).

Ø  The Creator of Space and Time (26/9/2005).

Ø  Blasphemous Papist canons (24/9/2005).

Ø  Was Adam created perfect? (23/9/2005).

Ø  The work of the Holy Spirit in the phrasing of the dogmas (22/9/2005).

Ø  Freedom and Divinity in Ancient Greek thought and the Fathers (21/9/2005).

Ø  What, if anything, is a Byzantine? (20/9/2005).

Ø  The two resurrections (19/9/2005).

Ø  Christian Love and the freedom of the person (18/9/2005).

Ø  The «primacy» and the «infallibility» of the Pope (17/9/2005).

Ø  The death of infants (16/9/2005).

Ø  Babylon the Great (14/9/2005).

Ø  The bothersome word “simultaneously” and the resurrection (13/9/2005).

Ø  Atheism is a religion (12/9/2005).

Ø  The Interpretation of the Holy Bible (12/9/2005).

Ø  Tradition and Traditions (Book) (10/9/2005).

Ø  The affiliation of dogmas to the Holy Scriptures (9/9/2005).

Ø  The term: «Dogma» and its significance (8/9/2005).

Ø  Blood transfusion: Permissible? (5/9/2005).

Ø  The desolation of 587 b.C. (3/9/2005).

Ø  The courtyard of the sheep (3/9/2005).

Ø  Great Multitude: In heaven or on earth? (3/9/2005).

Ø  Does Reincarnation exist? (1/9/2005).

Ø  The Orthodox Church. Its Faith, Worship and Life (Book) (31/8/2005).

Ø  Light or Darkness (30/8/2005).

Ø  Protopresbyter John Romanides (29/8/2005).

Ø  Definition – Sources – Content and Method of Dogmatics (27/8/2005).

Ø  Are holy icons “idols”? (26/8/2005).

Ø  Is veneration worship? (26/8/2005).

Ø  The Illness of religion (24/8/2005).

Ø  On divine inspiration (23/8/2005).

Ø  God’s “Yes” and Omnipotence (22/8/2005).

Ø  The Church NEVER apostatized (12/8/2005).

Ø  What is the truth about the rapture? (10/8/2005).

Ø  General and specialized clergy (9/8/2005).

Ø  The Vatican's holocaust (6/8/2005).

Ø  The Holy Mother and the “Undoubtedly, but” (5/8/2005).

Ø  The brothers of Christ (5/8/2005).

Ø  Has the Church ever apostatized? (5/8/2005).

Ø  Is the Holy Bible the ONLY source of faith? (5/8/2005).

Ø  Is infant baptism permissible? (4/8/2005).

Ø  The Power of the Name (1/8/2005).

Ø  Is it Christian, to accept ONLY what the Holy Bible says? (30/7/2005).

Ø  The “Angel Yahve” and the sight of God (29/7/2005).

Ø  Classification of the books of the Holy Bible (28/7/2005).

Ø  Is only the Father named “Yahve”? (27/7/2005).

Ø  Jewish and Christian Orthodox dialogue (25/7/2005).

Ø  The Authority of the Church (25/7/2005).

Ø  The significance of the name “Yahve” (23/7/2005).

Ø  Experience of God (23/7/2005).

Ø  Encyclical of the Eastern Patriarchs, 1848 (23/7/2005).

Ø  Christianity is not a religion. It is psychotherapeutic science (19/7/2005).

Ø  Sources that verify the Canonicity of the Holy Bible (18/7/2005)

Ø  Synod of Laodicea (18/7/2005).

Ø  Synod of Carthage (18/7/2005).

Ø  85th Apostolic canon (18/7/2005).

Ø  Saint Athanasius (18/7/2005).

Ø  Saint Gregory the Theologian (18/7/2005)

Ø  Saint Amphilochius of Ikonion (18/7/2005)

Ø  Cognizance of God (15/7/2005).

Ø  Christian DogmaticsCognizance of things: (13/7/2005).

Ø  Basic Points of Difference between the Orthodox Church and Papism (12/7/2005).

Ø  Christian Dogmatics:

Ø  Existential interpretation (9/7/2005).

Ø  Discerning between "Theology" and "Providence" (9/7/2005).

Ø  Augustine’s views (8/7/2005).

Ø  The contribution of the Cappadocians (8/7/2005).

Ø  Up to the Cappadocian Fathers (8/7/2005).

Ø  The biblical premises (7/7/2005).

Ø  On faith (6/7/2005).

Ø  Cognizance in person  part 2: The element of Love(4/7/2005).

Ø  Cognizance in person  part 1: The element of Freedom (4/7/2005).

Ø  Cognizance through the Son and Logos (4/7/2005).

Ø  Honoring the Most Holy Mother (2/7/2005).

Ø  The successors to the Apostles (27/6/2005).

Ø  Differences between Eastern and Western Theology (24/6/2005).

Ø  God as “fire” and “light” (26/4/2005).



Ø  To whom should Christians not give greetings? (11/12/2002).

Ø  Saint Benedictus

Ø  The Orthodox Creed


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